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Some of our most popular posts from July 2016

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Women's Health News  - Four of our top stories 

Virginia bans child brides

Global Women have previously written about Child Brides, which we associate with developing countries.  But child brides in the USA are more common than we think and Virginia have just brought in a law to ban them.  Between 2004-2013, 4,500 girls under the age of 18 were married in Virginia with parental consent.  More than 200 of them were 15 years or under.

The change in the law was brought about following a long fight by activists who aimed at curbing forced marriage, human trafficking and statutory rape disguised as marriage. The Washington Post said that the legislation was the result of bills being passed by state politicians Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel and Democrat Jennifer McClellan.  Similar laws banning child brides have been introduced in California, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

Natural Caesarean video goes viral


Recently we reported on the ‘natural’ Caesarean section.

Some colleagues at University College London Hospital have been running a trial on the new procedure.  In a natural Caesarean section, a small slit is made in the abdomen and the doctor will ease the babies head out.   The doctor will then leave the baby to slowly push its own way out, which takes about 4 minutes.  The baby is then rested on the mothers tummy with the umbilical cord still attached.

A video has just been posted on YouTube showing a natural Caesarean.  Watch the video here.  The doctor performing the operation was Dr Andy Simm, at Nottingham City Hospital.


Can the menopause be reversed using platelet-rich plasma treatment?

Preliminary data was presented this month at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting in Helsinki, Finland, which claims to have reinitiated menstruation and enable egg collection in post menopausal women.  The work was carried out at a Greek Fertility Clinic, Genesis Athens, and took 30 women aged 46-49 for the treatment in which they claim two-thirds of these women have managed to have their eggs isolated and fertilised.   

The treatment involves the injection of Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the ovaries. PRP can be isolated from a person’s blood to isolate fibrin and specific growth factors – these are molecules that stimulate the growth of blood vessels and tissue.


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A third of women who conceived after age 35 have experienced infertility

1 in 8 women and 1 in 10 men experience infertility.  But a study published today in the journal Human Reproduction found that infertility was highest between the ages of 35 and 44 years for women and 35-54 for men.  Only 1 in 10 women who had their first child under 25 has experienced problems getting pregnant.  But a third of the women who conceived after age 35 has experienced infertility.  Infertility was more prevalent in people of higher socio-economic status.

The study analysed data from 15,162 women and men aged between 16 and 74 years who took part in Britain’s third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) between 2010 and 2012.

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Features  - Two of our top features 

Deep vein thrombosis:  be aware if taking a long haul flight

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is caused by blood clots (thrombus) in a deep vein, usually in your legs, that can break lose and lodge in your lungs, blocking blood flow.  If left untreated, about 1 in 10 people with DVT will develop a pulmonary embolism, which is very series and causes breathlessness, chest pain and sudden collapse.  DVT may cause a pain in your leg, swelling, tenderness, warm skin, red sin or a heavy ache of the affected area but there may be no symptoms.

 DVT is more common in people over 40 years old, those who have a history of DVT or pulmonary embolism, those with a genetic risk, being inactive for long periods of time (such as a long haul flight), being pregnant and being overweight. 

Gene tests to determine your nutritional and sports response

There are a growing number of companies offering tests to determine your specific genetic makeup which may have an affect on how we metabolise nutrients, deal with toxins and react to different types of exercise.  For most of the traits these tests examine, there is an affect of nature vs nurture, but by knowing our genetic make up we could make life style changes that may make us healthier.

These tests are easy to take – you order the kit online which gets sent to your home and you simply provide a sample of saliva which contains cells shed from your cheek.  When these are returned to the labs, they test the DNA in the cheek cells for various genetic markers.

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Discussion of the day - Lets get talking

Should women be warned about the dangers of vaginal birth?

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) are to meet and discuss whether it is appropriate to start ‘warning’ expectant mothers about the dangers of having a vaginal birth in the same manner that they already do for a caesarean section.

The age of the expecting  mother is one of the main concerns when advising on the method of delivery, and studies are now showing that having a c-section could actually be safer for some older women in comparison to a vaginal birth.

Current rules say that obstetricians are only required by law to warn of the risks of having a c-section.  Though this is not required for vaginal births, the RCOG have acknowledged that most obstetricians tend to present the facts about both modes of delivery anyway.


How do you cope with the sun?

The risks of being in the sun too long are:

sunburn which can an increase your chances of developing serious health problems, such as skin cancer.

sunstroke which is where the body is no longer able to cool itself and a person’s body temperature becomes dangerously high.

ageing – exposure to the sun may be responsible for many of our wrinkles, but we probably all know people who love the sun and have great skin!!

But there are advantages of the sun:


Does the gender of your doctor make a difference?

One of my male friends needed a prostate examination and insisted on a male doctor. I didn’t give it much thought but later realised that most women I know just accept that their family doctor or gynaecologist is not female but male.

What about you?

Does the gender of the specialist who examines your privates matter to you?



Why your daughters should be given the HPV vaccine

A study based in Alberta, Canada investigating the efficacy of the HPV vaccine was published yesterday.  The study implemented a HPV vaccine in schools in 2008 for girls aged 10-11 years old as well as a ‘catch-up’ program for girls aged 14-15.  The vaccine in question requires 3 doses and protects against the two strains of HPV that account for 70% of cervical cancer.  

In the UK, girls aged 12-13 are invited via their school to have the HPV vaccine as part of the NHS childhood vaccination program. 


Inspiring Stories - Women overcoming obstacles

The Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer, quit her job and travelled around the world taking photos of women in their natural environment to form The Atlas of Beauty.

In three years she has been to more than 50 countries and listened to the stories of hundreds of women.  She has captured the feelings of warmth and serenity which comes from the eyes of a woman.

She has celebrated the diversity of women around the world. 


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Triple amputee doctor:  disability does not define you

This is such an amazing inspirational story.

When this girl contracted meningococcal disease at the age of 8 she became a triple amputee. Her family rallied around her to make sure she had a ‘normal’ life; not easy with regular hospital visits, a blind mother and struggling health.

Despite all the challenges she and her family never gave up on her hopes for having a good life. Dr Kellie Lim graduated high school as valedictorian and finished UCLA medical school with honors. Today, she works as an allergist-immunologist at UCLA Health.



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