Naked Nosh Feb 2016 - Deliveries of fresh juices, wheatgrass and barley greens shots to your door. 
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New Premises, New Juices and a Wheatgrass Experiment. 

Hello hello Noshers! 

It's confirmed!!  This weekend we are moving Naked Nosh HQ from my mum's flatlet on Leisure Isle into a gorgeous little kitchen at Chiro LIFE (28 Fitchat Street).  It's a magical spot with a deck overlooking a garden and pond. You'll be able to pop in and enjoy your Nosh in tranquil surroundings in the heart of town :-)

I am also thrilled to let you know that I'm joining forces with's Lyn Cowie to bring you a 21 Day "No Excuses" Detox plan which will launch in March!!  If you'd like to give your body a good cleanse next month, then look no further - we're designing the juices and meal plans so that all you'll need to do is sign up for the package that suits your budget, sit back, relax and wait for your morning deliveries :-)  

Lyn is a trained home chef and plant-based lifestyle coach, she is a passionate promoter of fresh family-friendly recipes. Take a look at her gorgeous website,

We've added three juices to the menu this week, The Green Maiden (a Heavy Metal Detox Juice),  Barley Greens shooters, and The Jessica Rabbit Juice.  Once Naked Nosh is installed at ChiroLife we'll begin our fresh breakfasts and lunches again :-) 

Below you'll find this week's menu and delivery points. 
To place an order just pop me an email ( or sms (082 333 0272) with your order + your preferred delivery point and it'll get it done :-)

Delivery Menu for the week starting Monday 1st February.

(All prices incl. R5 per bottle which is refunded on return of the bottle). 
- Wheatgrass Shot (R20)
- Barley Greens Shot (R20)

(All prices incl. R5 per bottle which is refunded on return of the bottle). 
- Beet It (R25)
Nothing but beets!
- Bugs Bunny Juice (R25)
Carrot, apple, lemon, and a hint of ginger.
- Jessica Rabbit Juice (R25) *NEW*
Carrot, sweet potatoe, red apple and cinnamon.

- Kickstarter Juice (R28)
Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon, chilli and ginger.
- Starter Juice (aka the Kickstarter without the Kick).  (R28)
Beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon. 

- Green KISS (R25)  
Keeping It Simple: Dark green leafy veg + Sweet potatoe + apple or pear, parsley and a dash of lemon 
(An ideal juice for Green Juice Newbies)
- Green Maiden (R30) *NEW*
Heavy metals be gone!!  This juice will powerfully "bind and purge" dangerous heavy metals in your system. 
Cucumber, Granny Smith apple, lemon, parsley, cilantro, celery and fennel (when available). 
(Recipe courtesy of
(Note: All juices can be made without apple, lemons, ginger etc by request.  Please add an additional R5 per juice for any personal variations). 

- Naked Booch (R25)
Plain Kombucha that is packed full of probiotics and active enzymes. 

- Luca's Lekker Strawberry Slushy  (R20)
Fresh strawberries, raw Knysna honey, lemon juice, a drop of stevia and ice.  Delivered frozen to be at perfect slush-i-ness within 45 - 90 minutes. 

- Real Dark Chocolate Milk (R22)
Raw cacao, full cream milk, raw Knysna Honey and a drop of stevia.
Mmmm mmm mmm and goooood for you too!

Raw Cashew Nut Mayo
Absolute divine in a coleslaw, but also works well as a salad cream. 
MacNut Cheese spread
Perfect on your seed crackers, raw breads and pizza bases, on 
Ser-i-ass Sweet Chilli Sauce
Fresh chillies, garlic, honey, agave.  No sugar added.

COMING SOON .... Banters, Raw Vegans and Vegetarians - finally here's a menu that you can order from without thinking twice!!  As soon as we're installed at Chiro LIFE we'll be making breakfast and lunches again.  This is the kind of thing you can expect to see on our delivery menu.... 

FRUIT n BERRY BREKKIES (available all day)
- Nothing but Fruit
- Regular Granola, Fruit n Yog
- Banting Bliss Breakfast Tub.  
- Superfood Dude Breakfast Tub.

- For the Endurance Athlete
- For the Banter
- For the Detoxer 

- Mediterranean Cauli-rice Salad
- Courgette Noodle Arrabbiata
Organic Green Salad and "Roasted" Veg
- Luxury Cashew Nut Coleslaw
- Raw Vegan Lasagane

- Chicpea and sweet potatoe noodle soup. 
- Classic Butternut Soup. 


Delivery points and approximate times

Delivery to any of the following points is Free!! 
08h45 - Delivery to Sothebys (Leisure Isle) and/or anywhere on Leisure Isle. 
**Note** - On Wednesday mornings the delivery to Sothebys will be at 07h50. 

09h00 Love Gifts (Pledge Square)

09h25 Knysna Health

09h35 Rawganics
If you are on the delivery route then your delivery will be Free!  Please let me know if you require a delivery outside of these points.  Charges for delivery outside of this route will be dependant on the size of the order, distance off the route and time taken to drive the route. 
You will receive and sms as soon as your order has been delivered. Please collect within one hour and nosh on your goodies as soon as you can!  The fresher the better!!  

Payment and terms

For pre-ordered items payment is required upfront on order. 
Bank details: 
Account Holder: Hellbent Productions t/a Kinetic Fitness
Bank: Nedbank, Knysna
Branch code: 1089 14
Account Number: 1056 2777 85 


All of our packing is either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable!! 

Get your body in the "cleanse zone".

With fresh veggie juices delivered to your door, it's never been easier to assist your body in its routine cleaning and maintenance.  In March Veg Revival and Naked Nosh will be launching a 21 Day "No Excuses" Detox Challenge, but in the interim you can start the cleansing process by incorporating one of the following into your daily regimen ....

- Beetroot Juice.  
Beetroot is a staple on the detox list. But be warned - pure beetroot juice could get the tum rocking and rolling, so you may just want to have a little each day before you drink a whole bottle in one go!

- Green juice.  
If you're a green juice newbie then begin with the Green KISS juice.  But if you're a Green Juice addict then try the New "Green Maiden".  It's a packed with heavy-metal-busting herbs and is unmistakably 'green' in flavour, but the celery and cucumber make it wonderfully refreshing and easy to drink. 

A Wheatgrass Shot and/or a Barley Greens shot. 
Both Wheatgrass and Barley are powerful detoxifiers (amongst their many other nutritional benefits), and a shot each day, or three times a week, will be enough to begin the cleansing process in ernest.

If you are new to Wheatgrass Juice, then why not take part in the 5-Day Wheatgrass Experiment? 

Read more about it here:

Sharing is caring! 

Please share this emailer with anyone whom you think would be interested in fresh juices and healthy lunch deliveries! 

That's a Cauliwrap! 

That's it for this week folks!  Remember to pop me an sms/ whatsapp/ Facebook message or pigeon asap if you'd like to order some liquid awesomeness for this week :-) 
Have a fantasticulous week ahead! 
Helen "The Naked Nosher in Chief" Bennett

: 082 333 0272

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"
-Virginia Woolf.

Copyright © 2016 Naked Nosh, All rights reserved.

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