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Knowledge Transfer 2020 Highlights

CERN is home to some of the world’s most complex scientific instruments, used by physicists to probe the fundamental structure of the Universe. The technologies developed to operate these instruments – and, in general, to pursue CERN’s fundamental mission – have applications in areas beyond particle physics. CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group works proactively to maximise the dissemination of these technologies and the impact of CERN in society, by actively scouting for opportunities to accelerate innovation and work with leading industries in the medical field, aerospace, cultural heritage and industry 4.0.

Discover how some of our recent success stories are driving societal impact in the newly launched 2020 Highlights here.

Materials that matter

With the KT Spotlight Series, you are finding out about the experts behind the successful knowledge-transfer activities at CERN. In this sixth issue, meet Jorge Guardia-Valenzuela, who tells us about the importance of instilling a taste for high-tech entrepreneurship in scientists.

Learn more about Jorge and his work with CERN entrepreneurship initiatives here.

How CERN intellectual property helps entrepreneurship

The novel technologies and expertise developed at CERN can be applied to fields other than high-energy physics. World Intellectual Property Day, observed annually on 26 April, is an opportunity to highlight how intellectual property is at the core of transferring unique CERN knowledge to its industrial and institutional partners, from large, long-standing companies to recent start-ups.

Learn more about how intellectual property lies at the core of successful knowledge transfer at CERN here.

CERN underlines its commitment to a better planet

On 22 April, CERN celebrated Earth Day, an annual internationally coordinated event to promote environmental awareness and action. High-energy physics technologies and knowledge transfer from CERN have had a considerable impact on society, and the environment is one of the many areas concerned.

Discover more about CERN’s contribution to a greener future here.

Scaling up quantum ambitions with CERN

Quantum technologies have the potential to bring about a revolution in computing, sensing and communication. In 2020, the CERN Knowledge Transfer group began exploring possible knowledge-transfer opportunities with companies and institutes within the European quantum community. One of these institutes is QuTech, a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO, in the Netherlands.

Read more about this collaboration here.

CERN technology for safer shared spaces in the time of COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, CERN’s Mini-IoT technology is being used in a new device that can help people, who must return to work during the pandemic, maintain a safe distance in shared spaces.

Learn more about this sensing device here.

Technology Highlights

From CERN to Aerospace

The exploration of the universe and the search for the secrets of matter face similar challenges leading to common solutions. This month, we released our first thematic brochure. Focused on aerospace applications, this brochure explores how CERN’s remarkable technologies, facilities and know-how can play a crucial role in aerospace.

Download the brochure here.


Upcoming health entrepreneurship event in Switzerland

Taking place online from May 31st – July 2, 2021, Tech4Growth Health will be the 1st in a series of networking event empowered by Innosuisse. This event is part of the “TFV – Networking Events Series 2021-2024” and will cover 4 verticals: Health, Industry 4.0, Energy and Finance.

Space is running up, pre-register today!

CERN Alumni

Spotlights on CERN Alumni

This month, we reached for the stars to meet the founders of Creotech Instruments SA, all of whom are CERN Alumni and over the past few years have built up the fastest growing Polish company in the space industry.

Find out how their professional CERN experience had an impact on their career here.

CERN Alumni Virtual Company Showroom

One of the goals of the CERN alumni network is to support those early career community members should they consider a career trajectory outside of academia. On Friday 23 April, we welcomed three CERN alumni currently working in a fintech company to know more about the profiles they are seeking.

Watch the recording here

News from the Lab - CMS | The High-Granularity Calorimeter

On Thursday 1 April, CERN alumni gathered online for a fascinating talk by Dave Barney (CMS) outlining the challenges of designing the new and ambitious High Granularity Calorimeter. These talks enable CERN alumni to stay connected to CERN and its Collaborations.

Learn more about the work carried out in the lab here.

CERN openlab

Leading research institutes unite to develop breakthrough new simulation platform

The BioDynaMo consortium is proud to announce the release of BioDynaMo v1.0! BioDynaMo is a software platform designed to easily create, run and visualise 3D agent-based simulations. Agent-based simulation is central to a wide range of research fields, from biology to business and epidemiology to economics. Thus, this powerful new platform could play a key role in unlocking exciting new discoveries in a variety of important fields.


Learn more about this technology here.

CERN's Knowledge Transfer in the media

In April, KT had a successful media coverage. Here are the most interesting pieces:

A New Fund at CERN | Geneve Internationale | Read the full article
CERN launches a fund to address global challenges. The ambition is to promote wider use of technologies developed within the scientific organisation, in particular, to achieve the SDGs.
CERN enhances its own technology transfer through new fund | Kooperation International | Read the full article
With this new fund, the European laboratory aims to bridge the gap between the technologies developed at CERN and their potential applications to address societal challenges.

Upcoming Events

Find out where you can meet the Knowledge Transfer team!

The Ventilator Challenge
11 May 2021 from 15:15 to. 18:00 CET - Online
Entrepreneurship Meet-Up #114: Meet Sam, DePoly's CEO and Founder
28 May 2021 from 15:00 to. 16:30 CET - Online
Tech4Growth Health – Building impactful partnerships between Start-ups, Corporates & Academia (Networking Events Series 2021-2024)
31 May – July 2, 2021 – Online

Upcoming Deadlines

Browse opportunities from the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group & partners!

Submit your project to the CERN Knowledge Transfer fund
Application deadline: 17 May 2021
Submit your project to the CERN Medical Applications budget
Application deadline: 17 May 2021.
Please bear in mind that a project must be presented at the CERN MAPF meeting prior to submission.


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