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March 2021 Newsletter

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News Highlights

Rooted in society

With the KT Spotlight Series, you are finding out about the experts behind the successful knowledge transfer activities at CERN. In this fifth issue, meet Axel Naumann, who introduces us to the many applications of ROOT, from fraud protection to vaccine production.

Learn more about Axel and applications for CERN digital tools here.

CERN technology to support study of socio-economic inequities

The CERN-codeveloped BioDynaMo technology, in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands is set to perform large-scale data modelling on socio-economic parameters by creating a digital twin of the Netherlands; this can help policy makers combat social inequities. 

Learn more about this partnership here.

Timepix-based detectors bring particle physics into the classroom

The Barcelona-set ADMIRA project uses Timepix-based hybrid pixel detectors to help physics teachers and their students “visualise” particles and determine their nature. Such initiatives contribute to transform science education.

Discover this initiative and the projects it permitted here.

Technology Highlights

New technology: Precision Laser Inclinometer

The Precision Laser Inclinometer (PLI) is a compact instrument capable of measuring ground oscillations and deformations of all kinds with a very high signal-to-noise ratio. This feature allows for better detection of smaller seismic events, as well as the early signals of larger seismic events—making it a potentially life-saving technology if applied within earthquake-early-warning systems.

Discover more about this CERN technology here.

CERN Alumni

Spotlights on CERN Alumni

It is undoubtable that a professional experience at CERN serves as a springboard for future careers. CERN alumnus, Rex Brown is now a research scientist based in Southern California.

Find out how his professional CERN experience had an impact on his career and more here.

Which Strategy makes a Project last?

CERN Alumnus Simone Callegari shares his thoughts in his monthly Science & Engineering Stories blog, focusing this time on strategy and the “CERN effect”.

Read on what makes scientific mega projects successful here.

EU Projects

Announcing AIDAinnova: particle detector advancements for future accelerators machines

In November 2020, CERN announced the approval for funding of AIDAinnova, a project for the Advancement and Innovation for Detectors at Accelerators. AIDAinnova will play a fundamental role in increasing the precision of particle detection for future particle accelerators, allowing for a deeper look into natural phenomena. The project, approved under the Horizon 2020 funding programme, will be driven by a collaboration of international institutions and laboratories, researchers and industry representatives.

Read more about the AIDAinnova project here.


Innovation 4 Change just started its 2021 edition

Developed by Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, CERN Ideasquare and Politecnico di Torino, Innovation 4 Change is the leading impact innovation programme in Italy during which participants develop innovative and scalable business ideas and practical solutions. Over the next five months, participants will work in teams to propose their solution to these challenges and present the results at a demo day at CERN in Geneva on 28 June 2021. 

Discover this innovation programme here.

Workshop “Science Fiction and the Future of Detecting and Imaging”

IdeaSquare is running a series of workshops entitled "Science Fiction and the Future of Detecting and Imaging” with the objective of communicating the latest innovation to laypeople in an unashamedly futuristic and speculative setting. Participants include SF-writers, philosophers, futurists who are invited to extrapolate from the presented projects to imagine potential futures in which science and technology have had a significant impact.

Due to the global pandemic, the first two workshops took place online (video 123). Students from CREA in Geneva produced three short videos inspired by the discussions before the workshop to kick-off the conversations on technology for peace and sustainability.

Sign up for the next workshop, in June 2021, here.

CERN openlab

Tackling tomorrow's computing challenges today at the 2021 CERN openlab technical workshop

On 9-11 March, CERN openlab held its annual technical workshop with over 200 online participants. The workshop was spread across three days, each dedicated to one of three technology pillars: high-throughput and high-performance computing technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum technologies.

Learn more about this annual event here.

CERN's Knowledge Transfer in the media

In March, KT had a successful media coverage.
Here are the most interesting pieces:

A digital twin of society illuminates its complexity | Statistics Netherlands (CBS) | Read the full article
A collaboration agreement signed between Statistics Netherlands and CERN – the largest particle physics laboratory in the world – foresees the usage of BioDynaMo technology codeveloped at CERN, to construct a ‘digital twin’ of the Netherlands.

Natural from Sittard starts collaboration between CERN and CBS | 1Limburg | Read the full article
Han Dols has built a bridge between CERN and the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The aim of the collaboration is to identify the causes of social inequality.

Upcoming Events

Find out where you can meet the Knowledge Transfer team:

Fifth Barcelona Techno Week 19 to 30 April 2021 – Online

KT Course: Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases 
22-23 April from 9:00 to 12:30 - Online (This course is aimed at CERN personnel, but is also open to Users and Alumni).

KT Seminar “FLASH radiation therapy: From biomedical research to a clinical facility” 26 April 2021 from 16:00 to 17:30 CET – Online

EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 27 to 30 April 2021 – Online

The Ventilator Challenge 11 May 2021 from 15:15 to. 18:00 CET - Online

Tech4Growth Health – Building impactful partnerships between Start-ups, Corporates & Academia (Networking Events Series 2021-2024)
31 May – July 2, 2021 - Online

Upcoming Deadlines

Browse opportunities from the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group & partners:
The first Femtech accelerator program Tech4Eva - Calling all projects and start-ups focused on unlocking female health and wellness!
Application deadline: 31 March 2021

For CERN Personnel
Submit your project to the CERN Knowledge Transfer fund
Application deadline: 17 May 2021
Submit your project to the CERN Medical Applications budget
Application deadline: 17 May 2021. 
Please bear in mind that a project must be presented at the CERN MAPF meeting prior to submission.


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