Dear colleagues,
You may have heard about the recent mandates requiring indoor masking in Boston and Cambridge. While the University is evaluating its guidance in light of these new orders, the FAS has decided to prohibit all unmasked teaching, irrespective of the distance between lecturer and students.
I hope this change isn't too disruptive. And I'll take this opportunity to say again that large classrooms will come equipped with microphones, and clear masks will be provided to those who need them. (You should contact University Disability Resources (faculty) or Accessible Education Office (TF) if you need clear masks because of a disability and the OUE if you need them for pedagogical reasons). Also, the Bok Center has prepared helpful guidance for Teaching While Masked.
If you have questions about any other Covid-related matters, please contact your Divisional/SEAS assistant dean:

All best,


Amanda Claybaugh
Dean of Undergraduate Education
Harvard College Professor
Zemurray Stone Radcliffe Professor of English

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