When messages come in triplets…an ode to joy

Blue Sky, Waves, and Joy
Hello friends,

I’ve learned to pay attention when snippets of wisdom come floating by or whack me over the head—especially when they come in triplets.

Earlier this week my best friend and I had a deep discussion about the difference between optimism, happiness, and joy. We shared our definitions and how we lived within each of those emotions and values.

The ball started rolling as I began to think about how I wrote about joy in my journals over the years. Some days the world seems fragile, broken, gone crazy, or I just feel blah. Those feelings come and go, but joy remains steadfast.

I received another whisper about joy this morning from Shauna Ahern asking a question.

“You can have more joy. 
Nothing matters more than enjoying the life you’re living now. 
But how do you find more joy?”

The third tap on the shoulder came from Dan Rather in his “Steady” weekly newsletter. Dan explores current events from his extensive journalistic background.

The news at home and abroad often overwhelms me. I welcomed the new Saturday version of his email with Smile for a Saturday.  Today's message reminds us how music brings joy and togetherness in an often disconnected world.

Every day, I remain optimistic that goodness prevails. My happiness doesn’t depend on others because I’m the only one who can make that choice. 

How do I find more joy?

Open my eyes. Look within. Explore beyond.


Inspiration worth sharing . . .

  1. I searched for joy during the pandemic lockdowns and shared my thoughts about joy in the wilderness.
  2. Shauna M. Ahern, trauma survivor and author of Enough, has launched a new website devoted to how you can find more joy.
  3. Dan Rather shared this flash mob video of Ode to Joy—watch the expressions of children as they listen. And for a little fun, how about Joy to the World from Three Dog Night.
Inspiring words . . .

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.
—Robert Wylan

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. 
— Emily Dickinson

Be and become #YourBest today and every day.

With gratitude,

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