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Monday, December 6th, 2021


Catalyst Magazine Fall 2021

Landmark study into the genetic disorder offers clues into links between metabolism and mental health 

This bioengineering co-op gets hands-on with Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine

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Nanomedicine/Covid-19 Seminar Series– “Emerging Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nanomedicine Approaches for COVID-19”

December 7. at 3:30PM

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COS Connects: The Good Power
of Science - What are Quantum & AI 
Materials anyway?

December 8. at 12:00PM


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The Market: Holiday Edition

December 9 from 11:30AM – 5:30PM

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Nobel Physics Colloquium: Replica Symmetry Breaking theory
for complex disordered systems: from spin-glasses to random lasers.


December 9. at 01:00pm

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COS Awards and Recognitions

Joanne Miller

Matthews Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of psychology and former chair, Joanne Miller, receives a Silver Medal in Speech Communication from the Acoustical Society of America.

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett's Nautilus pieces, "That Is Not How Your Brain Works," made Pocket's Best of 2021 campaign, as one of the most-saved and -read science articles in Pocket this year.

Research Highlights

We celebrate the dynamic landscape of research activity in our College. The following is a selection of recently published articles* from College of Science Faculty. Congratulations to all of our exceptional researchers!

Cluster size distribution of cells disseminating from a primary tumor
PLOS Computational Biology

Polyreactivity and polyspecificity in therapeutic antibody development: risk factors for failure in preclinical and clinical development campaigns
Chemistry and Chemical Biology 

The Role of Chronic Physical Activity in Alleviating the Detrimental Relationship of Childhood Obesity on Brain and Cognition
Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 

Effects of a single bout of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on executive functions in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 

The Human Proteoform Project: Defining the human proteome
Science Advances 

Synthesis of a C-7 Pd-glycosyl-donor via the base promoted alkylative CO2 trapping with 2-acetylfuran
Journal of CO2 Utilization 

Configurational fingerprints of multicellular living systems

Gratitude reduces consumption of depleting resources

Understanding the ORR Electrocatalysis on Co–Mn Oxides
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Best Practices to Diversify Chemistry Faculty
Journal of Chemical Education 

Collective motility and mechanical waves in cell clusters
The European Physical Journal E

Key Questions on the Evaporation and Transport of Intercepted Precipitation 
Precipitation Partitioning by Vegetation
Marine and Environmental Sciences

PTCDA Molecular Monolayer on Pb Thin Films: An Unusual π-Electron Kondo System and Its Interplay with a Quantum-Confined Superconductor
Physical Review Letters

Evidence of topological boundary modes with topological nodal-point superconductivity
Nature Physics

*Sources: Web of Science, Northeastern University Library and Google Scholar Alerts.

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The College of Science embraces a culture of respect, where the contribution of each person is valued. We commit to promoting equity and anti-racist policies through education and action.

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