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SCHOOL YEAR 2022-2023 / WEEK 43

Monday 21 October- Friday 28 October 


A Word from your Director 

Dear TES Community,

Wow! Just like that, we have arrived at the end of our first term. In our staff meeting on Wednesday, I presented a list of both the challenges we have faced and the things we have accomplished so far. I am happy (but not surprised) to say that the list of successes far out-stretches the list of challenges. Together, as a whole community, we have worked hard to bring our ideas to life, to reach our goals, and to celebrate who we are and what we are here to do. Thank you!

This morning, we were greeted by students dressed in their wonderful costumes for the Nursery and Primary costume party. In fact, this whole week has been one long costume party with our traditional Style Week arranged by the Secondary Class Council. I really appreciate the effort our pupils put into these events, getting creative, being a little silly, and having fun together.

Speaking of class councils, we also held our first Primary Student Council meeting where the class representatives discussed projects and improvements they can work on together. Thank you, students, for your thoughtful discussion and engagement in your community!

This week we held our first European Hours showcase and our Nursery and Primary classes met for their end-of-term assemblies. In both cases, students came to the stage to showcase the exciting projects they have been working on.

I also wanted to highlight the art exhibition that is on display in the corridor outside of our art classrooms. Thank you to Mr Hanna Geara and Ms Kristin Braks for ensuring that these lovely pieces are visible for all of us to appreciate!

Today, we also received a lovely gift from our friends and families at eu-LISA: a large-sized Jenga game for the nursery and lower-primary students to play with outside. This was such a hit with the students when the youth center workers visited us in September, and we are so grateful to now have our very own!

Finally, I would like to give everyone in our community an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with us about the beginning of this school year. I have created an anonymous survey that I invite everyone to complete, with the aim of giving school leadership an opportunity to have a fuller understanding of our community’s concerns and needs. Please click HERE to view the survey.

I wish everyone a wonderful autumn break and I hope you can rest, relax, and rejuvenate for our return on the 31st of October!

Ian Karell 


Monday 24 October

  • School Development Day: The Effects of Classroom Management on Students' Motivation and Self-Regulation by Triin Ulla (Tallinn University)

It’s happening soon:

  • Semester 1 Midterm Class Councils, Wednesday, 9 November 
  • Semester 1 Midterm Class Councils, Thursday, 10 November 
  • Monday 12 December at 17:00-18:30 ​


See the school calendar on our website



Semester 1 Midterm reports and Class Councils

The Semester 1 Midterm reports will open for filling from October 24 until November 6.

Some reminders before writing your comments can be found HERE.
Semester 1 Midterm Class Councils are planned as follows:
S1-S3    Wednesday, November 9
S4-S7    Thursday, November 10
A more detailed schedule will be communicated next week.

Canteen Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to fill out the appropriate canteen survey:

Survey for P1-P2
To be filled in by parents of the P1-2 students together with your child.

Survey for P3-S7 + Teachers/Staff

To be filled in by parents with your child, or by the children themselves. This survey is also the one to be filled in by staff members.

Survey for Nursery Teachers

This survey should be filled in by the Nursery Teachers themselves. The reason there is not a specific survey for the Nursery students is because the teachers themselves have the closest view of the situation in the classrooms.

Deadline for completing the survey is November 7.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the work of the Canteen Committee, please contact Malene Vendelboe at

We are still looking for YOU!

TES is part of the “Schools that Move” program.

We are still looking for 2 members from our lovely community of parents that would like to be part of the core group.

If you like to move, can meet occasionally during the mornings, and you like the idea of planning a more active lifestyle for our community then we are looking for you! 
Send an email to 
About the program you can read more from here.

TES Carnival 

  Nursery pupils' first baking experience

Students from Dazzling Dolphins (N0) had their first baking experience at school this Wednesday when they made delicious cinnamon buns in our cooking class.

Meanwhile, students from Les Chics Chouettes (NF) and Curious Caterpillars (N1/N2 EN) visited the Balti Jaama market to buy autumn fruits and vegetables so they could have a taste of the season and bake yummy pumpkin muffins together.

Finally, on Friday, all Nursery groups ended the first term by gathering in the Nursery assembly hall to share our experiences from the first months of the school year and to admire the costumes our friends were wearing.

S7 and S6 Yoga class 

The classes of S7 and S6 got the opportunity in the last weeks to have during their PE lesson with Tom Flowers a special yoga class. Tom invited our Primary Assistant Mathilde Roch-Penet who is also an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga facilitator to lead a practice for them. The students could discover the dynamic practice of yoga, and also breathing and relaxation, which we all need in our life! They were absolutely amazing on the mat and will be lucky to have in December another class with Mathilde.

Learning about capacitors

This week S6 Physics group had a visitor when Mr Pasi Tikka came to talk about capacitors. The S6 students have spent the autumn studying electric fields and capacitors and now they had an opportunity to see how those are used in the real world.

Together with Mr Tikka the students used sample circuits to observe current and voltage conversions and talked how those can be applied for example in gaming consoles or when charging phones.

Hungarian literature lesson in Maiasmokk

The term`s last S2 L1 Hungarian literature lesson was held in the oldest CafĂ© of Tallinn in Maiasmokk, where we introduced a nice poem free of choice from the 19th century while enjoying the offer of the CafĂ©. We had definitely a sweet lesson.

S1 A-B exhibition is about Cubism (1907-1915)

After research in art history book about Cubism, pupils reproduced their favorite artwork from that era. The exhibition for S2 masks is about Creative Masks. They found inspiration in ethnic and prehistoric masks from different cultures and then they designed their own mask using relief (papier-maché), texture, colors, and finally adding accessories.

First Primary Student Council meeting

All primary class representatives met on Thursday, 19th October for our first Primary Student Council meeting.

After a round of introductions we discussed our first project – the reflector tree. At the beginning of November, the class reps are going to collect reflectors from the families in their classes who might have many at home and hang them outside in a tree for those who need them. It’s very important to stay visible in the streets during the dark months of winter.  

Student Council 

Dear Students,
First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in TES style week! It seemed that “Gender Swap Day” was a hit amongst all, and the looks were impeccable. And if you feel like you weren’t able to fully embrace style week to its full potential don’t worry, we will be organizing another one later on in the year!
I would also like to announce that our student council Instagram is up and running. We encourage all students to give us a follow as it is a platform where you can keep up with future events, interact with us and propose your ideas/wishes. So go ahead and give us a follow
Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a relaxing and fun autumn break. Make sure to catch up on sleep, be active and most importantly enjoy your free time.
See you next term!
Jessica Maron
Communicator of Student Council

Special Thanks

We want to say our special thanks to our friends and families at eu-LISA for the donation for our playground!

Autumn Break 

Dear TES Community, 

Have a lovely Autumn Break and see you one week later! :)

COVID-19 Information


While the threat of COVID in Estonia is low, we would like to share the information and guidance from the Ministry of Education and Research.

The recommendations are the same as last year:

First and foremost, we must continue to remain vigilant in our hygiene practices, washing our hands regularly, ventilating the rooms, and, most importantly, remaining at home if feeling ill.

In the case of symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, it is recommended to take a rapid test. In the event of a positive result, the recommended period of isolation is a minimum of five days. Staff and Students may return to school after five days of isolation if there are no symptoms of illness within the past 24 hours.

If the rapid test is positive, but you are not experiencing symptoms, it is recommended to stay at home and take a rapid test on the following day. If the result is again positive, please contact your family doctor for advice on the next steps.

If you have been in close contact with someone who is ill, no isolation is necessary, but please watch your health carefully.

For the time being, rapid tests will not be conducted at school as we did last year. Rapid tests are available from the school nurse if symptoms appear during the school day.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the health and wellbeing of our community.
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