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October 2021 Newsletter
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Dates to Note:

1st: Year 2 return
1st: Y5 and 6 gardening
4th: Cease additional COVID mitigations
5th: Y4 swimming
6th: Y5 Chelsea FC session
6th: Green Unicorns meeting
8th: Y1 and 2 gardening
8th: Harvest Collection - Non uniform Day
12th: Y4 swimming
13th: Y5 Chelsea FC session
15th: Y3 and 4 gardening
18th - 22nd: Parents' Meetings
19th: Y4 Swimming
20th: Y5  Chelsea FC session 
21st: Rocky's Animals
22nd: Halloween Dress-up Day (£1)
25th - 29th: Half-Term

1st - 5th: Nursery Parents' Meetings
2nd: Y4 swimming
3rd: Y5 Chelsea FC session
9th: Y4 swimming
10th: Y5 Chelsea FC session
15th - 19th: Road Safety Week
16th: Nasal Spray Flu Vaccines (parental authorisation required)
16th: Y4 swimming
17th: Y5 Chelsea FC session
23rd: Y4 swimming
24th: Y5 Chelsea FC session
26th: INSET day on Safeguarding - school closed to pupils
30th: St Andrews Day - Thistles may wear a blue accessory

When looking around the school, it is no surprise that children new to us have settled incredibly quickly.  Well done to our school community for the generous welcome to our new families.

We are pleased to announce that the mitigations in place recently to curb the spread of COVID have been successful.  We are so pleased to have all classes back to school.  From Monday 4th October, the additional measures we had in place can be withdrawn meaning we can get back to enjoying school as it should be - no more separating children in the playground or Zoom assemblies!  We will of course continue to ensure there is good ventilation, good hygiene practices and we encourage everyone to continue with regular Lateral Flow testing.  

This October, we continue our themes of being positive, being kind and having respect.  Assemblies for children in Years' 1 - 6 have focussed on ideas such as being kind to others, the environment and yourself, talking about problems and managing distractions.  Many children have already received their first certificate of the academic year. 

In addition to certificates, you may also see some 'Well Done' flyers coming home.  These are a more informal, yet equally important way, to acknowledge children's efforts and a flyer allows for this celebration to continue at home.  
Congratulations to the new Year 6 House Captains and Vice Captains   They had a meeting with Miss Kelly to discuss their roles and their potential impact on the pupils in our school. They have also met with one of our school governors.  If children have things they want to voice, they could speak to one of these children who all wear a badge of their house colour. 

Be a 'Harvest Hero'

As part of our Being Kind cornerstone, we always have a Harvest Collection in October.  Over the past few years, we have given your generous donations to our local Foodbank. This year's donation period will be between 4th and 8th October and in thanks for your contributions, we are allowing children to wear their home clothes on the 8th October. This year, we are aiming for our biggest ever collection for Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank who are a lifeline for many local families.  For information on what items are needed, please see below: 
If you would like help from the Foodbank, you can contact them directly here or let us know and we can organise this for you - just email here
We have a vacancy for a parent governor.   Parent governors are a core part of a school's Board of Governors. This voluntary role allows parents to use their knowledge and experience to have a positive impact on the school.  Please look out for further communication about how to apply and contribute to this and do ask if you have any questions.  

Email contacts

Please see below for your list of class contact addresses.  Please be aware that these emails are not constantly monitored due to teachers' teaching commitments. Please also refrain from using these at unsociable hours to protect staff wellbeing.

For absences, please email:

For general information, queries etc please email the school office on either of the below emails:

Curriculum Development

At Thomas’s Academy, inclusion and the celebration of diversity is always interwoven within our wider curriculum subjects. We aim to ensure children have a rich and meaningful exposure to, and understanding of, the world around them and all the incredible people from a plethora of different races and backgrounds. This never more so present than during Black History Month in October.
This year, each year group will be taking time to study, research, listen to and watch a wide range of material in the celebration of Black accomplishments past and present. These are not stand-alone experiences but linked to the current classes’ topics.
For example, in Science for Years 1 and 2 they are looking at “Super Human”, all about the human body and how diet is important for us. Therefore within this learning they will be exploring the life and accomplishments of Great British Bake off winner Nadiya Hussein. Similarly higher up in the school in Years 5 and 6, they are learning the inner-workings of the heart and circulatory system and therefore research and biography writing about the life and struggles of famous cardiac surgeon Vivien Theodore Thomas cannot be missed! 

Marcus Rashford Book Club

As part of Marcus Rashford's ongoing efforts to improve the lives of school children, we have received a class set of books which we are giving to Year 4.  The book, Silas and the Marvellous Misfits by Tom Percival, is described by Marcus as 'engaging and action-packed'. This is the second set of books we have gratefully received. 

More from Marcus Rashford MBE: 
“Welcome to my Book Club. I’m so excited that you are able to join us. I want you to take this book home tonight and write your name in the front because this book belongs to you and only you. It’s obviously fine to share with friends and siblings but only if YOU want to. Tell your friends that this book is a gift from me to you because that’s exactly what it is. Escape in to the story and find the joy in your reading. If you’re struggling don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help along the way, me included. There is no rush to get to the end, enjoy every word at your own pace. I’m so excited to hear what you think.” – Marcus Rashford MBE  

Breakfast Club

This is available to children  from Nursery to Year 6 from 8am each day for £3 a day.  It is run by members of school staff and takes place in the lower school hall.  Breakfast is served to the children and games are played. You can book this on the SchoolMoney app. 

School Lunches

We continue to enjoy the lovely school meals provided by Radish.  Our head chef is the wonderful Claudia.  Claudia is from Italy and has been in the food industry for over 20 years.  She is also a personal chef and enjoys cake decoration as her hobby. We welcome Claudia to our Thomas's Academy community. 
Our catering provider Radish is offering all children at the school a free school meal on Census day!  If your child doesn't currently have a school meal and you'd like them to try it then please complete this form here .

Aktiva After-School Club

Aktiva are continuing to run their after-school care from the end of the school day until 6pm.  A member of the team will collect the children from their class and take them to the Aktiva space in the school.  Sessions begin with fun activities and a snack will be provided at 4pm before more fun activities.  To sign up, please go to . More information can be provided in the school office or at .

Art at the Academy

My name is Ms Crouch and I am the new art teacher.  A few of you may remember me as I am returning to the role after 4 years.  While I have been away, I have studied a Master's Degree in arts education and have been working on my own creative practice as an illustrator. I am excited to be back in the lovely big Academy Art Studio, where I will be teaching weekly lessons for all year groups throughout the school. This year, I aim to create a space where the pupils feel confident to explore new art skills and enjoy making big collaborative pieces.  I look forward to celebrating the wonderful outcomes with you all through some events later in the year, but in the meantime, follow the Academy blog to see what we are getting up to in the art room.  

Parents' Meetings

We will be having our first parents' meetings on the week beginning 18th October for Reception to Year 6.  We will be doing these via Zoom as this worked really well last year however, if you would prefer a face to face meeting, that can also be arranged. 
Nursery parents' meetings are planned for the week beginning November 1st. 

School Nurse

Hello, my name is Polly Mattia and I am your school nurse.  I am looking forward to working with staff at Thomas's Academy in order to ensure your children are kept safe and well while they are at school.  

School nursing has come a long way since the days of the dreaded 'nit nurse'.  We now undertake personal, social and health education in schools, encourage good oral hygiene, promote and advise on healthy eating, help formulate care plans to manage medical conditions in school, conduct hearing and vision tests, weigh and measure all reception and year 6 children nationally, maintain safety and signpost to other services if necessary. 

If you have any questions about your health, or would like to see me for anything, please contact me on: 

After-School Clubs

We are planning to start our delayed Autumn schedule of after-school clubs after half-term.  Details of the clubs will be sent out nearer the time. We use the School Money App to allow families to sign up to clubs. Please be advised that we kindly ask families not to wait in the playground whilst the clubs are happening. 

Thomas's Academy Parents  (TAPs)

We are sad to announce that after many years in this role, Kathrin Sizeland is now stepping down as Chair. She has given so much of her time to this cause and, on behalf of the whole community, we would like to thank her for all the wonderful things she has done and all the time she has given.  The challenge of COVID made us all think of new ways of working and it was so impressive how Kathrin expertly led TAPs through this time.   She will remain part of TAPs and will support the new Chair, Danielle. 

Here's what Danielle wanted to share about herself:

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Danielle Scarantino, and I am originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. My family moved to London in July of 2020. I am a mother to 4 boys. My younger two attend Thomas’ Academy. Asher is in Year 5 and Crew is in Year 2.  When we started as a new family, we were made to feel so welcome and cared for right away by the staff and parents at Thomas’. My children are the happiest they have ever been! We think the staff and community at Thomas’ are the best!
Whilst there's no doubt that Kathrin made the role look easy, Danielle is up for the challenge and is keen to gather as much support from the Thomas's Community as she can.  

There are many wonderful events booked this term including a Halloween Dress-up day, a second-hand Christmas Jumper Sale (£1 per jumper), Christmas Cards, a Quiz Night, Christmas Tree buying and a Silent Auction. 

If you wanted to find out more or get involved, please contact the TAPs team on:

Secondary Transfer

Children who are in Year 6 in September 2021 will be transferring to secondary school in September 2022.  The application process is open until 31st October 2021.  Offers for secondary school places in September 2022 will be released on 1st March 2022.  
You can download the 'Moving on up' booklet
here which contains detailed information about the process and summarised admission criteria for all schools in Hammersmith and Fulham.  For more information and links, please go to the LBHF website
For advice and support, please speak to a staff member.  

Eco-Warrior Families

This year we want to find some Eco Warrior Families! Every half term, we will be setting a Carbon Footprint Buster Challenge. Each challenge is a different way that you can help to fight against climate change from your own home. A small change can make a big difference. We need to protect this planet for our children, and teach them how they can look after it themselves. 
Once you have completed each challenge, simply show Miss Fraser, our Year 1 teacher and Sustainability Lead, the proof that you are an Eco Warrior Family and you could be in with a chance of winning a very special prize!  You can send proof to
Electricity and heating contributes to 25% of global greenhouse emissions each year. The majority of our energy comes from sources that burn fossil fuels, producing around 35 billion tonnes of CO2 each year. This is one of the main reasons for our current climate change emergency. 
Green energy is electricity and gas which is generated from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, wave and tidal power. Quite simply, the biggest change we can make to reduce our carbon footprint is by switching to 100% renewable sources. Not only is this helping to stop climate change and protect our planet, but switching to green energy could even save you money! Green energy suppliers are among the cheapest energy providers on the market

For advice and comparisons on 100% green energy suppliers in the UK follow:

General energy advice:

More on Sustainability

Would you like to help Thomas's become a more sustainable school?
We are currently inviting parents to share ideas and opinions in order to inform our Sustainability Strategy. As part of this process, we are hosting a parent online forum from 10am to 11am on 7th October. This is an open discussion, and an opportunity to better understand parental perspectives on sustainability. Please contact Miles Chester at to receive a link to this event.

Online Safety - a Family Activity!

It's important to know the difference between online and in-person communication. Talking in person is often pretty different from communicating online. Often, online communication is text-only. That can change how people communicate and how easy it is to understand.

Which communication methods below are part of in-person communication but not usually online? 

  • body language
  • eye contact
  • jokes
  • compliments
  • tone of voice
  • facial expressions
What impact do these methods on what you are communicating? How might we express ourselves more clearly using online messaging? Has this ever gone wrong for you? What 'text speak' do you know (lol, TBH)? Maybe some children might teach their parents some new abbreviations!

Playground Safety

We really appreciate parents and carers efforts to give classes space at the end of the day in the front playground by waiting on the perimeter of the playground. This is a calm and safe way to ensure children are handed over to their parents/carers.  With more people on the playground, for everyone's safety, please refrain from allowing children to ride bicycles or scooters in the playground before and after school.

If you have some regular free time each week and would like to come into school to help keep our library looking fantastic please contact the office.  You'll need a complete an application form with all your information plus a Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS) which we can organise for you. We have had only one volunteer so far!

We are registered with @easyuk, so over 4000 shops and sites will now donate to us for FREE every time you use use @easyuk to shop. It doesn't cost you anything extra! So far, this initiative has raised £72.64 for our school. Please press on the link below to organise this if you haven't already:
To keep up to date with what's going on in the school, please refer to the school website which is regularly updated.  Daily blog posts, showing pictures of what life is like in Thomas's Academy are available on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Please show your appreciation by 'liking' and commenting. 
Facebook: Thomas's Academy
Twitter: @ThomassAcademy

Photo Permissions 21-22

Please could you complete the following form which we refer to when using images of children.  This is a new form for this academic year so please complete it even if you did a similar one last academic year. We love to celebrate what's happening at school using children's images but will only do so with parental permission.  Please rest assured that we won't use children's names alongside their photographs and we will use images of a positive nature only. Photos are currently posted on our school blog, Twitter, Facebook and soon Instagram.   You can also change your mind about your permission for this at any time.  


Please note that:
Miss Kelly, Associate Head Teacher, is our designated Safeguarding lead. Deputy safeguarding leads are Mr Chester, Mrs James, Miss White and Miss Shen. 
To find out more about our approach to Safeguarding, you can read the Safeguarding policy, plus others on our 
At Thomas's Academy, Safeguarding is our top priority. Please let us know if you have any safeguarding concerns at 

Paying money to school

As you are aware, we now have an online system for parents to pay money to the school such as lunch money.  Thank you in advance to all of you who have been using this.  To use this, please download the app: Teachers2Parents.  

Personal Details

Please let the office know on if you change any personal details such as your email address in order that you receive all our communications. Also, please let us know if someone different is collecting your child. Many thanks in advance. 
Thomas's Academy places the safeguarding of children's welfare as our very highest priority. If you have any concerns about a child's safety or welfare, inside or outside school, please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads or call us on the number above.