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Newsletter October 2020
Twitter: @ThomassAcademy

Dates to Note (correct at time of publication):
Oct 1st: National Poetry Day
Oct 6th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Oct 16th: Reception and Year 1 Outdoor Learning
WB Oct 19th: Parents' meetings via Zoom (Rec-Year 6)
Oct 19th: Year 2 and Year 3 Outdoor Learning
Oct 20th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Oct 22nd: Year 4, 5 and 6 Outdoor Learning
Oct 23rd: Halloween Dress-up - pay £1
Oct 26th: Half term

Nov 2nd: INSET Day
Nov 3rd: Pupils return to school
Nov 3rd & 4th: Sikhism Focus Days (Y1-6)
Nov 3rd: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Nov 10th: Nasal Flu Vaccine (Rec-Y6)
Nov 9th-11th: Nursery Parents' Meetings
Nov 13th: Children in Need Dress-up Day
Nov 10th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Nov 24th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Nov 30th: St Andrew's Day - Thistle House wear blue

WB Dec 7th: Year 2 phonics screening
Dec 8th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Dec 11th: Christmas Jumper Day
Dec 11th: Christmas school lunch
Dec 15th: Year 5 to Hurlingham Club
Dec 18th: Last day of Autumn Term - 2pm finish


2020 has been an unusual year for us all.  Returning to school this September after a long break, we wanted to remind ourselves of all that is good in the world.  We also wanted to consider how we could make it an even better place to live.  From posters about keeping our community clean and safe, to writing poems about all we appreciate, the pupils at Thomas's Academy have created some inspiring and innovative work that they should be very proud of.  Here's some pictures for you to enjoy. 
Thank you to all the parents and children that have continued to walk/scoot/cycle to school through these last few weeks. The number of children walking/scooting/cycling has increased which is very pleasing to see. The numbers of scooters and bicycles around the school has also increased and the hope is that we will keep this up even through the colder months. There are so many benefits of walking to school.  For example, we have already noticed children coming to school more alert, positive and ready to learn which is positive for the whole school. 
Year 5 have won the Walk to School Award for the past two weeks for covering the most miles collectively.  Last week, they walked/scooted/cycled an astonishing 191 miles! Well done!

Results from our Questionnaire

Thank you to all of the parents who completed the questionnaire.  The responses provided us with valuable feedback as to how we're doing and how we could improve.  See below for a summary of the responses. 

More Investment in Thomas's Academy

We are very pleased to announce that Thomas's Academy has been successful in its latest bid for DFE funding to improve the school site. We are going to be replacing all of the hot water and heating systems in the school over the course of the next year.  This is the final project in a set of three - the first being the replacement windows, the second was the fire doors and fire alarms.  Once this final project is complete, the school will have had over £2.5 million of investment and will definitely feel more cosy!
We use both Tapestry and Seesaw apps as part of our learning and assessment at Thomas's Academy.  Tapestry in Early Years, allows parents to see photos and videos of their children at school and also to record any learning at home. Seesaw is similar but is led more by the pupils.  Both of these apps were really useful when school was closed as it allowed the communication between school and home to continue.  If you haven't already done so, please activate your Tapestry account (Early Years parents) or provide the permission for your child to use Seesaw at home (Year 1 - 6).  If you have any questions, please email your class teacher. 
To keep up to date with what's going on in the school, please refer to the school website.  The blog and Twitter have daily updates including pictures of what life is like in Thomas's Academy. 
Twitter: @ThomassAcademy
We are currently collecting donations for the Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank, linking to our discussions around Harvest time.  We had the pleasure of hosting Hannah (families and children's pastor) from St Dionis Church in school to talk to Year 1 to Year 6 children about what Harvest time is about.  The children shared their ideas on how they could be kind by sharing and thinking of others. We will be collecting donations for the Foodbank until the morning of Monday 5th October, so please don't miss our on spreading kindness in this way.
We recommend that if pupils are engaging in online messaging, that they have the app OWNIT downloaded onto their devices.  This is an app that gives children advice when needed, in real time as they type.  It helps children make smart choices and feel more confident on line. The app comes with a special keyboard which can be used like any other keyboard giving tips and friendly advice as you type.  There's wellbeing extras too!  

Outdoor Learning

Following the success of our Outdoor Learning programme during the school closure, Mr Bates has had a positive meeting with 'Thomas's Outdoors', and things are beginning to take shape with how our Outdoor Learning will be delivered on a regular basis to all classes. Sessions will be both linked to each class's topic and have elements of team building and activities designed to support children's communication skills and resilience. Further details about your child's outdoor learning sessions and what equipment will be needed will be communicated soon. 


We have a long running and successful partnership with Upbeat who deliver sessions at the Academy on Saturdays.  They offer Thomas's Academy pupils 15% off the price of their first term. 

Education Mental Health Practitioner 

Hello, my name is Ellen and I'm an Education Mental Health Practioner. I am based at Thomas's Academy every Thursday and work closely with the school link, Lyndsey Gale.  My role is to help children understand their feelings and emotions through workshops and groups.  I also work with staff and parents/carers through workshops, coffee morning and 1:1 interventions. 
We also have a telephone drop-in service for parents to talk about children's wellbeing.  This can include discussing challenging behaviour or any unpleasant thoughts or feelings they are experiencing.  In these drop-in calls we can support you to find the help that you need - this might involve a 1:1 intervention with us, or useful signposts to other services.  If you would like to book a 20-minute drop-in session, please follow the steps below:
1. Email
2. In the subject write 'Thomas's Academy drop-in service expression of interest'
3. Include your name and phone number
4. Select your preferred time - 3pm, 3.20pm, 3.40pm, 4pm or 4.20pm

Paying money to school

As you are aware, we now have an online system for parents to pay money to the school.  Thank you in advance to all of you who have been using this.  To use this, please download the app: Teachers2Parents.  Children from Year 1-6 have been asked to purchase a set of headphones so that they don't need to share.  If you are yet to pay for this please do this at the earliest convenience. 

Aktiva Camps After-School

The staff from Aktiva collect pupils from their teacher at the end of the day and stay on site to do some fun activities.  They also get a snack.  Further information can be sought from Aktiva directly on:

Personal Details

Please let the office know on if you change any personal details such as your email address in order that you receive all our communications.  Also, let us know if someone different is collecting your child. 
Thomas's Academy places the safeguarding of children's welfare as our very highest priority. If you have any concerns about a child's safety or welfare, inside or outside school, please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads or call us on the number above.