Sociology Newsletter:

Winter Quarter Enrollment

The Winter 2023 schedule of classes is here! Review the information below detailing:

  • Sociology Advising

  • Dates and Deadlines for Winter Quarter Enrollment

  • Guide to Course Modalities

  • Approved Elective Course Substitutions Offered Winter Quarter

  • Sociology Supplemental Course Information for: SOCY 1, SOCY 105A, SOCY 105B, SOCY 178T-01, SOCY 178T-02, and SOCY 196S

  • Waitlist Directions and Best Practices

  • Non-SOCY Course Options & Academic Planning

Advising Week: November 3-9

Advising Week has begun! Starting today, you can add classes to your shopping cart in MyUCSC, validate your shopping cart to ensure you are eligible for a class, and look up your two-pass enrollment appointments. This is the best time to prepare for Winter quarter enrollment. If you need assistance with sociology course selection or reviewing your major progress, check-in with the Sociology Advising Team!

Have a question about GEs, unit completion, IGETC, or other non-sociology academic questions? Reach out to your College Advisors.

Dates and Deadlines for Winter Enrollment

Mark your calendars for some important dates affecting Winter quarter enrollment. Dates are pulled from the UCSC Academic and Administrative Calendar and the Office of Registrar’s Schedule Of Class Information

  • Nov. 3: Winter schedule goes live and enrollment appointments are posted in MyUCSC.

  • Nov. 3-9: Advising Week for Winter quarter enrollment

  • Nov. 9: First day of enrollment appointments begin with priority groups

  • Nov. 9-16: First-pass enrollment, by appointment

  • Nov. 11: Veterans Day

  • Nov. 18-23 : Second-pass enrollment and Waitlists open, by appointment

  • Nov. 23-24: Thanksgiving Holiday

  • Dec. 9: Fall quarter ends. Removal of incomplete deadline for Spring or Summer classes

  • Dec. 14: Fall grades due. The Office of Registrar will begin dropping courses from student schedules if they failed a prerequisite for a Winter class

  • Jan. 3: Minimum credit limit enforced

  • Jan. 9: Winter instruction begins

  • Jan. 19: Permission numbers are required for enrollment or section adjustments (instructor issues the code); waitlists are deleted

  • Jan. 30: Add/Drop/Swap Spring classes deadline

  • Feb. 10: Declare a major/minor deadline

  • Feb 21: Withdraw from a Winter class deadline

  • March 10: Late add with $10 fee deadline (requires permission code from instructor). Deadline to change grading option

What does hybrid mean?:

A Guide to Course Modalities

Sociology BA - Approved Substitutions
GISES concentration or GISES Minor - Approved Substitutions

Combined LALS/SOCY majors do not have a list as the major only allows education abroad courses to substitute the sociology electives.

Sociology Supplemental Course Information

A few of our SOCY courses in Winter have additional information that may be of interest to you:

SOCY 10, Issues and Problems in American Society: This course is gated, meaning we open a certain number of seats each day of First Pass enrollment. While there will be some seats open for priority, seniors, and juniors, the majority of the seats will open on the sophomore enrollment day. If you are a junior or senior sociology student who still needs to take SOCY 10 to qualify to declare the sociology major but are having trouble enrolling into the course, please contact

SOCY 105A, Classical Social Theory: SOCY 105A is offered in Fall, Winter, and Summer. It is open to junior and senior students who are declared or proposed in sociology, and have completed their ELWR and Composition requirement. Junior standing is having 90 units, including your Fall quarter courses.

  • If Winter quarter is the last chance you have to take SOCY 105A before graduation but you have trouble enrolling into the course, please contact for help.

  • If you have met all the requirements of enrollment, except being a junior or senior, we may be able to assist eligible sophomores with early enrollment. Exceptions will only be considered after Two Pass enrollment has ended. Contact after Two Pass enrollment to discuss an exception.

SOCY 105B, Contemporary Social Theory: SOCY 105B is offered in Winter, Spring, and Summer. It is open to junior and senior students who are declared or proposed in sociology, and have completed or in progress with SOCY 105A, as well as their ELWR and Composition requirement. Junior standing is having 90 units, including your Fall quarter courses.

  • If Winter quarter is the last chance you have to take SOCY 105B before graduation but you have trouble enrolling into the course, please contact for help.

  • Sophomore students who were approved to take SOCY 105A in Fall may be able to continue on to SOCY 105B in Winter. Contact discuss continuing on to SOCY 105B.

SOCY 196S, Senior Seminars: Senior Seminars are enrollment by application and permission code. Senior sociology majors were emailed directly with this information and have a priority deadline of Nov. 4th, however applications will still be accepted on a rolling basis after this deadline. Please be sure to apply as soon as possible if you need/want to take a senior seminar in Winter quarter. Course information and the application can be found on our website.

SOCY 178T-01, Special Topics in Sociology - Sociology of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum. New course! Taught by Professor Christie McCullen. Parents and families are encouraged to enroll or reach out to Professor McCullen if you need assistance.

Description: This course examines the socio-cultural processes that shape the meanings, experiences, institutions, and outcomes of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum year.

SOCY 178T-02, Special Topics in Sociology - Introduction to Community Engaged Research and Learning. We’re excited to welcome our newest faculty member, Amy Argenal, as she gears up to teach her first UCSC course in Winter quarter. If you are looking for internships or just want to learn about the process, check out this course. Can’t take it in Winter? Not to worry! We will continue to offer this course each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) under a new course number (TBD).

Description: This course is an introduction to community engaged learning and research as practiced within the Sociology Department. Students will be able to build out their own internship and/or research objectives centering ethical community engaged practices. Students will find support in locating internships, learn about various approaches to community engaged research and learning, and connect to a range of opportunities to engage both on and off campus.

Waitlist Directions and Best Practices

View Waitlist Directions and FAQs

Sociology Department Waitlist Process and Best Practices:

Waitlists open on your second enrollment appointment. The waitlist appointment is listed along with your other enrollment appointment(s) and has a "14.00" listed under "Max Wait List Units" column. "14.00" indicates the number of units you can waitlist under.

Always enroll into your backup course first! Then waitlist for your desired course and indicate the course you want to drop if you are able to get into the waitlisted course. This is done in the drop down menu "If Enrolled Drop This Class”. The system will make a 1-to-1 switch for you. This will help you avoid time conflicts and exceeding the 19 unit enrollment limit.

You must meet the prerequisite and restriction. Enrollment prerequisites and restrictions apply to course enrollment and to the waitlist. If you do not meet the restriction/prerequisite your only option is to crash the course.

Students may be ineligible for enrollment from the waitlist if: they have a time conflict with another course, they are exceeding the 19 unit enrollment limit, or if their selected section is already full. Students who are ineligible to be enrolled into a course will be skipped over on the waitlist and the next eligible student will be enrolled. Because of this, your waitlist position number may not be the order in which students are enrolled. Review the waitlist error messages for solutions.

Starting on the first day of instruction, most SOCY courses are enrollment by permission code only. Waitlists for SOCY courses will stop enrolling students, and instead the professors will begin using their permission codes to admit waitlisted and/or crashing students. Instructors have their own processes and may not follow the waitlist position numbers.

Waitlists are deleted on the eight day of instruction. This is a campus wide policy. If you are still attempting to enroll into a course, please continue working with the instructor.

Non-SOCY Course Options & Academic Planning

Students are encouraged to think about their plan early and often in their academic career. The Sociology requirement alone are not enough to fulfill your graduation requirements. What courses will you be taking outside of Sociology? Below are some suggestions and best practices when considering your plan each quarter:

Back-up options: Before your enrollment appointment determine your desired schedule as well as a set of backup options, both SOCY and non-SOCY courses. If you are not able to get your first choice, enroll in your backup course(s) and then waitlist for your first choice using the waitlist directions above.

Are you considering a double major or minor?: Explore those interests now by taking one of their requirements. Explore programs in the catalog.

Summer Session: A variety of courses, SOCY and non-SOCY, are offered in the summer. You can find summer steadies now (offered every summer) or see the full list of offerings available December 9th.

General Education: Check your academic advisement report to see if you have GE requirements remaining.

Learn a new language: Not only are you fulfilling units, but you're learning a skill that will be very valuable for Sociology majors in the job market.

Satisfy a minimum of 180 quarter units: Outside of your major requirements, students are welcome to take lower-division or upper-division courses to satisfy their unit requirement. It is ok to take a course that just goes towards unit completion

Balance your schedule: If you’ve planned ahead, there is no need to take three SOCY courses in the same quarter. At the minimum, one course each quarter should be outside of Sociology. Here are some examples of courses to balance your schedule:

  • Search for courses numbered in the 80's (such as 80A, 80L, 80M) in various departments, including Art, Film, HAVC, HISC, Literature, Music, Theater, and more. Courses numbered in the 80's are open to all students, have no prerequisites, and are often fun subjects.

  • Check courses offered under the College you are affiliated with. They will often have great course options, especially in Winter and Spring.

  • Explore new or related topics by taking the intro courses in various departments. Explore departments that are similar to sociology, such as ANTH, CMMU, CRES, EDUC, FMST, LALS, LGST, POLI, or PSYC. Or venture into new subjects such as Arts or Arts and Playable Media, Biology, Computer Science, Econ, Film, Linguistics, Literature, Theater, or learn a new language.