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Wellness means well-being in general: health, beauty and relaxation. The pace of society today makes it necessary to devote time to oneself. One of the best ways to disconnect is certainly in the wellness spaces.

Freixanet, thanks to our long experience, can provide those distinctive elements in these spaces.

We can adapt each project to the dimensions that you need and each project equip it with those elements that can make it special.

One example is the Saunes with Sal walls.

We can also adapt spa's to areas that were previously impossible, thanks to our  Wellpro® vessel system.
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Energy-saving certified                           Energy savings in                         High thermal efficiency
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   forest management.                           WELLPRO© vessels                            wellness cabins.   

This month we highlight...

Vitality Pools

The vitality of water.
Water is healthy and decorative and can be adapted to any environment thanks to our team of specialised designers. Our VITALITY POOL provides relaxing, attractive and surprising visual effects. Which, along with amazing leisure combinations, will ensure the user obtains the most pleasure from an enveloping ambience.

Perfect design together with the most advanced engineering solutions: optimisation of pump dimensions, efficient filtration systems, materials that are resistant to extreme conditions, etc.

Discover our solutions:


Home Line

The ideal spa you are imagining can now become a reality... let your imagination run wild.

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Professional Line

We invite you to discover our range of products from the Wellness Professional division.

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