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Spring Newsletter 2020
“When you argue for your limitations,
all you get are your limitations.”

Wayne Dyer

The Seasons have changed
And Lockdown still lingers!
We all know what it has meant for us personally.
It has taken us beyond where we are comfortable. It has interfered with our rights, it has dictated to us, it has demanded from us. And it has sorely tested our senses of humour. We have been through the four seasons in our minds too. In our thought patterns.  We have had happy days, we have had half half days and we have had miserable days. And yet, the sun still rises and sets.
This time of isolation has kept us away from those we love. And we stay away out of love. Because we don’t yet understand this virus.
It has brought our shadows into the light and some of us have been quite surprised at what the light has shown us. With our shadows now out of the darkness, we need to label them. It’s time to own them. And in owning them, the fear falls away and they become less intimidating.
This Winter in South Africa has reminded me of the cold winters we experienced when I was young. Those really chilly days when the water in the birdbath had frozen up in the early mornings. Those teeth chattering moments when I stepped out of the shower. The older generation would say that the really colds spells were welcomed because they killed the germs. Well, it has been a cold season. A really cold winter.  So here’s hoping that the germs have been killed. Now Winter is setting for another year, and we can feel the energy changing. Expectant, Alive. The August winds has brought us some change..... Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, The sun wakes up a bit earlier in the mornings and goes to sleep later in the evenings.  Allowing us more light, for longer. Let us welcome our Spring.
Many of us are in spaces that we never expected to find ourselves in. Job understanding has changed, relationships have morphed and our general dispositions are influenced by what is going on in the world around us. As this newsletter is being written, Level 2 has been announced. We can now step out …..or can we ?

Speaking of spaces, Chapter 2 of my Soul Whispers book speaks of "OK" Space. I think that this particular space is truly relevant for this time.  "No one has ever been able to run away from their own mind. No one has managed to escape from their emotions, their thoughts or their choices. Thoughts, feelings and choices follow along the travel lines, with no trouble at all, so in essence, no one can get away from themselves. No one can run from themselves. No one can hide from the person they really are. The greatest achievement is to try to take stock of your life and to learn to enjoy the person who you really are and can become. And, to love yourself beyond anything." pg 7
"In this journey towards your centre, your core, your unique perfect balance, you will realign many of your beliefs, habits and patterns with each experience. By trusting yourself implicitly you will reach a space where everything flows." pg 11
"Ok" Space is asking you to be Ok with the space that you find yourself in. That's all you can be. By being OK it doesn't mean that things will be easier, it doesn't mean that you are making light of your situation. What it does mean is that you are accepting of yourself. Wherever you are at.  You need to be Ok with you so that you can make the best decisions in order to move forward in a constructive way. 

Intuition In Your Daily Life 

So, how do you know if it's really your intuition? 

You phone a friend, you can't get through, only to find that your friend was calling you.
You drive to work a different way, for no real reason, only to find out later that there had been a huge accident on your usual route 
You hesitate at a robot, even though the light is green, and avoid a speeding car
On meeting someone for the first time, you instantly distrust, only to be proven right at a later stage. 
You begin to trust that little voice that just seems to know things.

This is all your intuition. This is your sixth sense. 
The more you trust your intuition, the more it will unfold for you.
Begin to use your 6th sense like you use your other 5 senses.
Incorporate it into your daily life. It will amaze you, if you let it.

A Course in Miracles

“Peace is an attribute in you.
You cannot find it outside”


Card Reading

This card has been drawn from
the Native Spirit Deck by Denise Linn.
Spirit Keeper of the West
Transformation. Letting go of the old. Initiation. Illumination. Harvest. Gather your inner resources. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t  go ahead. Trust your heart. Chas brings positive change. Almost all change comes out of turmoil; don’t be concerned if there’s confusion in your life. it will all work out.
Stand facing the west and the setting sun. imagine that all limitations and blockages in your life are flowing from your heart into the sun; as the sun sets, it carries with t your cares and concerns to be transformed by its purifying energy.

Soul Whispers

The month of August has been the month for the Soul Whispers Audio Clips.
The words are from the book, and I hope they meant something to you. 

Once a week
I post a quote
out of my book
onto my website
and on social media.


365 Journal

The amazingness of this journal is that it is evergreen. It can be started any day, any month, any year.
   September is essentially the beginning of Spring.
Enjoy the Something Day each day
Practice the Word for the Week
Have fun with the different daily bubbles found in these pages
I post something fun from this journal each week

Great gift idea !!!

Some Words for the Week from 365's  
September, October and November are 

Add the energy of these words into your day to day life.

The "Something Days" give you permission to have fun.

Sep 12 - No phone day
See how long you can stay away from your phone. 

Oct 5 - Opposites day 
Do everything the other way round today
Nov 27 - Thank someone day
Thank everyone for something today.  Starting with yourself 

The 'Moment of Reverie'
 Scales of Balance
The Scales of Balance represent a gauge
as to how much care and attention
you give to others and how much you give to yourself.
Are you always giving to others?
Do you ever give time for yourself?
How much of your day is weighted in other people's spaces?
How much of your day is spent in your own space?
How can you give yourself more time? energy? care? love?

Soul Studio’s main focus has been creation.
The lockdown turned many of the groups upside down
and the usual social get togethers ended abruptly.
Hopefully they will resume in the near future,
with renewed enthusiasm and passion.

I update my website ( almost daily.
I post regularly onto facebook and Instagram.
I post a card reading on Monday.
A Just for Today quote on Tuesday
A Soul Whispers extract on Wednesday
My Something Day from my 365 Journal on Thursday
A video card read on Thursday or Friday

I have created

On The Go 33min zoom sessions.

These are absolutely fabulous.
The “menu” so far has been

Intro to Angels 4 x zoom
Meeting the Archangels 2 x zoom
Chakra basics 2 x zoom
Archangels in depth.

Positivity Principles
Remembering Me 
And many more planned
So, drop me a message if you are interested,
the zooms are happening regularly.

I am in the process of creating 

"3 Things You Need to Know About"  series

Watch this space 

Just arrived
My most exciting news for this quarter is that I have printed my card decks that I have been speaking to so many of you about. Yay!!!

The messages in this card deck are meant to stir something deep inside of you. They are meant to connect you to what you already know, but may have forgotten

Word for the Week
This deck has been influenced by the 365 Bullet Journal
It is what is says it is …..
A word for the week

Contact me if you are interested 

Soul Studio Space for the next quarter

33 min Zoom Sessions 
On the Go Angels
On the Go Archangels
On the Go Chakras
On the Go Positivity Principles
On the Go Meditations
On the Go Power of 3

These are offered on a flexitime basis.
The day and time is arranged as you book.

On the Go Thoughts

Be aware of nature, of her subtle messages that she gifts you. If you are paying attention. What is important right now is that you stay grounded. So much is going on in your head that you may not remember to keep your feet on the Earth. So, walk barefeet, get outside and allow Mother Earth to feed your aura with her electrolytes. Allow Grandfather Sun to send you vitamin D along the sun’s rays. And receive the silver rays of the Moon.

Essential oils 

On a side note Essential Oils are amazing support for the body and mind. Because they work with the olfactory sense (smell) their message is taken straight to the brain 
Use a diffuser in your home
and have the fragrance of your favourite oil
in the background. 
Peppermint  - uplifting and energising
Lemon - energising
Eucalyptus - for respiratory issues 
Rosemary - anti inflammatory
Frankincense - relieves anxiety 
Lavender - calming

Vedic Astrology 

if you are at all interested in what the planets are doing this year, connect to Sue Schoning at Her videos and explanations help us to understand what is happening in the world at the moment. Which planets are happy with each other and which planets are uncomfortable with each other 

3 Things You Need To Know about...

  1. Pause – whenever you feel that life is running away from you and you are losing control. – make yourself Stop whatever you are doing. No matter where you are, who you are with, how you feel. Force yourself to wait. To pause. To silence
 2. Breathe – the moment you have created the pause,
pay attention to your breath. That’s all. Follow the in breath.
Follow the outbreath. Deepen your breath consciously. Allow the inbreath to be shorter than the outbreath. Extend your outbreath to message your body to relax. 
  1. Connect – realise that you need to center yourself. To ground your energies. To link your energies. Imagine your roots growing into the earth, anchoring you, balancing you. Imagine your filaments growing into the ethers, linking you, connecting you.

Trust your intuition when you do anything

If it feels light, it is right.
If it doesn't feel light, its not right 


Wishing you magic in all of your days.



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