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Reimagining Social Media's next star: Clubhouse→

[Case Study] [Social Media] No rest for the wicked–or anyone using Clubhouse. Read along as Amy Lima takes a crack at re-designing the new social media sensation. Special shoutout to her honest & thought provoking reflections about taking on such a project. 

Connecting The Disconnected→
[Case Study] [Design-A-Thon] Connect deeper with Roots: This habit-forming mobile app concept tackles loneliness in nursing homes during the pandemic with fun, varied ideas about how to connect virtually with loved ones. 

Grocery Grab→
[Case Study] [Process] Hopefully a distant memory for most–empty shelves at the grocery store! To resolve the lack of transparency of currently stocked or out-of-stock items, Tiffany Nguyen crafted the idea for an app Grocery Grab, check out her design process here. 

Your subscriptions, under control→
[Case Study] [Concept] Time to introduce Marie Kondo to your monthly services. Other than Case Study Club
😏–which subscriptions spark joy?? Saagar Bellani walks us through his design for an iOS app to curate & cancel your subscriptions all in one place. 

Reinventing the letter. →

[Case Study] [Consulting] Meet a team challenging outdated communication in Denmark's public administration. Take note of the impressive data & systems analyses these designers undertook.

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