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It is Here it is! The first in the new series that you can look to for ideas to grow and succeed.

Twice per month we will send out “Marketing News and Updates”. This will be on the Thursday after each NAUI Talk.

What will the updates contain?

  • Supporting information and items from the NAUI Talk sessions to help you implement sessions ideas.

  • Current project information.

  • Tools to help you grow, succeed and profit.

Dive 55

DIVE 55 is one project spearheaded by Force Blue.

NAUI Supports many works and events worldwide. Force Blue is one.

DIVE 55 is a collaborative effort involving The NFL Green, Pepsi, Florida Aquarium, FL-DEP, FWC, Ocean Conservancy, University of Miami, Frost Science Center, NAUI, Tervis, Norwich University, Step Change Clothing and 55 Volunteer Divers all spearheaded by Force Blue.

On Monday January 25th Force Blue is working on a reef clean up at Spanish Rock reef in Florida. As the Official Training agency, we will be there promoting and participating in Dive Safety Though Education. During the event we will be providing updates to social media of the great work taking place.

In addition, a documentary is being created to be played at this year’s Super Bowl supporting and promoting environmental underwater projects. And NAUI will be there!

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Let us know what projects you are supporting with NAUI so we can share it too!


Join us for NAUI Talk’s. A webinar series with guest presenters, speakers, and discussions on multiple topics. Each session will range from 30-60 minutes. Filled with opportunities to assist, support, and build the NAUI members and their businesses.

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February 2 - Building Your Own Slide Deck to Support Your ISS
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February 16 – Marketing Domination
With David Winford

March 2 – Building Your Own Smart Forms
With Brad King

March 16 – Insurance

March 30 – QR Codes
With Quintin DeBoer

NAUI TV (Youtube)

The relaunch of the NAUI YouTube channel is LIVE.

Starting with the Playlist - NAUI Talk. All the International sessions are now load and ready for your viewing. If missed a session or want to review one, please click the button below to view NAUI’s NAUI Talk playlist on Youtube.

There is also a thread on the NAUI Community Forum. Please see NAUI Talk - NAUI Community Forum Webinar for full information on how to access your account.

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NAUI Leadership Growth

On January 5th Rod Shroufe was our guest speaker on our NAUI Talk - Promotions to Make You Money. I received some great response from members on the importance of running courses for Instructors, Instructor Trainers and Course Directors as a means to grow and succeed. We will feature ideas to generate excitement and ideas on running these.

Below is the first in a series to help you know and grow.

Dive Safety through education has been NAUI’s motto since its inception. As NAUI Course Directors and Instructor Trainers, we are very familiar with the mantra. We understand it and we adhere to it but let us dive deeper into the implications of the meaning.

Our job as NAUI leaders is to mentor the next generation of NAUI Instructors. Good instructors start with us. Good instructors communicate clearly, are masters of their content, have great pedagogical skills, and set high standards for all of their students. They are, in fact, a reflection of us. It is OUR job to get the new instructor candidates to this point.

A recent Cline Study determined that “a lack of quality instructors or better training needed” was second only to “publicity/ visibility and advertising” when addressing the dramatic decline in the dive industry in the United States in recent years.

Last summer I had the opportunity to co-teach a two week, very intensive ITC with Tom Hemphill (NAUI#) and Jim Larsen (NAUI#). Although I have been a science instructor for 28 years and a scuba instructor for 20 years, my instructional experience pales in comparison to theirs. Collectively we shared over 100 years instructional practice with six instructor candidates. This was the best teaching and training experience of my career. Learning from their knowledge and wisdom and sharing our collective instructional experience created synergic learning for our candidates.

The takeaway is that it is our responsibility to continue to share, learn and grow as CD’s/IT's. This surely happens in these large, energetic co-taught ITC’s. Tom often describes ITC’s from the 1970’s and 80’s with 20-40 candidates and a dozen course directors and Instructor trainers. What an experience that must have been! The industry was energized and had a growth mindset. We can return these days of our industry’s growth and excitement and it starts right here, right now with us! We can pool resources, share expertise, learn from each other, and produce high quality instructors that will grow NAUI and grow the industry. We are all members of the NAUI family. We are all good teachers and communicators. Let us work together to grow NAUI by producing a new generation of instructors that can help turn the industry.

Rod Shroufe

Photo Library

When it coming to attracting people to our underwater world quality photos and videos make a major impact. I would like to build our very own NAUI photo and video database. One that represents the NAUI diversity of people, locations, and geographic regions worldwide.

So many of us have camera and have great photos that show the quality of what we do. Let us build a database!

Start looking through your work. In the next news update we will have information on how you can share and help build our database. Please stay tuned!

We look forward to continuing to provide our members with ideas and tools to grow in 2021!

Yours in fun, safe diving,

Bill Doran, 58278 CDT
Marketing Director
NAUI Worldwide

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