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Parish News & Events
February 2020

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the parish newsletter for February.

Away Day
As we approach our next parish away day (where we will develop the vision for the parish over the next five years) may I encourage you to continue to pray about this, and to join us in the parish centre on Saturday 15th February? We don't want to risk trying to confine God to a box that fits into our comfort-zone - let's ask Him to widen our horizon and give us a glimpse of what He wants to see happen in Cramlington! 

Newsletter and web site editor roles
You may have heard that Sheena and I are planning to move away from the north-east, nearer to our family in Manchester. Although we don’t yet know when this will happen, in order to enable a smooth transfer of the jobs I manage, the parish will be looking for people to take over these roles. The main ones are the newsletter (both printed and on-line) and the web site. And there’s nothing that says you have to do things the same way I do. 

If you might be interested in finding out what’s involved, do come and have a chat or send me an email. You’ll not be committing yourself to anything, so do ask.

March newsletter
I will need information for the March newsletter by Monday 24th February at the latest please - send it to the newsletter email address, which is


From Rev'd Rachel
February Diary Dates  
Parish Prayer Diary
Bible Readings  
For your prayers
Lent Book Group
World Day of Prayer
Walk Through the Bible
Parish Vision
New baby for Jess and Jason
Parish Prayer Update Sheet 

Beer & Worship
Are you a First Aider?
Age UK support group
Bereavement support - FIG
Sunday at 7
St. Peter's Craft Group
Give as you live - raising funds for the parish
Sermons on line
Who's Who? / Get in Touch  

Giving to God
“If we were a business, I would have no choice but to recommend we call in the administrators. We are broke.” 

So said the Treasurer of Cramlington Parish to the PCC in January. Brothers and sisters, we have to face the reality that we, the parish of Cramlington, are both broke and in serious debt, having paid £37,000 less than we should in 2019 alone, for our share in the cost of running the church. We do not even pay enough to cover our clergy costs. And this is a matter we must face head on now – and do it honestly. 

Please keep reading! I know that we British tend to hate talking about money, and you may feel that you want to avoid this topic at all costs, but our survival as a parish depends on it. 

We must give and grow – or die. That is our choice! 

Jesus said and taught more about money than any other single topic. In a book called Biblical Mathematics, Selwyn Hughes added up the number of parable themes – and over 40% of them mention or teach about money. And then there are the many occasions and incidents where Jesus engaged with money and people as well. It’s fascinating to notice that there was no privacy about giving, when we read that Jesus deliberately sat down by the Temple treasury and actually watched people make their gifts, and then commented on it (Mark 12.41)! No polite English reserve in Jesus! 

Now in case you are worried, we clergy do not know the identity of any individual giver in our parish. What we do know is that the whole parish is supported by a very few large givers, but that the vast majority give under £60 per month, and that most of those have not increased this amount in over 7 years. Something is badly wrong. If we are truly followers of Jesus, then our use of money is central to what it is to be a disciple who honours God. We are told to trust God, and even test God, to provide what we need on a day to day level. Our giving should come before our choice of new cars, holidays and houses, or social activities. What we have is given by God and he demands our generous response. 

The Bible teaches that God’s people should give 10% of all income, as a first call, (Read Malachi 3:6-12 please!)  and then suggests that offerings come on top of that duty. The Church of England asks that all its members give 5% as a baseline. If we in Cramlington were to do that honestly, we would be in a life-giving, hopeful situation, and I believe we would see God’s blessings. I can give many personal stories of how God has done that in our life and would be happy to share them with you if you are fearful of running out if you give more. 

There is a serious reality check for us here. Our diocese of Newcastle is having to make cuts of 20% of paid clergy in 2020. We must not be complacent in Cramlington. Three clergy (even with two part-time) is a luxury we will not have for long unless we start to pay our way. In all our vision thinking, seeking a future for this parish, we will get nowhere unless we respond to Jesus in faithful increased giving and showing a real dependence on him for our personal needs. Malachi includes a promise that God’s generosity in blessing those who give will be like floodgates opening. Don’t you want to see that in your own life and in Cramlington? 

GIVE and GROW or we die. The choice is ours.

Rev’d Rachel

Dates for your Diary

Regular weekly
events across
the parish
St. Nicholas' Church (Cramlington village)
Sunday        8am        Communion service
                    10am       Family Communion service*

Monday        9.30am   Little Fishes (term-time only)
Wednesday  8.30am   Prayer breakfast*
                     10am      Communion service
Friday           7.30am   Celtic Prayer Breakfast
                                     (at Hope Centre)
                     7pm        Hot Chocolate

St. Andrew's Church (Beaconhill Community Centre)
Sunday         10.30am  Family Worship*

St. Peter's Church (Northburn Primary School)
Sunday         10.30am  Family Worship*

*check below for variations
February highlights ...
Parish Prayer Diary   FOR FEBRUARY 2020

Sometimes a daily prayer guide can be helpful. Maybe you don’t know what to pray for. Or maybe you’d like to be part of a bigger group praying for the same thing each day. Whichever way you choose to use it, we hope you find this Parish Daily Prayer Diary helpful.

Bible Readings



We know that prayer changes things. God hears us when we bring to Him our concerns, whether they be for our world, our country and its leaders, our community or ourselves. When we share with others the names of those who we know are in need, they can join with us as we pray for them. Please click here to see the names of those currently on our prayer list.

If you know of someone who you think should be on the prayer list, please let us know via once you have their agreement.

LENT 2020 –
reading Sensible Shoes

A six-week group
from March 2nd to April 6th
We will meet on Monday evenings from 7.00-8.30pm at 24 Lindsey Close. The group will be led by Rev’d Rachel Hudson.

Join us as we share together in reading a novel, based on a group of women undertaking a spiritual journey together, exploring a range of Christian prayer and meditation methods. It’s a good read, well written, and very thought provoking as the characters share their lives. In sharing and talking together we can help deepen our walk with Jesus through Lent. The book is available in paperback and Kindle. 

Contact Rachel Hudson on 07974 410409 if you would like to join the group and order your copy of the book.

World Day of Prayer

This year’s World Day of Prayer (formerly Women's World Day of Prayer) will be held at Doxford Methodist Church on Friday 6th March at 2pm. 
Women, men and children of all ages are called to 'Rise, take your mat and walk' to join this day of prayer. Women of Zimbabwe have prepared this year’s service and they encourage us all to reflect on the difficulties and unrest that have plagued their country over many years. They share the challenges they have met and the hopes they have for the future. They encourage us to 'Rise, take your mat and walk' with them as they continue their often turbulent journey towards full reconciliation.
For more information contact Vanessa at or see

Everything you always wanted to know about the Bible – 
but were afraid to ask

Well, we learnt a lot about the Old Testament together on 4th January. Here are some comments from some of the dozens of people who attended the day.
Walk Through the Bible day was a most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. Light-weight, fun, interactive, informative. Linked everything you knew (or thought you knew) with new knowledge on a time-line through history. Easy going, nothing intimidating, all abilities benefited.
I really enjoyed the day although wasn't sure what to expect and really thought it would be impossible to acquire so much knowledge and in such a short time;  it happened.  The speaker involved his audience and made, what could be considered quite a dry subject, so interesting.  The day was really enjoyable and passed extremely quickly.  I am looking forward to 4th April when I shall attend the Walk through the NT.   
The Walk Through The Bible Day was useful because it showed how the books and the story of the Bible fitted together and I learned new things. It was also fun, with a superb presenter who made it easy. Would recommend it to everyone.
It was a really enjoyable day. Paul Keeys is an excellent presenter and I'm really looking forward to the next one.
The Walk through the New Testament is on Saturday 4th April, so put the date in your diary now, and we hope to see you there! It’s something for everyone!


Parish Vision

Our second Away Day will be held in the Parish Centre on Saturday February 15th from 9.30am to 1pm.
Its purpose will be to generate / finalise proposals, consistent with the Vision Statements agreed at the APCM in April 2019, to the March meeting of the PCC, in eight ministries, to be realised by April 2021.
These will form the first interim (2 years) step, towards the 5-year Vision we believe God has for the Parish.
Everyone who attended the first Away Day back in October is of course welcome to attend again, as are folks who could not make it on that date.
It is not too late to make your contribution to the development of the ministries of:
Fresh Expressions of Church                   
Children and Families                                   
Pastoral – Friends Alongside

Each of the groups have met and made a degree of progress which will be further built on and developed during the day. Your contribution even at this stage may be crucial.

Rev’d Wullie
New baby!

Many congratulations to Jess and Jason Wearmouth on the safe arrival of Isaac Alexander on 20th January.
Parish Prayer News Update

If you would like to receive a regular news sheet to help focus your prayers for the parish
please click here to update your mailing preferences. At the same time you could check that your other details and preferences are up to date, and then click on the "Update Profile" button at the bottom of that page.
Any questions? Call Peter Shelley on 07851 143 442 or email him.  
Beer & Worship

Socialise over a drink, before joining together in worship. 

A new evening event for
18-40 year olds.
Come along and bring a friend. 
St. Nicholas’ Church,
Tuesday February 25th at 8pm.

Are you a first aider?
In case of an emergency in church we would like to publish a list of first aiders on the notice boards, who would be able to help anyone in need.  Please let Heather Johnson know your name and which church / congregation you attend so that she can collate the information.  Text her on 07718 781 550 or email:  Thank you.
Did you know?

Age UK runs a friendship and support group at Azure (Garden Centre) on Fridays between 9.30am and 11am-ish for the over 50s. It's open to anyone who would like to come for a chat, company or who need any support.
FEAST: Fellowship Evening And Spiritual Treasure
FEAST is a new Sunday evening gathering, meeting on the second Sunday of each month. It involves a meal, worship, prayer and discipleship teaching.

It runs from 6.30pm to 9.00pm and is accessible for people from age 11-90+.

It has proven a great way to learn and grow together as the family of God. Please take note, sign up and join us for these events.

More details from Rev’d Rachel.
Sunday at 7

On the fourth Sunday of each month at 7pm there is a time of worship and teaching in the Parish Centre. Just a guitar or two to lead the singing, some teaching and prayers. You are very welcome to come along.
St. Peter's Craft Group
This monthly craft group meets from 10am-12pm in Northburn Sports and Community Centre, Crowhall Lane, Cramlington. Meetings are usually on the first Thursday of each month and the next one is on 6th February.

Sessions are led by members or visitors, who share craft skills and help everyone to come away with a little something that maybe they didn’t know they could create. There is a small charge of £4 to cover room hire and materials.
If you are interested or would like to join, please email Marion so that she has an idea of the number of people expected, to help her in planning the materials needed.
Give as you live
Do you shop on-line? Did you know that it’s possible to raise funds for the parish when you do so? 
If you sign up to “Give as you Live” then shopping at some big on-line retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Tesco, M&S and many more, earns a bonus for the church. If you’re willing to give it a go then click here and start shopping.
Sermons on line

Sermons from all our churches are intermittently recorded and are available on-line, via the parish web site. The web site we use for this holds up to 3 hours of audio, so older sermons will "drop off" the end as new ones come along. 
Click here to listen.

team rector
Rev’d Wullie Docherty
t: 01670 730506  or  07714 222 839

team vicar
Rev'd David Gray
t: 01670 946017  or 07540 620 632

team curate
Rev’d Rachel Hudson
t: 01670 731418  or  07974 410 409

team youth minister
Jess is currently on maternity leave, so please contact

Rev'd Wullie Docherty - details above

Karin Graydon t: 07508 091 263 (before 6pm please)
John Gregory t: 0191 237 0186

Liz Allen
John Brierley
Chris Hudson
Susan Ramshaw
Barry Stewart (reader emeritus)

parish safeguarding officer
Lorraine Alexander t: 07763 386 481

hope centre & food bank
Joyce Docherty

parish electoral roll officer
Paul Nicholls
baptism enquiries
Please attend a Th3rd Sunday service and speak to Rev’d Wullie.

wedding enquiries

church and parish centre bookings
t: Lorrie Sherrard  07969 968 848

prayer list updates

mailing address
Parish of Cramlington St. Nicholas
33 Twyford Close
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