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June 4, 2018
Dear Colleagues, 

Please join us in congratulating this year's Staff Awards recipients: Daniel Binns, Elizabeth Greenlee, Christina Sobh and Cathy Wheeler. Read on below for more about each of them.

A note of thanks is due to the 106 staff members who took the time to complete the Staff Council survey. The survey results are being used now to plan and hone Staff Council's priorities for next year. We are pleased to announce three raffle prize winners drawn from the list of survey respondents. (See below for the winners and their prizes!) 

Lastly, a brief personal note of farewell. This year's newsletter has been authored primarily by Megan Wilson-Reitz, the 2017-18 Vice Chair of Communications & Assessment. It has been my very great privilege this year to keep us all a little bit more connected and informed. I thank you all for your gracious readership and for the opportunity to serve! 

I am very pleased to welcome John Ambrose as Staff Council's 2018-19 Vice Chair of Communications & Assessment. He, and the rest of the 2018-19 Communications & Assessment Committee (Brenda Bailey, Dan Fotoples, and Allison Goldhammer), will assume responsibility for Staff Council's communications efforts in 2018-19. The work is in eminently capable hands. 

Signing off, with my blessings -
Megan Wilson-Reitz
for the JCU Staff Council

p.s. If you did not have a chance to join us for the all-staff meeting and awards ceremony, the video of the awards presentation is available here

Staff Awards Recipients

The following are excerpts from the nomination letters for our four award recipients. 

Cathy Wheeler, Biology Dept. Lab Director, Abp. John Carroll Award for Learning
  • "Cathy is one of the most conscientious, insightful, diligent, compassionate instructors I have met on this campus. Her dedication to student learning should be emulated by all who teach... As an active continuous learner, Cathy is a role model to our students and is instrumental in their development into civic-minded, ethical, global citizens.”

Elizabeth Greenlee, Residence Life Area Coordinator, New Staff Member of the Year
  • "This recipient has demonstrated a fierce commitment to her work and has grown impressively in her role... she has consistently given respect to students, regardless of circumstance, by actively listening to them, protecting their privacy, guiding them through reflection on their decision making, and believing in them as developing young adults...She accompanies them as they discover their authentic selves."

Daniel Binns, Communications & Analytics Manager, Integrated Marketing and Communications, Staff Member of the Year 
  • This recipient is a selfless and giving person. He gives so much of himself to John Carroll University each and every day... What defines him the most is how he always wants to help others. Whether that is helping with a project or taking time out of his day to sit and teaching someone a skill or software they are unfamiliar with. It's never about Dan. It's about the team. Dan lives the Magis of JCU.”

Christina Sobh, Associate Director of Enrollment, St. Ignatius of Loyola Leadership Award
  • "Christina is a supervisor who makes it easy to come to work, put in a best effort, and go home feeling accomplished. If all supervisors created a workplace dynamic like that, then we would be in an exceptional spot.”
Please join us in congratulating our colleagues for this well-deserved recognition! 

Award recipients will receive an award stipend and will have their names added to the plaque on the wall beside the President's Office. 

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"Recognition and respect of all members of the John Carroll University community are necessary and appropriate for the University to live up to its mission, vision, and core values. As one of the largest constituencies on the University campus (second only to students), the staff represents a highly diverse group of professionals whose contributions are critical to the quality, integrity, credibility and continued growth of the University. An informed, active, and engaged community, with the ability to participate and share its opinions and interests concerning the conduct of institutional affairs and life in the workplace, is critical to the mission of the University." -- Staff Council Constitution