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Parents - Nama Winston’s take on parenting for real. Because the years are short but the days are loooong. Hello!
Welcome to the first newsletter for Mamamia Parents in 2019!

I know most of you are in the final week of school holidays, so I think it's entirely appropriate we pause now for a moment of silence to grieve the loss of our personal freedom, mind space, and some sanity, over the last six to eight weeks...

The amazing news is school goes back next week - and the kids need the return to routine as much as we do!

I had a wonderful couple of weeks off with my 11-year-old son, which included a quick trip to a tropical paradise (which wasn’t long enough for me) and a trip to the Australian Open for my tennis-mad kid. Two weeks of 24/7 with each other in very different situations made me wake up to two facts:

1. The only time my child isn't speaking is when he's asleep. He has lots of thoughts and feelings and opinions on every detail, of every situation, every minute of the day. 

I have no idea where he gets that from.

2. He's a Tween - not quite a teenager, but definitely not a 'child'. 

I decided one morning after the first fight about sunscreen since he was a toddler (he wanted to assert his independence just because), that I would call this strange new time the "Terrible Tweens" - as opposed to the "Terrible Twos."

As a parent, I find this terrifying, to be honest. I know it means this year is super-crucial. Just when I thought I had this parenting gig sorted (for, like, five minutes) I now have to up my game - again.

I need to think very carefully about how I'll help this kid in the transition from Disney to young little man, without something like a Miley Cyrus-MTV-twerking international incident to prove he's growing up.

So, I'll need some support. But, when I searched for it, I found a little problem.
The problem is I can't find a lot of content out there to help parents navigate this Tween stage. 

The demand is definitely there - I got so many responses in Mamamia Parents, Mamamia's Facebook parenting group, when I asked about the Tweens; it's a scary new frontier for many of us.

So, this year, I'm going to write more about the 'Terrible Tweens'; share my experiences, and bring you stories and information - so we can all feel a tad more confident in what we are actually doing.

But I also need you to help me in this. Let me know the dilemmas you've encountered, or simply share an inspired parenting hack in the group.

Because, as every parent knows, it takes a village to raise a child - and, Lord knows, we need that village now more than ever!

Until next week...

Ps: If you can't wait for more of me until next week (and who would blame you?) I'd love to hear from you on Instagram, or Facebook, or in Mamamia's Facebook parenting group, Mamamia Parents.

Nama xx - Content Producer - Commercial and Parenting.
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