August 2017
President's Message
By: Andrea Pietras, AICP, SCAPA President

I am pleased to report that the SCAPA Summer 2017 Conference in Hartsville, SC was a resounding success thanks to the efforts of Rodney Tucker, RS3 Planning Collaborative and SCAPA Director-at-Large; Brenda Kelley, City of Hartsville; and Wayne Shuler, SCAPA President-Elect/Programs Chair.   The SCAPA Executive Committee would also like to thank Coker College and the City of Hartsville for hosting the event.  

The conference sessions gave invaluable information regarding Hartsville’s APA CPAT project, the implications of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on Reed v. Town of Gilbert, and the Hartsville Master Plan.  The conference culminated in a walking tour of Hartsville’s downtown, offering meaningful discussion on items discussed throughout the day.

Be sure to save the dates of November 1st – 3rd for SCAPA’s Fall 2017 Conference, which will be held at the Sheraton Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, located at 2101 North Oak Street Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.  Please contact Wayne Shuler at if you would like to submit a session proposal.  Stay tuned for more details!

On a related note, SCAPA recently purchased ten viewings of a pre-recorded webinar from APA titled “2017 Planning Law Review.”  We have offered one viewing of this webinar to each Council of Governments (at no cost to them) so they can to show it to the folks that work in planning/zoning related fields in the regions they serve.  This webinar is valid for AICP CM Law Credits and for the state required educational credits.  The program description is below: 

“The U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts, and state courts all play an important role in shaping planning throughout the country. This annual review delves into the important cases, the decisions that were made — or not made — and how this will affect planning at many levels. The 2017 review will cover everything you need to know about how the decision in the “parcel as a whole” takings case, Murr v. Wisconsin, will affect the way your community plans. “

Please contact the Council of Governments that serves your region for information on when they will be showing this webinar.  All the credit for this awesome idea goes to Katie McKain with the City of Charleston!

As always, if you have suggestions for ways SCAPA can improve its services, or have other ideas you would like to see SCAPA take on, please contact me at or 843.202.7219.  I look forward to continuing to serve you and working with our leadership team as we continue to improve and strengthen our organization!


SCAPA President

Call for Papers - 55th International Making Cities Livable Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods.

2018 IMCL Design Competition - Designing Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods.
SCAPA's Summer Conference made headlines in Hartsville.
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Next Up - Myrtle Beach for the
2017 Fall SCAPA Conference


November 1-3, 2017
Sheraton Convention Center in Myrtle Beach
2101 North Oak Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Congratulations to our new AICP Planners

November 2015
Adam Emrick, Gretchen Flores, Richard Hall, David Hooper, Celia Boyd Myers, Erin Schumacher, Jonathan Sherwood, Laura Stevens and Patrick Tyndall

May 2016
Andrea Harris-Long, Ida Leigh Kane, Keane McLaughlin, Jeff Parkey and Douglas Polen

November 2016
Jean Crowther, Jeff Derwort, Katie Mckain and Jerre Threatt

May 2017
Robbie Derrick, Alissa Ritzo Duncan, Jessica Hekter and Christa Jordan
Gary Raymond Hallmark
Retired Community Base Planner
Civil Engineering Department at Shaw Air Force Base
APA/SCAPA Milestones
35 Years - Robert Harkrader, AICP
30 Years - Lee Batchelder, AICP and Jill Foster, AICP
25 Years - Eric Hawkins, AICP; Mark Hoeweler, AICP; Delores Frazier, AICP; Mandy Todd, AICP; Phil Lindler, AICP and Paul Blust, AICP
20 Years - Wayne Shuler, AICP; Martin Livingston, AICP; David Breakfield and Madelyn Robinson, AICP
15 Years - Susan Britt, AICP; Allison Hardin; Jennie Skeadas-Sherry, AICP; James Anderson, AICP; Tracy Hegler, AICP; Audra Lynn Miller; Jennifer Tinsley, AICP; Joshua Reinhardt; Susan Heffron, AICP and Sherry Dull
10 Years - Brian Carter, AICP; Wai Yu; Carol Coleman; Jennifer Vissage; Diane Perkins, AICP; Monica Eustace; Deborah Matthews; David Poole; Hope Hasty, AICP; Sally Brooks; Daniel Newquist, AICP; Tiffany Wedmore, AICP; Vickie Reynolds; Shawn Putnam, AICP and Jessi Shuler, AICP
5 Years - Jared Draper, AICP; Courtney Grunninger Bonney, AICP; Amy Southerland, AICP; Janine Saab; Meredith Detsch; Sabrina Morris; John Hanson; Kimberly Hamel; Michael Belvin; Christopher Clausen; Tim Green; Eric Morris; Katherine Peterson; Heather Paton; Allison Love, AICP and Patrea St John, AICP
Water, Water Everywhere... (including underneath my office at CofC)

I hope that each of you will one day visit my office at CofC.  It is located at 26 Coming Street on the first floor, right at the intersection of Coming and Wentworth Streets near Grace Episcopal Church.  It is a beautiful office on the first floor of a historic Charleston house that the College acquired many decades ago.  You enter my office via a wonderful porch that opens onto a quaint, flowering courtyard.  The space I have itself is huge, with 4 large windows that provide wonderful light, and the room is so big that it easily accommodates 4 chairs, a couch, and several stools.  I have held small seminars in there for 7 students and myself, so there is plenty of room for SCAPA to visit.  
As offices go, I have a great one.  But unfortunately, it also stinks!  The intersection where my office is located—though far from the actual edge of the Charleston Peninsula – is low lying and increasingly prone to extreme flooding (see video link).  As I’m sure many of you have heard, ‘nuisance flooding’ in Charleston has increased dramatically in the last 30 years, with the likely culprit being the dual forces of sea level rise and Charleston’s subsidence.  When it rains in Charleston and it is high tide, I am literally marooned on an island.  The water flows into the crawl space under the house, likely creating pools of water that stagnate creating an odiferous environment.  This condition has directly clarified for me the perils our coastal cities face as our climate changes and the seas rise.
    I was thus very pleased to learn that the College has decided to focus on issues pertaining to water in the coming year, from questions of scarcity and sea level rise to planning for water access in the future.  To start the semester off, every incoming freshman in Fall 2017 and faculty will read The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water by Robert Fishman.  This book chronicles the myriad issues surrounding how various societies around the world use, misuse, and understand water, especially here in the United States.  It documents in frightening detail the growing aridity of various parts of the world, and the cultural impediments to managing and planning for these changes. A series of year-long events will be held to focus our collective attention on these issues, including a public lecture by Patricia Mulroy, the water czar of Las Vegas who has used policy and smart water planning to allow that city in the desert to continue (despite the growing dryness of that area as well).  Please consider attending.
    Additionally, the Urban Studies Program will host two noted speakers that advance the theme of water and planning, and I will be sending formal invitations to the SCAPA Executive Committee to invite each of them to attend.  Each of you are also welcome at CofC for these lectures, so please consider this an invitation!  On 28 September 2017, Councilwoman Alondra Cano from the City of Minneapolis will deliver the fall convocation lecture for Urban Studies.  Councilwoman Cano has done pioneering work organizing inner-city residents to recognize and fight for their rights to clean and safe drinking water, even when those rights were threatened by development occurring in the watershed outside of the City’s limits.  On 17 April 2018, which is the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Urban Studies Program at CofC, the program will celebrate by hosting Dr. Matthew Gandy from the UK.  Dr. Gandy’s work has focused on evolving cultures of water, such as the emergence of the bottled water culture and the growing, unfounded disrespect for the great municipal and state achievement of the 19th Century: clean and safe public water systems that facilitated the dramatic growth of American cities. 
    Of course, neither of these lectures – or the many other events at CofC in the coming year – will solve the dankness in my office or the flooding that occurs there.  But, I have come to appreciate those issues as regular reminders of what I can do to help the new generation of planners think about the environment and sustainability in responsible ways.  It is my hope that with your help and eventually theirs as well, we will all contribute to a safe, secure, and sustainable future!

Kevin Keenan, PhD, AICP
Associate Professor/Director of Urban Studies
College of Charleston Liaison 

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