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Children Beyond Dispute
Our COVID-19 Response

To our Children Beyond Dispute community ,
My thoughts are with you all as we travel “alone together” through these strange times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The families we serve through the family law and family relationships service systems are as much in need of our care and attention as ever. In these times, retaining an organised “state of mind” with and for our clients is more important than ever.  As we adapt our therapeutic presence to online formats of communication, the core principles and values of child inclusive consultation remain a guiding light: focusing firmly on the child’s developmental needs, understanding that less is more, and that crisis presents surprising opportunities to enable families to reach their higher ground.
Here at CBD we have decided to support our community of child inclusive practitioners through the following steps:
  1. We will reduce fees for the 18 hour online Child Inclusive Practice course, and for as long as our home isolation practices continue. I hope you may make use of this opportunity to develop your skills in child inclusive work, and that this quiet period gives the opportunity for focused learning, revision and reflection.
  2. Once the online program is completed, you can also find support and company in our new graduate program, where I am providing regular podcast conversations and other materials to help you take your practice to higher ground. The graduate program will be available for your access in the near future and further communication will be provided. 
  3. I will also provide a podcast on guidelines for telehealth formats of consultation with children and families, and related resources.
Please feel free to be in touch with Ellen Welsh, our CBD site manager, if there is anything else you perceive we could do to help:
In the meantime, stay well and know that your skilful presence and thoughtful companionship mean more than ever to the parents and children we serve.
Prof. Jennifer McIntosh AM                                                  
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