Wildlife Wednesday: Signs of Spring &
Gunpowder Art with ETA Guide Chelse Grohman

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Signs of Spring: Mountain Bluebirds

Slowly but surely, spring is coming to Jackson Hole.  For some, April is a time to leave the valley and skip "mud season," but our current situation may mean you are staying in the valley this year.  This is an opportunity to observe the arrival of spring.  Mountain bluebirds have returned to the valley, and we've heard the beautiful call of sandhill cranes soaring over the Wilson Bridge of the Snake River.  Prairie falcons are back, preparing to nest in the cliff bands of Miller Butte on the National Elk Refuge.  

The first long-distance migrants are now returning.  Osprey, having spent the winter along the gulf coast or even all the way in South America are inspecting nesting sites.  In Teton Valley, ID we've heard reports of Swainson's hawks, these raptors winter some 7000 miles to the south in the Argentine Grasslands!

Birding, even from your backyard is a great opportunity to remind us of the impermanence of the world.  While we practice social distancing and hunker at home, spring and the promise of summer are returning to Jackson Hole.

If you haven't checked out our blog on At-Home Nature Activities for ideas yet please take a look, we hope you enjoy it. 

Josh Metten and The Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures Team

  @joshmettenphoto  @jacksonholeecotours

Wildlife Wednesday: Gunpowder Art
with ETA Guide Chelse Grohman

Using a combination of gunpowder and charcoal, Chelse creates beautiful images of the iconic wildlife and wild places of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  We have three pieces currently on sale at the EcoTour Adventures Store, check them out! 

 "Do They Ever Get Old?... Never"
Size: 6"x 12" x 7/8" Wood Panel
Price $200.00 
This colored gunpowder and charcoal piece is inspired by a question I often get from clients while guiding. Clients ask, "do the mountains ever get old?" My answer is simple, "never."     

 "Internal Fury"
Size: 6"x 6" x 7/8" Wood Panel
Price $99.00
This colored gunpowder and charcoal piece is inspired by my perception of the personality of a Yellowstone Bison.

"The Wolf Within" SOLD
Size: 8" x 8" x 7/8" Wood Panel
Price: $176.00
This colored gunpowder and charcoal piece was inspired by my first wolf experience in Yellowstone. One of my first days in Yellowstone, near West Thumb Geyser Basin, I had a grey wolf walk within feet of my car and it glanced up at me... never again have I had a wolf encounter so close
3) Title: Do they every get old?... Never.


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