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Join Institute for the Future and its corporate sponsors for a FuturesShop to explore the Work+Learn Skills that will change the way that you do business.
On August 21, Work+Learn Futures at Institute for the Future is hosting teams from forward-leaning enterprises that want to make the most of a rapidly changing global workforce—to work together to build #futurefit organizations with the talent, skills, and know-how to lead in the 21st century.

What is a FuturesShop™?

It’s an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day demands of the present and get ready for the forces that are reshaping the way we’ll do business over the coming decade. It’s a way to team up with your own front-running colleagues and teams from other enterprises across the marketplace to get ready for a future where business is anything but usual.

What are Future Skills™ for the enterprise?

Together, our corporate enterprise teams will explore the emerging landscape of Work+Learn Skills—because working and learning are blending into a diversity of life pathways that remake the very concept of a career and challenge companies to rethink everything from compensation to the organizational stack. In the FuturesShop, we’ll take deep dives into reputation management, human-machine collaboration, pop-up teams, change-oriented decision-making, and extreme resilience. We’ll re-envision the tools of human resource management for a world where those resources are increasingly managed from the bottom up and often by algorithms tapping into new flows of people, knowledge, and machine intelligence. We’ll discover the new meanings of human in human resources.

What are the details?

Institute for the Future
201 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, California

Sign up in teams of three
$5000 per team

Maximum capacity: 15 teams

Tuesday, August 21, 2018   
8:15 Breakfast
8:45 Starting Line
4:00 Teams of Teams Reception

Want to get a head start?
Join the Meet-The-Teams
dinner on Monday,
August 20, 5:30-7:30pm

For more information, contact Parminder Jassal at IFTFJulia Guenster at DB SchenkerMichelle Haworth at Cornerstone OnDemand, or Tom Rausch at BASF.

Register for this event directly by emailing Georgia Gillan.

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