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Smeal Student Mentors · December 2019
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Things to do in PSU When It's Cold 

As a Penn Stater, we are never afraid of the cold. As most of your semester will be accompanied by snow, here are some interest pastimes that you can enjoy when it is cold in State College!

· Pegula Ice Arena
While Pegula Ice Arena is home to Penn State Ice Hockey and Figure Skating, it is also a great place to hang out with your friends or families, and to just have some fun skating!

· Tussey Mountain
Tussey Mountain Ski Area is in Boalsburg, about a 10-minute drive from State College. It offers a number of activities for both outdoor and indoor activities, including skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing, not to mention the food and live music in the lodge!

· Palmer Museum of Art
Located in the middle of the campus, Palmer Museum of Art is the best place to appreciate some art on a cold winter day.

· Northland Bowl and Sports Center
Go bowling with your friends on a cold winter day is always a great choice! There are also snacks and pizza offered there. They offer specials everyday, so don’t forget to check those out!

· Bryce Jordan Center- concerts!
Don’t forget to check the schedule for Bryce Jordan Center! Your favorite artist might be coming to town!

Written by Smeal Student Mentors: Alice Li
How to Return your Textbooks
College textbooks can be a little pricey, but there is a way to get some of your money back at the end of the semester! Once you have finished studying for final exams, you can turn your books in at the HUB bookstore or the Student Bookstore downtown. Both places are usually expecting students at the end of the semester, so they make it pretty clear where to go. There is a desk toward the back of the HUB bookstore, and one in the middle of the bookstore downtown, and they both will be clearly labeled with some kind of “Sell Your Books for Cash” sign. Some books are worth more than others, and sometimes the value goes down when the access code has been used, but you never know! Personally, I have had great luck with the Student Book Store downtown. Finally, if you have an Amazon account, that is another option. Usually, online, you are selling directly to another student, so they are willing to pay more than you might get in person at one of the bookstores. Every penny is worth it in college, so it is worth a shot!
Written by Smeal Student Mentor Alumn: Emma Dillon
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How to Handle Finals Week

The last week of the semester is the notorious “Finals Week”. For freshmen, finals week can be even more daunting because it is the first time that they are experiencing the strenuous week with college courses. Below are five great tips that can help make this week less stressful:

· Create a study schedule! Breaking your study sessions down into smaller sections during these days will help prevent you from being overwhelmed and procrastinating.

· Sleep, sleep, sleep! Get plenty of sleep leading up to the commencement of your finals. The chances of getting a full night’s rest during finals week is slim to none, so it is very important to ensure that you are getting enough rest before you start your finals.

· Avoid distractions when studying! In order to retain the information you are studying, get rid of as many distractions as possible. Turn off your cell phone and study in a quiet, secluded area.

· Form study groups! Not only does this ensure you have all the available materials needed for your exams, but it helps in developing your ideas and answer any questions you may have.

· Be healthy! Finals week is extremely stressful, but it is important to manage your anxiety and remain healthy. Don’t just load up on caffeine; believe it or not, water is crucial to your survival of finals week

Written by Smeal Student Mentor: John Lynch
On behalf of Smeal Student Mentors, we hope you had a wonderful semester. 
Good luck on your finals!
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