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May 1, 2020
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Update on new and existing COVID-19 cases
  • On May 1, the Ministry of Health confirmed 33 new cases of COVID-19 in B.C. for a total of 2,145 cases in the province. 
  • Of these cases, 1,357 have fully recovered.
  • The total number of confirmed deaths is 112.
  • Vancouver Coastal Health had 823 cases.
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If you receive a media inquiry or see media at any of our locations, please contact our Public Affairs team. Our media line is 604-202-2012 or email
Communications wants your feedback!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been using a number of tools and channels to communicate with you. Please take a few minutes to to respond to a survey to help us understand if our communications is meeting your needs. The survey will take five minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous and confidential.

UPDATED: COVID-19 staff & physician FAQ posters

Making sure you are safe to provide care during this critical time is our top priority. The following staff FAQ posters have been updated to reflect current Public Health and IPAC guidelines (as of May 1, 2020):
  • Am I safe to work guidelines
  • How do I protect myself
  • Talking to your Friends about COVID-19
Download the updated posters here. 

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Testing FAQs for Staff and Medical Staff

BCCDC Testing Guidelines 

As a reminder, more FAQs are also posted on our COVID-19 FAQ intranet page. You can also visit the IPAC website for the latest infection prevention and control information and the BC Centre for Disease Control for evidence-based information.
Keeping families connected: Free premium public Wi-Fi now available 

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on our patients, residents and their families, our current Wi-Fi supplier, TELUS, is generously offering Premium Public Wi-Fi at no charge at facilities across PHSA, VCH and PHC from now until July 31, 2020. This offer will help ensure our patients and residents stay in touch with their family and friends during this crisis.
By logging in to Premium Public Wi-Fi, users will experience improved performance. The steps to access Public Wi-Fi will remain the same:
  1. Open the Wi-Fi setting on your device
  2. Select “Public Wi-Fi” and then open your internet browser
  3. Select free Premium Wi-Fi.
Patients, residents and families who require support with the Public Wi-Fi or who need information on reimbursements for prepaid Wi-Fi can contact Datavalet Customer Service directly at 1-844-940-5123.

"The investment made in our Wi-Fi expansion project has enabled us to provide Public Wi-Fi at more than 162 sites across PHSA, VCH and PHC.  I want to thank our Wi-Fi supplier, TELUS, for this free upgrade to Premium Public Wi-Fi to ensure our patients and families stay connected, with no limitations, during these unprecedented times,” says Ron Quirk, Executive Vice President, Digital Information Services & Innovation, PHSA.
For staff, clinicians and providers, please note there are no changes to health organization computers and medical devices that are currently connected to the clinical/corporate Wi-Fi (“vch-staff” / “phsa-staff”).

For more information about this generous offer from TELUS, including an updated Wi-Fi poster and ‘getting connected’ guide, staff can visit IMITS InfoCentre here.
Vancouver film student captures moving tribute to health-care workers 

A North Shore film student created a moving video capturing the nightly 7 p.m. cheer throughout Vancouver and Metro Vancouver. 

Watch the video here.

Read the North Shore News article here. 
Reminder: Please don't take hospital scrubs home

Staff who work in acute-care settings should arrive at work in clean clothes and, if required, change into scrubs before their shift begins.

After work, please change out of hospital scrubs so they can be sent to the hospital laundry or if you work in an area where you wear your own scrubs, please put them in a disposable plastic bag to bring home and launder in hot water. Please wear clean clothes home.

For more information about dress codes, please visit the website.
Part 9: Leisure resources for staying resilient

As part of our nine part series for staying resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s final feature is stay connected while keeping your social distance, which includes a list of online platforms that allow you to stay connected with family and friends.

Developed by the recreation therapists at VGHwe hope these new resources give you some new ideas on how to stay involved in your favourite leisure activities or spark your interest to try new ones! Taking care of your health and wellness is even more important than ever.

The entire 9 part series for staying resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic is available on the staff supports wellness page.

Three cheers for VCH Environmental Services Team!

The sun peeked through the clouds just long enough on Tuesday afternoon for Vancouver-Acute leaders, clinicians and administrative staff to give a loud cheer for their VGH Environmental Services team colleagues.

As Crothall staff gathered for a lunch in their honour, provided by one of the many local businesses offering meals to staff during  COVID-19 pandemic, they were pleasantly surprised by the large (physically distanced) group cheering them on and holding colourful signs saying, “thank you" and, “we couldn't do it without you."

“Environmental Services plays such a key role in keeping our patients, staff and physicians safe," says Lori Korchinski, Vancouver Acute COVID-19 EOC director. “Keeping our hospital clean and disinfected is an important task – even more so as we fight against COVID-19." ?

Staff were truly touched by the outpouring of support. ​

“What a wonderful moment," said VGH environmental services manager, Tricia McDonnell. “The team was so happy, many of them crying tears of joy. It was very special to be a part of, and we are forever grateful to you for making that moment happen for us."

Read the full story and watch the cheer video here.

New email security feature plus tips to stay cyber healthy during COVID-19

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the heightened levels of uncertainty around COVID-19 by trying to spread misinformation and scam people out of their money or private data through various means including phishing emails.
To help combat the increase in phishing emails targeting our health authority employees, you will now see the following alert message tagged onto all external emails received:
This message is from an external sender.
Think before you click, if you suspect this message is malicious, forward this message to , and do NOT open any attachments or click on any links.
This alert message does not impact mail delivery.  Emails tagged with this alert should be approached with caution, especially those that contain links, attachments or request sensitive information (e.g. passwords, financial or patient records). However, if you know the sender and trust both the content and the context in which it has been sent, there is no cause for concern.
To learn other ways you can keep yourself, your family, and your organization cyber healthy, check out these tips from the IMITS Security or send your questions to

Boy scout to the rescue!

As health-care professionals, you are likely well familiar with the discomfort of constant mask wearing – that ache of continuous rubbing behind the ears. When a Canadian hospital reached out to the community to ask for help with this problem, it was a 13-year-old boy scout, Quinn Callander, who jumped in to respond.

This young scout took initiative and used his 3D printer to generate dozens of ear guards to donate, and has even made his pattern public so others can do the same.

Read the full article, including a link to the pattern here:


For suggestions or feedback on Caring for our Community & Caring for Ourselves, please contact the People+Culture team at

To contact Employee Wellness/EFAP, please visit or call 1-800-505-4929.
A tell-tale sign 

I cannot help but be impressed by the way our society has been looking after the needs of those of us who are more vulnerable during this pandemic. Whether it has been the homeless or businesses in trouble or food banks, we have witnessed a tremendous recognition by our government, NGOs and individuals of the moral imperative to help those in greatest need. One of my favorite quotes of all time is about this matter, and it is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. This physically small man who caused the largest empire in the world to voluntarily march out of his country, put it this way.

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.
This then is the telltale sign of success – not the number of celebrities in the country, not the number of educated people or the size of our economy but how we treat those who have little power. The way we treat the most vulnerable is like a mirror of who we are. It all comes down to kindness, because there is no other motive for such action. Kindness which is interestingly the thing patients report as what they need most from their doctor. I suspect that this is what they want and need from any health care worker.

The history of hospitals is rooted in the kindness of many down through the ages who saw caring and curing the sick as more than a business. It is quite a long line of healthcare professionals who have set the bar for such caring of the vulnerable. And so we stand here, in this time, in this place, in this crisis – part of a long chain of individuals and groups who have served in previous pandemics, wars, natural disasters, and man-made disasters.

We carry the torch they pass on to us and as we do so we discover our true measure, not just as individuals but as a community of persons - a community of character – one that that cares for everyone.


Written by Doug Longstaffe, Profession Leader, Spiritual Care & Multi-faith Services
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