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Second Sunday After Pentecost

14 June 2020

Year A Readings
Exodus 19:2-8
Psalm 100 (3)
Romans 5:1-8
Matthew 9:35—10:8 [10:9-23]

Prayer of the Day
God of compassion, you have opened the way for us and brought us to yourself. Pour your love into our hearts, that, overflowing with joy, we may freely share the blessings of your realm and faithfully proclaim the good news of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Lay Ministry Groups suspended until further notice


Church Inquiries: PoP

Official Church Contact: Pastor Emily Kuenker
Phone: 720-579-8229

Communications: Kara Bradford

The Paper Pulpit:
Dear Church,

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. These are the words I use to greet you whenever we worship together, and these days I mean them more than ever. I am sending you grace, love, and communion.

As we have heard countless times in the last few months we are living through “unprecedented times.” At the outset of the year, probably none of us could have foreseen what 2020 would look like. I remember those early days of January when I thought the biggest news story of the year would be the bush fires raging in Australia...that seems like a long time ago now. That was before quarantine, before drive through COVID testing, before the suspension of in person school and the postponement of the summer Olympics. That was before Ahmaud Arberry, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd were senselessly and unjustly killed and streets in our cities were occupied by both peaceful demonstrations and violent agitators. So much has happened in just a matter of months, and if you are anything like me, you might be wondering where we left the receipt for 2020, so we can return or exchange it for a new year.

Times like these are often revealing. We find out more about the social structures and conditioning that has shaped our culture. We see the fissures in the systems we rely on. But, in difficult times, we also find out who we are. We see our true character emerge and we discover what we really believe in. We find out where we put our faith. 

So my friends, it is with both faith and frustration that we face the days ahead, and attempt to do our level best. And this is the very reason I send you grace, love, and communion, because in the church, these virtues are our starting place. It is the goodness, the fellowship, the encouragement that we find in our relationship with God and with this beloved community that are our foundation. When we begin with grace, love, mercy, peace and justice, I am confident that our most spacious imagination, and our most faithful behavior will follow. I wish these upon your lives, and our life together as a congregation.

Grace and peace to you, to our church, and to our world.

-Pastor Emily


Blessing During Quarantine:
The blessing box out in front of the church is seeing a lot of use these days. We would like to keep it replenished for any who need assistance. If you would like to help, nonperishable foods and supplies are always appreciated! 

Another way to bless the community is to help out at the Cache Community Food Pantry, if you are able. They have always offered touch-free drop off 24/7 at the back of their building (359 South Main Street in Logan). Financial donations are also welcomed on their website.

If you are looking to donate, a list of distribution centers and instructions for those affected by COVID-19 are attached. A list of accepted items for donation is also attached. 

Distribution Centers & Instructions
Accepted Items for Donation
Giving During COVID-19:
We are truly thankful for your continued support of Prince of Peace during this challenging time. Here are a few ways to make a contribution while social distancing:

1) Write a check and mail it to the church.
2) Use your bank’s bill pay option and they will mail a check to the church.
3) At this time, the only way to do a direct deposit to the church account is to sign up for
Simply Giving through the company Vanco. Prince of Peace has been working with this
company for quite awhile with no problems. They do charge a percentage fee to the church for this service.There is a form you need to fill out; and the Financial Secretary can set it up. The form asks for name, address, Amount and frequency of contribution and your bank account info.(I will try and attach a pdf of the form for viewing. To protect your personal information, please do not email the form to me or the church).
4) FYI: For the safety of the counters:
A) If you are mailing a contribution, please only use water or tape for sealing the
envelope or use a self‐sealing envelope.
B) For right now, please no cash.

5) If you need to talk to me my phone numbers are in the directory.

Please Stay Safe!
In the Peace of Christ,

Gini Anderson
Financial Secretary

Vanco Authorization Form PDF
Top Ten Reasons to do some Weeding at Church:
1. You’ve run out of weeds at your own place

2. Your current residence has no yard and you are longing to get down in the dirt

3. You want to re-visit childhood memories of helping your parents with weeding

4. You’re interested in learning how to combine yoga with weeding – free demonstration upon request

5. You'd like a free cup of coffee and a muffin – delivered upon request if pre-arranged

6. You’ve always wanted to learn the difference between weeds and flowers – free in-person tutorial upon request

7. You're eager to get out of the house to do something productive outdoors

8. You're concerned about keeping your distance while doing something for the church (the yard is big enough)

9. You want to make the world more beautiful by keeping our flowerbeds looking good

10. You're into working on your tan and your muscles at the same time.

Also: Set your own hours, go when you can. Even an hour is great if that’s all you’ve got. 

If you worry you can’t participate because you don’t have the tools, have no fear. Just text Karin (435-760-5350) to borrow tools. Same number for questions or requests.

Suicide Prevention Training:
The Utah Pride Center recently began a new program to develop a more strategic plan for LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention & Services across the state of UT. The goal of this program is to help expand access to education, tools, and resources to outlying parts of Utah (areas outside of Salt Lake County - with an initial focus on St. George and Logan).

One of the big focus areas of this project is creating community gatekeepers by offering Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention training, and your team might be a great fit for it.

QPR is designed to help you help someone who may be considering suicide. If you are a friend, parent, spiritual leader, professional caregiver, police officer, firefighter, teacher, youth leader, or staff in any human-serving organization, you will very likely have first-hand contact with people who have thoughts of suicide. This training is free, virtual, and open to all adults 18 and older.

The Utah Pride Center is offering QPR training Mondays from 1-3pm and Fridays 10:30-12:30 p.m. through the end of June. If you and your team are interested in receiving this training, please register through the following link:

Send Us Your Birthday!:
We want to celebrate birthdays together as a community! Karin has put together a google form for people to fill out their name and birthday so we can celebrate when the time comes. Don't worry! We won't ask you for the year, *wink wink;) 

Birthday Doc
Small Group Worship:
 The Northern Cohort will meet Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and the Southern and Central Cohorts will meet together on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. 

The small groups have been assigned by geographical area. My hope in doing this is that not only will we have interactive worship time together, but that we will also take responsibility for the others in our group. These are the people to check in on, make a phone call, or drop a letter in the mail (remember snail mail?) and make sure one another's needs are being met in these strange times. Do you need groceries or a pharmacy run? Can you offer those things to your small group members? Let's pull together as a community during this time. 
         Income     Expenses     Bottom Line
FYD   $
10,299     $8,716     $+ 1,583
May    $10,299    $8,716      $+ 1,583

FYD = Fiscal-year-to-date
May = May 2020
Cary Youmans wrote this month's Council Corner, "Pentecost: A New Song." He delves into the spiritual significance of Pentecost, and provides a unique perspective on the spirit of God through music. To read his article, click here!


Prayers of thanksgiving for Lucas A. and Yefen S. who will both celebrate birthdays this week

Healing and continued comfort for Jacques (Karin's father) who underwent surgery this week

Comfort and relief of pain for Annie (friend and former student of Colin) who is dying of brain cancer. Thanksgiving for friends and family who are able to be with her in her final days 

Sam (friend of Lucas) and Dale's wife (friends of Brad) who have both been diagnosed with Covid, keep them safe and restore their health, help the virus not to spread within their households

 A prayer for Glenn (friend and mentor of Pastor Emily) and Ellie (friend of Sandra's mother) who both passed away this week, give comfort to their loved ones and peace to all who mourn them

Grant strength and restore health to Jude (Elaine's newborn grand nephew) and his mom Katie, as Jude recovers from surgery, give them strength for the long road ahead, and be present to all those who love little Jude and are concerned for him

Strength and perseverance for Charlie (Gini's brother) as he works on their father's estate

Healing and comfort for Dorothy (Dave's mother, Pastor Emily's grandmother) as she struggles with declining health

Prayers for justice for Breonna Taylor, that those responsible for her death would be charged and tried

A prayer for the Black Lives Matter movement, that we would be on the cusp of sustainable, substantial, and enduring change.

Check out Bishop Gonia and the Synod Council's recommendations on reopening here!
Pastor Emily is happy to make a phone call or set up a zoom meeting if anyone wants to connect one-on-one at this time. Don't hesitate to reach out!
To visit the directory, click here and enter the password "logan930". 

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