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PA News Roundup
Making the case for bus bike lanes in 17 seconds, how transfers in Philly make transit expensive for those who can least afford it, testing crosswalks in Bethlehem and how poor transportation choices lead to infrastructure "neglect."
Can shifting focus to community building (or placemaking) not only better benefit our communities but save money and speed up project delivery?

In this webinar, we will explore how framing transportation solutions within a place and community context can better serve communities and transportation agencies.

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Since joining the Project for Public Spaces in 2007, Gary has worked with communities to help them create more sustainable streets and transportation networks. He has also worked with a dozen state DOTs, the Federal Highway Administration, the American Public Transit Association and the National Highway Institute on new approaches to transportation, and land use planning. 
Three buses in less than half a minute.

SEPTA’s transfer fees and the distribution of jobs in the region combine to make commuting by public transit more expensive in Philadelphia for the people who can least afford it, a new Pew study finds.

Many of the traffic signals that have been modernized still don't work properly, thanks to malfunctions that can take more than a year to repair.
Pittsburgh's next big public transit project on the horizon is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line from Downtown to Oakland and beyond. The project aims...
As the opioid crisis takes center stage — almost 100,000 deaths in six years — 190,000 people were killed by speeding, drunk or distracted drivers in that time.
20 of 37 drivers — 54% — failed to yield to a pedestrian who was already in the middle of the road during a test on Bethlehem's West Broad Street.
In cities with good bike infrastructure, residents can access thousands of additional jobs on two wheels, a new study finds.
Cities that turn to technology companies to save their transit systems are bound to be disappointed by the outcome.
The popular narrative about younger generations aging and leaving urban centers is presented as inevitable. But most news stories fail to examine why many younger people are taking up residence in suburbia...
Port Authority CEO cautions cities like Omaha about focusing funding on streets over other transportation options.
A lot more money for highways. A little more money for bikes and bridge repair. But what else is in the new Transportation bill moving through Congress?
Once again, the nfrastructure Cult's narrative was picked up and magnified by the old media. This past weekend, 60 Minutes (yes, that is still a show) ran a piece called Falling Apart: America's Neglected Infrastructure. It contained all of the Cult's usual...
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