The countdown continues! Alaska bound on May 23, 2016!
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Planning the Big Move!

The days are ticking down to my big move to Alaska, and so many logistics have to be figured out and addressed. Since I am in major planning and transition mode these days, I thought I'd take some time to give you a glimpse into my crazy world! Hopefully, this will be fun AND help you in praying for me during this major move.

The Plan
Phase I of my move to Alaska is a temporary relocation to the Texas Panhandle for the month of May to spend time with family before my permanent relocation to Alaska. My dad will drive down to Houston and help me load up my stuff. We will say goodbye to H-Town on April 29 and head for West Texas. 

Phase II begins May 23 as Mom and I load up a small trailer and drive nearly 4,000 miles to Anchorage to move me to my new home!
#1 Mom and Dad Award
I need to say, "Sorry, Mom and Dad!" for every bad thing I ever did! My parents are such gifts to me, and I'm learning more and more every day just how blessed I am to have them in this journey. I would NOT be able to make this move without them.Kerri's Ride 

Dad (Kevin) found me a safe and affordable SUV, a trailer, and is working on procuring the snow tires next. Mom (Karla) has been the master navigator and trip coordinator. Mom was tasked with getting me to Alaska, both on paper with the plan and physically by taking this road trip with me. She has mapped out every mile and made reservations for every sleep stop along the way. I can't wait to take this trip with her!  
Miles Ahead
Mom has planned a 10-day move, crossing the US, Canada, and finally Alaska! Here's the breakdown:

Day 1 – White Deer (TX) to Cheyenne (WY) – 539 miles
Day 2 – Cheyenne (WY) to Great Falls (MT) – 673 miles
Day 3 – Great Falls (MT) to Calgary (AB, Canada) – 322 miles
Day 4 – Calgary (AB) to Jasper (AB) – 258 miles
Day 5 – Jasper (AB) to Ft. Nelson (BC) – 608 miles 
Day 6 – Ft. Nelson (BC) to Whitehorse (YT) – 593 miles 
Day 7 – Whitehorse (YT) to Tok (AK) – 374 miles 
Day 8 – Extra day in Tok (AK) + gold panning adventure in Chicken (AK)
Day 9 – Tok (AK) to Tolsona (AK) – 155 miles
Day 10 – Tolsona (AK) to Anchorage (AK) 173 miles  The Trip
Speaking Engagements and Fundraising
I had the privilege of speaking at The Church @ Cane Island in Katy, TX, at the end of February. I love sharing the Alaska Missions story and God's call on my life with churches. I'm so thankful for the support of Cane Island and other churches who choose to partner in ministry with me. I am scheduled for more speaking engagements in the Panhandle in May and am speaking with other pastors about possible speaking opportunities. Please pray for open doors!

I am currently 70% percent funded for my monthly support, and I continue to work Kerri's Bear Meteron my fundraising through ministry partnerships with churches, families, and individuals. God has done wondrous things thus far in this effort and has stretched me beyond my comfort zone on many levels. As I'm reaching the end of my circle of family and friends for support, I'm excited to see who God calls alongside me for the remaining 30% of support. Only God can provide, and I am believing Him to do so!  
Transition Info
Since my move will be in two phases and I'm still looking for a place to live in Anchorage, please note the mailing address in the footer of this email if you need to send me any mail. My parents will be my post office for the immediate future. I also have a new cell phone number. If you would like that number, please email to request it. 
Prayer Support
Here are some ways you can pray with me during this transition time: 
  • Praise: Alaska Missions is wrapping up its Iditarod Outreach in Nome. Our volunteers from the Lower 48 have served the mushing community over the last few weeks, as well as the community of Nome. Our concessions sales at the Lonnie O'Connor Iditarod Basketball Classic made it possible for Alaska Missions to donate $15,000 to the Bering Sea Women's Shelter. A recent news article showed that, "Half of adult women in Alaska – 50.3 percent – say they have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence, or both, at some point in their lifetimes." This donation will provide much needed resources for abused women.
  • Praise: I am 70% funded for monthly support! Please pray for the last 30% of my funding to come in before May 23. Join me in believing God for this provision and thank Him with me now for what He is going to do.
  • Praise: I have the best mom and dad ever! Please ask God for a special blessing on my parents as they help me on this journey.
  • Request: I am having a garage sale on April 2 to help raise relocation costs. Friends in the Houston area are donating items to sell along with most of my own possessions. Please pray for the planning and execution of this event, and pray for the remaining logistics for the first phase of my move to Alaska.  
  • Request: Please continue to pray for a place for me to live in Anchorage. My friends Linzay and Sarah are on the ground and tasked with finding me a safe, affordable rental. Praise God for friends in Alaska looking out for me!
  • Request: Please continue to lift up my ladies Bible study on Monday nights. God is doing a mighty work in our hearts and lives as we study His Word. Our discussions have been a challenge and encouragement to me, and I pray our remaining time together will continue to be blessed. Please pray as I prepare each week to lead these Jesus-loving women!
As a staff member with Alaska Missions, I am responsible for raising 80% of my annual salary. It is through your generous donations and partnership that I can be obedient to God's call and expanding His Kingdom in Alaska.
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