"For you are all children of light..." 1 Thessalonians 5:5
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Changing Seasons in Alaska!

Our 2016 mission projects at Alaska Missions may have ended, but we're actively working toward next year, recruiting churches and individuals to come join us on 2017 projects. It's a busy season for me in developing materials and promoting our projects, but generally speaking, Alaska this time of year definitely moves at a much slower pace.

Pumpkin Spice Season
Autumn—or as I like to call it, Pumpkin Spice Season—is by far my favorite. For the first time in years, I been able to fully enjoy the changing of the leaves from green to bright oranges and yellows and deep reds. It has been beautiful! However, this season isn’t lasting long. The temperatures have dropped, and we saw frost on the grass and rooftops in September. We are reminded that winter is quickly approaching, and with it is coming new vocabulary for me.
Have you ever heard of “termination dust?” Well, it’s a term I’ve learned living in Alaska, as the termination dust fell on our Chugach Mountains in September. For those of you looking to build your Alaska vocabulary, termination dust is a light, high altitude snowfall that indicates the end of summer. I was told that when it comes, I would recognize it as a light sprinkling of snow, like powdered sugar, on top of the mountains. Well, our termination dust this year was far more than a dusting! 
One of my prayer warriors sent me a pumpkin spice care package! I love pumpkin spice season!
I got to see the Northern Lights for the first time! It's hard to capture a picture of its beauty, but this was the view from my bedroom balcony. Isn't God amazing?!
Fall in Alaska!
Termination Dust!
Day Light Forecast
I live in Anchorage, where we are currently losing about 6 minutes of daylight each day. On October 1 in Anchorage, the sun rose at 8:08 and set at 7:25, giving us a lovely 11 or so hours of sun. By October 31, we'll be down to a little over 8 hours of sunlight. I’ve been encouraged to make sure that I spend as much time as possible out and about when the sun shines. I’ve been warned that I will definitely sleep more during the winter. (I confess, the early riser I used to be is long gone. I’m already having trouble getting out of bed!)

I need to have a good routine for daily life if I want to stay sane in the winter, and so that whether the sun shines or not, my days will stay days and my nights will stay nights. While having a general routine will definitely be wise, I also feel the Lord encouraging me to stay awake and alert. Routine can sometimes lull you to sleep or encourage complacency, neither of which are healthy in the Christian life. We are called to be zealous for the Lord and good works! So while I’m asking the Lord for wisdom in building a healthy routine for the winter months ahead, I’m also asking Him to help me stay alert for opportunities to minister, opportunities to intercede in prayer for others in my state who are battling spiritual darkness, and opportunities to be a light in a dark place. 

We will battle not only physical darkness but spiritual darkness in the months to come. The winter months in Alaska see the highest rates in suicide for our state. I long to be a light in the darkness here, but to do so requires a consistent seeking of and abiding with Jesus, who is the light in me. Would you join me in praying for an energized heart for the Lord and an alert spirit to be led by Him in the months ahead?
Enjoyed the Alaska State Fair with some of my Alaska Missions family!
I'm definitely not in Texas anymore! Reindeer meet and greet at the State Fair of Alaska!
Below are some ways you can join me in prayer and praise. 
  • Praise for growing connections with my Alaska Missions family and my local church family. (Psalm 107:9)
  • Pray for wisdom for me as I seek new ways to minister in Anchorage and for opportunities to share the Gospel and disciple others. May I serve Him with zeal! (Titus 2:11-14)
  • Pray for the Light of Christ to shine through me in Alaska in the months ahead! (1 Thess. 5:5-6)
As a staff member with Alaska Missions, I am responsible for raising 80% of my annual salary. It is through your generous donations and partnership that I can be obedient to God's call and expanding His Kingdom in Alaska.
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