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Hi <<First Name>>, 

There’s a story behind every new business that comes about and there’s a story behind mumdays too.
I launched mumdays just one week ago to give mums time back and TLC with quality experience gifts.
But the idea for mumdays started to form when my baby twins were just a few months old and I was feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of motherhood. 

It’s the most life affirming and empowering thing to be a mum, nothing will make you fiercer or more vulnerable. Nothing can make you as frustrated or elated.

It’s the only job where you’re paid in pure love. But it’s also a battle.
Often you’re in battle with the needs of your wider family, the needs of your work or your finances or the needs of your children. Most of all you’re in battle with the person you are, and the person you have to be in order to be a mum. And you’re in a constant battle with time. 
Your needs gradually get stored away for a rainy day. Mums don’t really have time to have needs. You know, things like a catch up with friends or a lie in or session at the gym. All YOUR needs are secondary to the needs of raising your family to the best of your abilities. At least that’s what we’re taught.
We’re taught that thinking about ourselves is selfish and that wanting some appreciation is indulgent. We’re conditioned to feel guilt about every extra long shower we have (aka checking instagram) or about letting someone else help us when we really need it – because we’re supposed to be able to do it all, without complaint.
We’re guilt tripped if we go back to work or if we don’t or if we go part time – sometimes it feels like we just can’t win. And the person putting the most pressure on is often that voice inside us.
Mums come in ALL sorts. And the one thing we all have in common is superpowers of love, endurance and strength. It’s there in each and every one of us.
Mumdays is about recharging your batteries. Making you feel special and making you feel valued, which is why our packages are perfect as gifts. But also as treats to self, because really sometimes we need to treat OURSELVES how WE want to be treated instead of the other way around.
I really hope you like what I’m trying to do – start a mum-me time revolution and make mums feel special. Why not allow yourself to treat yourself to a mumday Moment? Better yet why not send your other half a gentle hint that you'd like a mumdays present for Christmas?
I’m starting small, but I’m thinking big. Every mum deserves a mumday.
With love,
Ursula Xxx
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