New Year's Resolution: No More Resolutions.
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Have you broken your resolutions yet?

Why do we even bother making them? I've made some fairly simple ones. Try to do at least five days of activity a week (and by activity, I mean going for a walk, a swim, or even simply stepping up and down on a deactivated Wii fit while I watch a movie). I'm also trying to read more books. I read plenty of comics, but I'm really lax with text. I read a great book called Crosstalk by Connie Willis when I was on holiday in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Right now, inspired by that trip, I'm reading The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. They're both science fiction, but they couldn't be more different. Crosstalk is a screwball comedy (I prefer this term to romantic comedy, which is what a lot of people are using) about our over-connected society and our insistence on sacrificing privacy for likes. I'm only a little way into The Three-Body Problem, originally written in Chinese, and it is riddled with footnotes by the translator Ken Liu, which add a fascinating historical depth to the text. (Footnotes, by the way, are so much easier to deal with in an ebook. You just click on the number, read the note, and then click the number again to go back to where you were - none of this flipping about the book looking for the reference!) So far there are some large ideas on theoretical physics involved, and I think it may be heading in the way of what is known as hard sf, the kind of thing written by Greg Bear and Neal Stephenson, two authors I have really enjoyed in the past. In fact, in the 1985 novel Eon (set in 2005), Greg Bear all but predicted the rise of emojis with the pictographic language of a future society. If I finish The Three-Body Problem before next month's newsletter, I'll let you know how it goes!

What have you been reading over the summer? Anything you'd recommend? Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, or even tag me in an Instagram of the cover! Links are below.

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The Shelf returns in April
It was once again my privilege to host the Victorian Aids Council Midsumma Festival Hypothetical featuring Judith Lucy, Benjamin Law and David Marr amongst many others. You can see the video online at VAC Facebook page.
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