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Taking Pictures
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Shopping is Shipshewana, Indiana
Traveling to the Top of Europe

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Taking Pictures
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     The quote I chose for this week is from Ansel Adams - a famous American photographer. He spent his life producing black and white photos, mostly in the western U.S.. and especially, Yosemite National Park. His awesome photo of "Moon over Half Dome" is a probably his most well known. (The photo I chose to go with the quote is not his). 
     Many of you know that I take most of the photos for this website - a couple of them have been taken by other family members or friends. I have not purchased any stock photos, although sometimes the quality might be better.  
     There are two reasons why I don't use other's photos. First, I am concerned about copyright. If I purchase stock photos from a reliable source, they would come with legal permission for use. I have read the fine print on some sites and have learned that the photos cannot be used for commercial purposes. I run a business, so using the photos on my website would be a commercial use. I know; it's complicated - in this way, it's easier to take my own photos.
     The second reason that I use my own photos, is that I love photography. I'm not as good as Ansel Adams - I probably never will be - but I hope to keep improving. I have a good camera and also a decent camera on my phone. This helps, but what is more important is how I use this equipment.  I'll keep taking pictures - practice makes perfect (or at least better). Hopefully, every once in a while I'll get a really good picture.   
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Quote of the Week - 24 February 2017

"In wisdom gathered over time, I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."  – Ansel Adams

This Week's Post:

Shopping in Shipshewana, Indiana

Shipshewana, Indiana, is a small town in the northeastern part of the state. The population of the town is just over 650 people. The surrounding rural area, however, is part of the third largest Amish community in America.  About 30% of the citizens are part of this group. Many of the stores carry Amish-influenced goods, while the restaurants serve Amish favorites.

Since 1922, the Shipshewana Auctions have been drawing crowds of buyers. Originally, only livestock were auctioned, while today antiques and collectibles have been added to the list.  Miscellaneous and antique items, along with livestock, are offered on Wednesday; the horse auction is on Fridays...

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From the Archives:
Traveling to the "Top of Europe"

One of the coolest (pun intended) experiences we had while traveling in Europe was going to Jungfraujoch, known as the “Top of Europe.”  The site is located at the train station that is the highest – over 11,300 feet – in elevation of any in the continent.  Travelers can not continue higher except on foot or by helicopter.

We stayed in Interlaken, Switzerland, and left the Interlaken Ost Station around 9 in the morning.  We could have started earlier – and would have saved some money – but we took our time instead.  The train tickets are expensive, but there are no additional fees for the experiences at the top.

The journey takes about 2 1/2 hours and involves changing trains a couple of times.  Some of the trains are cog-wheel trains and some...

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Tour of Paris - 2017

The dates have been chosen!  My next tour will be September 8 - 17, 2017.  Paris is my favorite city in Europe and I’d love to share it with you. Click on the link below for more information.  

10 Day Tour of Paris

Learn More about the Tour

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