“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”
William Shakespeare, Sonnet 98
We at Coil Partners feel this youthful spirit like never before. Energetic like young foals bursting from the stables, promising and vigorous like buds on the trees. Nothing is going to stop either us or the superb start of spring this year!
We are happy to share our sustained growth with you, immerse you in our plans for the coming months, and give you a sneak preview of a bona fide innovation happening at Sarçam. In sum, reasons enough to read this newsletter from A to Z.
Oh, and last but not least: get out your calendar because we would like to invite you for the event of this year. Yes, a party held on Coil Partners’ new shop floor in Istanbul. Even those who attended the previous festivities will be stunned by what they’ll encounter this year, because we have doubled our production since then!
Proud wishes,
The Coil Partners team


In 2019 Coil Partners had a flash start 
Inquiries coming from all around the world, followed by warm thanks for the outstanding service… We never need to look far for motivation to keep following this road to success we have taken. The amazing growth we have seen is attested to by our growing sales figures and our empty spools. These are a testament to the immense volumes of copper coils we’ve processed over the past few weeks!

How does this translate into finished coils? Well… they’re all waiting for packaging & shipment!

Lean Journey - More value for customers

Volkan HACIOĞLU, founder and consultant at VSM Consultancy, tells about the journey Coil Partners takes.
“We set off on an exciting journey with Coil Partners at the beginning of this year. The main purpose of this journey is setting up the Lean System in order to improve the business performance continuously. We call it Lean Journey because it is not only a development project but also a cultural change
that comes from lean principles.

The Lean Approach is a value based methodology that focuses on minimizing waste within processes while simultaneously maximizing productivity. In other words: more value for customers, with fewer resources. We have started with in-depth analysis to find every single non-value-added activity along the value streams. Then we quickly began to implement lean tools systematically to eliminate waste from all processes.
We have a great team and we feel the support of the management on this journey. So we will get remarkable business results such as cost reduction, higher quality, shorter delivery time and higher customer satisfaction
with a successful implementation. 
But even more importantly, we will create a continuous improvement culture to sustain the lean journey.”
Sarcam starts producing enameled wire

No words needed for this huge step forward as well for Sarçam as for Coil Partners.
Discover the emailed wire in this short video!
This is the largest coil in the history of Coil Partners

Its loop length is 3.400 mm!


Cemal ÇUBUK - 27 years 
mechanical engineer 

Responsible, dedicated, keen on research 

“I have been working at Coil Partners for three weeks now. My job consists in the machine maintenance, production improvement, reparation of malfunctioning machines.

I’m busy all the day but I feel great because I learn a lot too. I am in the beginning of my career and I am learning new things day by day due to tasks that are given to me.

Thinking about the future, I just feel that I want to do the best I can for myself and my company. I also want to be a successful engineer who is helping his family and country by working."

Read more about our team in previous newsletters on our website!

“Our company LITOSTROJ ENGINEERING a.s. has been cooperating with COIL PARTNERS since 2017. Looking for a reliable supplier of components of generators and especially stator and rotor coils, we met a lot of companies in entire Turkey. Since 2009 I have personally known the company and during every visit I have been impressed by the on-going process of increasing the quality,product range, capacity, level of automation of the machinery and implementing new manufacturing methods like Lean management. 
We are very happy with the recent huge investmentsinto fully automated rotor coil machinery Micamation and fully automated stator coils spreading machine Schumann, that further improved the quality and also have shortened the lead-times significantly, as our projects are being manufactured on these machines to our benefit.
We can definitely say that in COIL PARTNERS we have found not only a coil manufacturer but a sophisticated partnerin common development, design and manufacturing of HV coils allowing us to achieve the highest quality and efficiency
of the HV machines that we manufacture.“

Mr. Martin Prochazka
Generator division Director
Growth is wonderful

... but it comes with imposing challenges for us as a company. If we want to maintain this level of productivity without compromising on quality, we will need the courage to take an honest look at our internal processes. Optimising these will not only create added value for our customers, it will also benefit our employees. That's exactly what we're doing in our Lean Program, which we launched early 2019 together with an external partner. Although we are just a few months into this project, we are already seeing some spectacular results, which is certainly very promising for the future!
At Coil Partners, we want to consciously share our success with our customers. That is why we will be getting together in September to celebrate our growth, our global expansion and our increase in production area. Since last year, our capacity has doubled and we do not want to let that fact go by uncelebrated. Even those who attended two years ago will be amazed by our new high-tech investments and by the brand-new production hall that we have put into operation. 
Coil Partners can only continue to grow and invest thanks to your support and your trust. So be sure to attend our open house weekend and party with us in style!
May 21 to 23
Coil Winding in Berlin (hall 3 booth 3.2 F11)
June 29 to July 2
EASA Convention in Las Vegas (booth 231)

September 23
Celebration of our extended production floor.
Party of the year at Coil Partners!

Let us tell you something about this pictures!

1. Johan De Coster and Ferhat attended the EASA meeting in Dubai.
Working hard at the swimming pool
2. EASA organized two trainings (RCFA and HV rewinding) at Coil Partners. 
John Allen was the trainer. 

3. The participants enjoyed the famous Turkish hospitality
4. Mr Mottas (Project manager) and MR Audy (Technical manager) of Alstom Traction visited Coil Partners for the start-up of a new project.
We have a dedicated production team for each OEM customer. 

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