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I have been doing this for a long time. No point in getting into how long right now it would just make me feel old. I swear I am not as old as I am.

When I was working out as a teenager, my programming didn't need to be too good. Anything that I did made me stronger, faster and bigger. Fast forward a couple of decades, and my window for error has become quite minuscule.


As time is going on, I've had to figure out how to become more efficient by placing emphasis on the correct loading's schemes at the correct time. I'd like to share them with you here so that hopefully you don't make the same mistakes.


Here are four possible reasons why you're programming might be stuck.


1- Improperly Ordering Tasks


You should train your explosive power first, then your speed, then your strength, and your strength endurance (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) and then your endurance. Doing these tasks in reverse order (ie. going for a long run and then expecting to be explosive in the gym) is not going to get you anywhere.

If you're not running faster or jumping higher you're actually training your body to run slower and jump lower. This is the wrong approach and it may leave you stuck.


2- Sabotage Activity


A sabotage activity is any activity that you do that is going to get in the way of gains. 

Alcohol or drug use, late nights, sleeplessness are all pretty good examples of things  do that can drastically affect the outcome of your training.


You may need to leave these things behind for a little while while you get yourself strong.


3- Disruptive Concurrent Training


There's something called the "strength/endurance continuum". 

It means as an athlete becomes proficient at one end of the spectrum, he sacrifices proficiency at the other. Basically, A human being could never win the world strongest man contest and achieve Olympic gold in a marathon. Sooner or later you have to choose one or the other. And the sooner you make your choice the better athletically speaking.


If your goal is to get stronger, ease up on the road work. 


4- Diet/Supplement Considerations


Are you meeting your protein requirements? Are you fulfilling your biological requirements for micronutrients with the foods that you eat? Are you eating with the correct frequency and volume?


All of these things are a pain in the butt. Trust me I know. However, if you have biological requirements going unfulfilled it's going to be awfully hard for you to even make it to the gym let alone being able to hit your numbers. Correct supplementation in this case is vital. I just don't know where I would be without my magnesium.


I just wanted to say thanks for reading this! If you are experiencing any of these problems, why don't you come in? We can identify the reasons together, and 'unstick' your programming!


Thanks for reading this!


The trainer

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