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Golden Age Fellows - Course Review

The 10 Golden Age Fellows have just completed their four-week social innovation training. The end of the training is just the beginning of the innovation projects that the Fellows will embark on to solve specific social issues.  And this is the ultimate goal of the programme.

From September to October, the Fellows learnt, reflected and precipitated. They were encouraged to develop innovative solutions towards the social issues that they are most passionate about. The Fellows were very focused and positive during the training. They raised questions, exchanged opinions, brainstorm ideas. The possible solutions they have cover housing, medical care, health issues, technology, cross-generation interaction, tourism and environmental friendly issues. With solid professional knowledge as well as years of experiences and personal networks, they build preliminary ideas on solid foundations.

Innovation doesn’t mean developing something which is totally different from the existing ones. A good understanding of the societal problems and innate social needs are equally important. This is exactly what distinguishes Golden Agers from young people. The Fellows, with their rich social experiences, are better positioned to garner support and organize effective teams to implement their future projects.

The Fellows will present their projects at both the "1212 Golden Age Day" on 12 December and at the the 3rd Golden Age Expo and Summit to be held from 26 - 28 January, 2018.

Golden Age Expo & Summit 2017:  Summit Video Release (October)

Starting from May, we have released the full version of the video of each symposium from the 2017 Summit.  Here are the last but not the least sessions, namely, “Housing & Design Innovation” and “Youth Engagement”.  

In about two months' time, the 3rd Golden Age Expo & Summit, which will be held from 26 - 28 January, 2018, will present a strong line up of over 70 speakers from Hong Kong and overseas. They will share their expertise and professional insights on major topics related to Golden Age.

Watch Now: "Housing & Design Innovation"
Watch Now: "Youth Engagement"
Foundation's Update

Our Foundation has been promoting healthy ageing and community care.  We have been invited to take part in the Central and Western District’s Health Festival, which will be held at Smithfield Sports Centre at Kennedy Town from 4 - 5 November, 2017. Different kinds of health tests and information will be provided at the venue.  We will be distributing limited number of early bird admission tickets of our 3rd Golden Age Expo & Summit for 26 - 28 January 2018.

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Foundation's Update

Our Foundation has been conducting talks and lectures for various sectors on issues related to ageing. In October, our Chair, Rebecca Yung, gave a lecture on ageing for the students from THEi. Entitled “Young Innovators for a Smart Ageing City", the lecture introduced the development of the ageing society and enhanced students' involvement in the process .  The full-house lecture has greatly inspired the students and gave them a better insight into our vision of a smart ageing city.

Foundation's Update

Starting from 25 October this year, our Chair Rebecca has started a new column at ETNet. She will write about the effects of population ageing, providing valuable information and suggestions on smart ageing. This bi-weekly column will empower the Golden Age Population to lead a purposeful, healthy and quality life.


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- Build a cross-sector and cross-generational platform for collaboration and innovation.
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