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What's on Tap: Recent WASH Research

We hope this first issue of Water on Tap: Recent WASH Research will be useful to you and we welcome suggestions to make it more useful. The purpose of this initiative is to inform subscribers of the latest peer-review research on WASH-related topics. The selected studies were identified from the latest issues of 35 WASH-related journals. A new issue will be published on a monthly basis and this first issue contains peer-review studies published in April or May 2022 and is organized by subject categories.

The primary audiences for these summaries are WASH researchers from around the world. Practitioners and policy makers may also find this as a useful resource. Be sure to click on the subscription link to subscribe to receive future issues.

Research Studies

Water/Water Quality

Drinking water chlorination has minor effects on the intestinal flora and resistomes of Bangladeshi children. Nature Microbiology, April 2022. Maya L. Nadimpalli, Val F. Lanza, Joe Brown, (...), Amy J. Pickering

Can participation promote psychological ownership of a shared resource? An intervention study of community-based safe water infrastructure. Journal of Environmental Psychology, May 2022. Benjamin Ambuehl, Bal Mukund Kunwa, (...), Jennifer Inauen

High-yield solar-driven atmospheric water harvesting of metal–organic-framework-derived nanoporous carbon with fast-diffusion water channels. Nature Nanotechnology, May 2022. Yan Song, Ning Xu, Guoliang Liu, (…), Jia Zhu

New Low-Cost Ceramic Microfiltration Membranes for Bacteria Removal. Membranes, April 2022. Olivier Mountoumnjou, Anthony Szymczyk, (...), Antoine Elimbi

Strengthening country-led water and sanitation services monitoring and data use for decision-making: lessons from WaterAid experience in four countries. H2Open Journal, May 2022. Kimbugwe Ceaser, Davis Tim, (…), Kiap Benjamin

Elevated Fecal Mitochondrial DNA from Symptomatic Norovirus Infections Suggests Potential Health Relevance of Human Mitochondrial DNA in Fecal Source Tracking. Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett., May 2022. Kevin J. Zhu, Brittany Suttner, Drew Capone, (...), Joe Brown

Environmental sanitation and the evolution of water, sanitation and hygiene. Bull World Health Organ, April 2022. Sophie Budge, Joe Brown, (...), Paul Hutching

Passive sampling to scale wastewater surveillance of infectious disease: Lessons learned from COVID-19. Science of The Total Environment, August 2022. Aaron Bivins, Joe Brown, (...), Cresten Mansfeldt

A qualitative assessment of mothers' perceptions and behaviors in response to an intervention designed to encourage safe child feces management practices in rural Odisha, India. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, April 2022. Rebekah N. Williams; Gloria D. Sclar, (...), Bethany A. Caruso

Quantitative microbial risk assessment of outdoor aerosolized pathogens in cities with poor sanitation. Science of The Total Environment, June 2022. Lucas Rocha-Melogno, Katherine C. Crank, Joe Brown, (...), Marc A. Deshusses

Sanitation potpourri: Criteria for planning mix of sanitation systems for citywide inclusive sanitation. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, May 2022. Anant Mitra and Abishek S Narayan


Access to and challenges in water, sanitation, and hygiene in healthcare facilities during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia: A mixed-methods evaluation. PLoS One, May 2022. Gete Berihun  ,Metadel Adane, (...), Leykun Berhanu
Achieving handwashing with social art for a behavioural change: the experience of the Lazos de Agua programme in Latin America. H2Open Journal, May 2022. Anna Zisa, Kristina Nilsson, (...), Tania Vachon

Characterizing Behaviors Associated with Enteric Pathogen Exposure among Infants in Rural Ecuador through Structured Observations. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., April 2022. Andrea Sosa-Moreno, Gwenyth O. Lee, (...), Joseph N. S. Eisenberg

Climate Change Impacts on Urban Sanitation: A Systematic Review and Failure Mode Analysis. Environ Sci Technol., 2022 May. Hyde-Smith L, Zhan Z, Roelich K, (…), Evans B.

Climate variability, water supply, sanitation and diarrhea among children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel analysis. J Water Health, April 2022. Donald Njatang Kemajou

Livelihood, WASH related hardships and needs assessment of climate migrants: evidence from urban slums in Bangladesh. Heliyon, May 2022. Md. Ayatullah Khan

Analysis of experience using human rights to accelerate WASH access in four countries. H2Open Journal, June 2022. Louisa Gosling, Tripti Rai, (...), Sonu Kumar Shah

Predictors of access to safe drinking water: policy implications. Water Policy, May 2022. Leila Shadabi; Frank A. Ward

Supporting evidence-based decision-making: Capacity Building through Research. Water Policy, May 2022. John Conallin, Nora Van Cauwenbergh, (…), Mário J. Franca

Monitoring coliphages to reduce waterborne infectious disease transmission in the One Water framework. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, March 2022. Kari Fitzmorris-Brisolara, Rasha Maal-Bared, (...), Mark Sobsey

Neighbors’ use of water and sanitation facilities can affect children’s health: a cohort study in Mozambique using a spatial approach. BMC Public Health, May 2022. Berta Grau-Pujol, Jorge Cano, (...), Jose Muñoz
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