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How to Be the Church while Social Distancing

Worship continues each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., but online instead of in our sanctuary. Bible study and team meetings have gone online, too.
To join online Sunday worship:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 267 383 079
Password: 254198
One tap mobile
+12532158782, 267383079#

Dial by your location
        +1 253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 267 383 079
(Find your local number:



1. Once you are in the meeting, move your cursor to the bottom of your screen, where you will see a row of control icons. 

2. You'll see a box that asks you to choose between a phone call or computer audio.
3. At this time, you may start video (lower left) if you wish to show your face to the other participants.

4. Please mute yourself once the worship service has begun. To mute yourself on phone, click *6. To mute computer audio, click the microphone icon in the lower left.

5. To connect by phone, dial the number (starting with 1). 

6. You'll be instructed to enter the meeting ID shown in the box on your screen. Be sure to end it with the # sign.

7. You'll be instructed to enter your participant ID shown on your screen. Again, be sure to end it with the # sign.

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Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, June 14
We will hold our annual meeting after worship on Sunday, June 14. All members and friends are encouraged to stay on Zoom for the meeting, where we will approve the budget and leadership for the 2020-21 year and hear reports from boards and ministry teams. Leaders, please send a brief written report to the church office by Friday, June 5. There will probably not be a printed report booklet this year but we hope to share reports on Zoom during the meeting.
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Directory Update
The printed directory will be updated in early July. If your contact information has changed, or you wish to be added to or removed from Prospect’s directory, please contact the church office by Tuesday, July 7.
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While we have had to cancel in-person worship services, Prospect still has expenses. To continue giving, you may set up automatic payment with your bank or mail checks to the church yourself. We also offer three ways to donate electronically:

  1. Go to to set up electronic giving online for one-time or recurring donations;
  2. Download the free Give Plus Church mobile app: here for iOS and here for Android;

    - Choose Give Plus, Vanco Payment Solutions;
    - Select Prospect Congregational UCC;
    - Create an account using your email address. (If you already have online giving set up, you can sign in using your same login information on the app.)
    - Watch this video if you still have questions.

  3. NEW! Text-to-give to our general operating fund:
          - Text 833-297-5332 and enter the amount you wish to donate: $xx or $xx.xx;
         - Click the registration link and enter your payment information;
         - Receive a verification text as well as an email receipt.For future giving, simply send a text to the same number with the amount you wish to give, and your donation will process automatically. (Watch this GivePlus Text video to see how easy it is to make a quick donation.)

Vanco Payment Solutions' Client Services team will also take donations over the phone: 800.675.7430.
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Strengthen the Church Offering
We will receive the annual Strengthen the Church offering beginning June 14. Donations will help the United Church of Christ continue as a Spirit-inspired and world-changing Christian movement. Please continue to help the UCC expand its light!
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Minister’s Greeting
In for the Long Haul
To you, O God, I cried,
     and to God I made supplication…
“Hear, O God, and be gracious to me!
     O God, be my helper!”
—Psalm 30:8, 10
In mid-March, we walked into our homes, closed the door behind us, and stayed there. Since then, we have cleaned out the garage, or the pantry, or the closet—or not. We have baked sourdough bread and eaten it. A lot of it. We have planted gardens and sewn masks. We have met grandchildren out on the porch or online or waved as their parents drove them by the house. We have gone for socially distant walks with friends. We have prepared three meals a day at home for perhaps the first time in decades. We have dropped off groceries on the porch of someone who can’t go shopping—or we have received groceries in this way. And we have worshiped on Zoom.
The first service on Zoom, for those who could get to it, was kind of a thrill. It was March 8, none of us knew much about how this might work, but we managed to set up a worship meeting, and about 12 of us made it there. We had low expectations. No fancy bells and whistles, no pre-recorded segments: just a dozen of us delighted to wave to each other from our individual safe havens and share a brief reflection on John 3.
Churches everywhere created or ramped up their online presence in a matter of days and weeks. I attend a weekly conference-wide Zoom meeting about how to lead online worship, and people are often saying, “We tried this at our church last week; maybe it will work for your church, too. I’ll send you information about it.” We are all learning together.
But the novelty of worshiping online is wearing off. Zoom has many fine features, and our fabulous tech assistants are making worship more and more of a polished experience. But the lack of in-person connection is hard. We humans are generally social beings. Most of us long to be touched. Babies who are not held struggle to develop normally and may even die. Healthy touch is life-giving. Those of us who live alone, without pets, are really suffering from a lack of touch.
Then there’s the singing. In a webinar on May 5, Dr. Lucinda Halstead of the Performing Arts Medical Association said there is no way for choirs to sing together until there is a vaccine and a 95% effective treatment for COVID-19. We are a congregation that sings together. No online worship experience can replace the feeling of standing in the middle of a group of people all singing together. There is a group energy, many bodies swaying to a common beat, many voices singing in harmony, the air in the sanctuary alive with vibrations. It is a joy that makes the heart soar, and not having that communion of voices is a profound grief.
We miss our building, our shared space that helps to identify us as this specific congregation. A colleague who ventured into her church building recently for the first time in two months was caught off guard by the grief she experienced at being in that space without all the people who bring it alive.
How do we make it through?
We take things one day at a time, just as the AA Twelve-Step Programs recommend. We reach out to each other, especially on the rough days. We cry on a shoulder virtually over the phone. We turn off the news when it’s too much. We connect through our small groups. We pray together. We draw strength from scriptural stories of our spiritual forebears who came through war, persecution, famine, drought, floods, and oppression. We treat ourselves well: a soothing bath, healthy food, plenty of rest, a good book. We watch videos of goofy lambs tumbling and frolicking, or funny cats, or whatever makes us laugh.
We make it through by continuing to reach out to those in need. We cut meat and pack lunches for Community Lunch. We set people up with laptops so they can join worship. We write postcards to people who are struggling, or give them a call and just listen. We contact our legislators about things that matter to us. We share our $1200 government stimulus checks with individuals and organizations that really need help to stay afloat. We sort clothing donations to help clothes get to people who need them. We check on our neighbors.
We make it through by practicing gratitude for everything that is still going right: shelter, food, friends, family, sunshine, work worth doing. We give thanks for a God who loves us no matter what and never abandons us. We look at each day as a gift, even if only for bringing us one day closer to the end of this isolation.
And one day, we will come out the other side of this, changed but still together. And with full and joyful hearts, we will be able to sing the ending of the psalm with which this article began:
Weeping may linger for the night,
  but joy comes with the morning…. 
You have turned my mourning into dancing;
  you have taken off my sackcloth
  and clothed me with joy,
so that my soul may praise you and not be silent.
  O my God, I will give thanks to you forever. —Psalm 30:5b, 11-12



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Moderator’s Message
Dear fellow Prospectors,
As I come to the end of my 2 year term as your Co-Moderator, I look forward to what the next chapter in Troy’s and my life will be.  As many of you know, back in January of 2019, Troy and I moved to Bainbridge Island.  This move has been more wonderful and more life-giving than we ever could’ve imagined.  Some of the more surprising aspects are how welcoming and loving this island community has proven to be (Winslow even has its own little Pride festival!).  As a result, we feel more and more drawn to Bainbridge as well as a desire to become more deeply involved.  We have made several new friends (some with standard poodles, some who like to cook, and some who share in our enthusiasm for automobiles) and we look forward to nurturing these relationships.  “Home” is taking on a new meaning for us.  What we once thought was home, i.e. Seattle, is now shifting.  This leads me to the most challenging step thus far: finding a new church home here on the island.  Troy and I feel it is time to say “goodbye” to our beloved Prospect Church.  The end of my Co-Moderator term this June will also mark the end of our membership with Prospect Church. 
While we are unsure what the next Faith community or spiritual practice will look like, we are at peace with this decision.  We look forward to “church shopping”, connecting with the Divine, and finding awe in nature.  Currently, I’m at awe with how fast the grass, weeds, and blackberries are growing in our gardens!  The rhododendrons have entered their peak beauty and the first of the hydrangeas are starting to peek out.  Creation puts on a spectacular spring show here in the Pacific NW and I find myself appreciating it more this year than in years past.  I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy some of this springtime beauty.  I find being outside is a much needed dose of beauty in the midst of these confusing pandemic times.  
As we prepare to leave the safe fold of Prospect Church, and reflect on the gifts you’ve given us, I struggle to come up with words to express the depth of our gratitude.  I will miss hugs during our Sunday greeting time, handshakes at coffee hour and communion over snacks.  I will miss singing side-by-side, and turning in the pew to look you in the face as you share prayer requests while seeing the smiles or the tears on your cheeks.  I will even miss hauling a twenty foot plus tall Christmas tree in and out of the sanctuary every December!  Decorating the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas was a labor of love done in memory of my mother who always loved an enormous over-the-top Christmas tree.  Thank you for welcoming and loving my mom. 
You made us feel completely supported. 
You accepted, loved, and nurtured us as our faith community home.
You redefine and, most importantly, healed the word “Christian” for us. 
Thank you.
In Christ’s abundant love,
p.s.: if you’re ever out on Bainbridge Island, please don’t hesitate to call!  We always have cookies in the cookie jar, clean sheets on the guest bed, and champagne in the fridge. 
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Church Board Minutes
May 17, 2020

Present: Meighan, Adam, Jan, Patsy, Louise, Terri, Jerry, Suzanne F., John D., Jane, Donna Guna
Opening check-in and prayers
Minutes from April meeting accepted

Jerry asked for time to talk about budget for building expenses. Added after scheduled budget discussion.
Agenda accepted.
Office manager report screenshared. Terri will talk with Karen about blocking Peerspace calendar at least through June.

Preschool Report:
Donna Guna: What are the intentions of PEP for next year? EAP will honor support obligations through the end of this school year (June). PEP is continuing at somewhat reduced staffing. They intend to open in the fall, although they are aware that building access may still be a problem in September. Teachers are creating weekly lesson plans for parents, completing annual training hours, creating activities for parents to implement—literacy, social skills, etc. PEP has delivered or mailed materials and supplies for preschool activities.
No idea of what their contract with the city will be but hope that city will continue to fund their remote work. They are funding through June.
PEP capacity is 24 (12AM + 12PM), but currently have 17 (9AM + 8PM). EAP pays for 16 slots. If they are not filled, EAP reevaluates allotment of slots, but this year they’re continuing to fund because of COVID-19. EAP contract usually comes out in June.
PEP needs to reevaluate their recruitment strategy. It’s been hard to find EAP-eligible children.
PEP board is about funding issues. Should PEP even continue?
EAP only covers about half of the budget), we need an auction or other fundraising event. PEP can get through December OK, but then cash will be very low. Donna wants to keep going and will work on investigating new fundraising sources. She doesn’t anticipate closing in December, although it will be tight. PEP does have an endowment fund.
EAP does not cover support staff (only teachers): Mr. Tony and Miss White are not covered, and Donna is only covered to 15%. Marjorie (family support specialist) is only covered to 67% by EAP.
The Catch 22 is that without the bus driver and the food specialist, PEP can’t continue, but EAP doesn’t support them as essential. PEP is different from Seattle Public Schools programs because PEP does pickup and delivery of kids, and other programs don’t.
Marjorie does enrollment and recruitment, sends flyers to families in service area, families hear by word of mouth.
What would be a thriving model?
More kids. Full enrollment. A mix of students: racial, religious, economic…
Do we go to full day or stay with half day? What do parents need right now?
Conversation will continue via email about what PEP needs from us specifically, and what we can offer specifically. The auction is scheduled for October, but will clearly be very different, and may not actually happen.

Prospect received the PPP loan we requested. Right now, Prospect has more income than expenses, even without the PPP loan. We WILL spend that money in the next two months, however. The fundraising effort brought in a good amount, and pledges are at 100%. We are not yet using the PPP funding.
We will be spending the PPP loan on payroll and utilities. If utilities expenses come in lower than expected, we may need to return about $1500, next year. First payment is not due until 6 months post-loan initiation.

2020–21 Alternative Budgets
We will create two budgets for 2020-21—one for in-person worship and building activities sooner, and one for re-opening later.

Trustees Budget
Based on no assumptions about re-opening for services. Services don’t impact use of utilities as much as third-floor rentals and preschool do. John mentioned current and upcoming problems with the gutters and downspouts, and tuck-pointing around the downspouts. This may be a large expense for next year.
Is there any possibility of an official building manager, rather than relying on volunteers for emergency and ongoing repairs and maintenance? Trustees are looking into the possibility.
When we do move back into the building, how will we clean it before we come back, AND how will be keep it safely clean, ongoing? Most volunteers are already in risk groups. Should we hire a cleaning company for an initial deep-clean?
After weeks of non-occupancy, the building is probably not dangerous, and may not need a deep cleaning. Karen follows sanitary protocols in the office when she’s there.
What does re-occupancy even mean? Not everyone will return to services until there’s a vaccine—volunteers are already working in the building, carefully observing safety protocols. But one infected person in a service, or using the bathroom…

Budgets in General
W&M is holding onto the current budget but left consideration of COLA for musician employees to the Church Board to determine.
SEJ Team is probably holding the current budget. No intern.
Patsy asked us each to review the two suggested budgets, and Adam suggested all interested parties meet on Zoom, 5PM, June 10, Wednesday.

Church Board
Terri and Suzanne are leaving the Church Board. Jerry will attend occasionally to represent the Trustees. Louise will also stay. Consi is rarely able to attend complete meetings, due to other commitments on Sunday afternoons. Patsy will stay.
Do we have a minimum number of members? In CA, it’s moderator, secretary, and treasurer. We don’t know what the minimum is in WA.
We are open to nominations for co-moderator.

Base camp: communications program that the conference is using. Eagle Harbor UCC uses it to share poems, photos, discussions, etc. Meighan proposes we give it a try.
Returning to church: Meighan sent a PDF to CB members—guidelines for reopening.

Using Zoom for non-church activities
Church pays a set monthly fee ($15), no matter how much the Zoom account is used. We’ve given PEP access to our account. Rick Russell leads a clergy group—formerly in the building, now in our Zoom room.
We need a protocol for who has access and priority to the Prospect Zoom account. Worship, and church groups have.
Some church members have asked to use the Zoom account for non-church occasions—a book club, a family Easter dinner, homeowners association meeting, etc. Do we say yes? What protocols guide decisions?
Decision to table this conversation till next month.

Building Access Committee
See report that follows.

Pastor’s Report
Not much to report. Sabbatical application is close to ready to submit.

Adam’s Message
A preview of the Moderator’s Message for the June newsletter.

Closing Prayer

Submitted by Jan Kinney

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Building Access Committee Report
Coronavirus -   Quarantine - Social Distancing
Oh No! Now What?
Preparation Guidelines for (someday) Opening PUCC Church
Washington’s Phased Approach - Reopening and Modifying Physical Distancing Measures
The four phase guidelines will inform our decisions as to when and under what circumstances it will be safe for us to open our church. I’m anticipating this may be in Phase 4 - somewhere between August and September. We have the luxury of the next few months to prepare and implement readiness plans. The following sections cover a number of areas Prospect will need to tackle.  There will likely be noteworthy adjustments to our typical operations as we transition to new ways of gathering in the future.
Safety Officer
We may want to consider a short term consultant contract with an experienced safety officer for guidance how best to adapt regulations to our specific environment.  Their assistance could help us avoid missteps while advising us on best practices to achieve a safe return to our church home.
Safety Policy and Procedural Guidelines
To insure visitors, members, friends and guests feel absolutely safe when entering our building we will need to clearly communicate the steps we have taken to ensure a safe environment as well as any new operational policies and guidelines we put in place. New guidelines should also be included in a number of public documents and contracts. It’s important to project a safety first priority if we wish to build confidence with our church family and visitors.
Social Distancing Guidelines
Sanctuary, Narthex, FH, Parlor, Bakke Conference Room, Private Offices, PEP Classrooms, kitchen, restroom areas and elevator access points each present unique challenges in developing guidelines for social distancing. We may need to develop a multipronged approach to address the specific needs of each location. For example, to safely open for Sunday services, we may need to protect greeters by setting up Plexiglas barriers in the narthex but this approach would not be necessary for the alley or north entrance. Whatever choices we make, clear communications and proper signage will be essential.
Personal Protection Equipment
PPE guidelines will apply to PUCC staff, PEP staff, visitors and tenants. Everyone will be required to use PPE while in the building. Do we require people to bring their own PPE or will we supply it? Would this include PEP students? How do we handle compliance issues? Should we perform recommended temperature checks? As we work out the details, specific PPE guidelines will be posted on our website and prominently displayed at each point of entry.
Declaration Document Policy
Contact tracing has become a critical part of managing the spread of Covid19. Until Washington State achieves significant testing levels it may become mandatory to maintain a daily log of all visitors. This allows infectious disease trackers to contact individuals at risk from reported exposures and provide follow-up guidance/testing. We’ll need to have a system in place to capture and maintain this data. Somebody’s life could depend on it. 
Seattle School District/Superintendent of Public Instruction
Seattle schools website currently shows a September opening date. However, the Superintendent of Public Instruction has just organized a task force to develop educational alternatives for the fall. They are considering physical changes and sanitation stations and may reduce class size to 1/3 of current class size...suggesting scheduling and staffing challenges. Pre-K classes likely may require a different strategy. Face masks, gloves and social distancing are unlikely to be effective with this age group. How will social distancing work on a school bus? There are many unknowns at this time. I am including this category since we host Prospect Enrichment Preschool and will ultimately face these questions.
If you have an interest in working on these important issues please contact me at your convenience. We will soon begin addressing the challenges these questions pose.  
Thank you.
Terri Dowling, Chair, Building Access Committee         
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Weter-Roberts Grants
The Weter-Roberts Board, consisting of Robin Russell, Suzanne Fry, Pat Severson, Jack Force and Cora Trujillo met via Zoom 5/2/10 and approved the following grants for this year.
$500 to Global Ministries for a food insecurity project through Indian Samaritans, a project of the UCC/DOC Global Ministries in India.  Application made by Mary Olney-Loyd, co-chair of Global Ministries Northwest Chapter.
$500 to Community Lunch on Capitol Hill.  A program that provides hot nutritious meals operating out of Central Lutheran Church.  Application also made by Mary Olney-Loyd.
$1,000 to the Outdoor Ministries Committee of the NWCUCC to support the general fund of N-Sid-Sen.  Application made by Kaila Russell, chair of the Outdoor Ministries Board.
$1,000 to Prospect Enrichment Preschool for community outreach services for families of the pre-school in need.  Many families are heavily impacted financially by recent events with the COVID-19 outbreak. To help fill the gaps that remote learning has created, the pre-school is providing resources and materials to each individual family. 
$500 requested by Jerry Sams and David Kidder of Prospect Trustees to purchase 4 wireless microphones to help with educational events and community forums.
$400 to Amy Miller to cover costs of notebooks and writing implements not provided by the school where she teaches and many of her students are low income.
$300 to Lori Hardow to cover the cost of supplies and shipping cost in sewing and sending masks to health care providers.
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Save the Date: Church Camping Trip July 27-29

The Prospect Church summer Camp trip has been scheduled for Monday, July 27 through Wednesday, July 29, 2020. There is no cost to campers, check in is after 2:30 pm, Monday, check out is after 1:00 pm Wednesday. For further information contact Bill Van Pelt, 206-356-4986.

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Ongoing Groups

Beyond Belief Faith Study is on hiatus until we can resume in-person meetings. Rick Russell facilitates.

Beyond Fundamentalism Book Group meets monthly at the home of Jim & Mary Alice Power, 1107 22nd Ave E.

Bible Study meets most Mondays online to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required

Godly Play Sunday school is offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service once a month, usually on the second Sunday. It will not be offered while we are not meeting in person, but Cora Trujillo is preparing video to share with our Sunday school families. Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.

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Pacific Northwest Conference News

The Spring 2020 issue of the Conference UCNews is now online at with information on:

• The Conference's and congregations' response in this time of COVID-19
• How camps are gearing up - and some regular camp stories.
• Lenten story sharing facilitated by Courtney Stange-Tregear
• Plans to cancel the in-person Annual Meeting and emerging plans for live streaming some parts|
• An introduction to the PNC's upcoming moderator, Hillary Coleman
• The success of the Climate Change Task Force out of the Fall Gathering
• Lora Rathbone educating Richland's Shalom UCC on environmental justice
• Andy and Jim CastroLang bringing a UCC justice witness to Spokane City Council.
• Magnolia UCC's second Community in Service Sunday
• Pilgrim Firs' gift to update South Lodge and the couple giving funds
• N-Sid-Sen's need to replace cabin 8

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Preschool News

With social distancing still in place our little ones are finishing out their school year at home.  This month concludes our school year and I must say I’m more than a little sad that we will not be able to participate in our annual Beach Day and Moving On, Moving Up ceremony.  We are working on creating a “yearbook” for each student that will have photos of their time they had with friends, family, and staff.  We hope it will bring our children some joy to offset the very sudden closure of the program and the missed opportunities to tell one another goodbye.  We are also still giving each of our children their Preschool Diplomas.  Although we cannot celebrate their graduation from the program in our usual ceremony, we feel it is still important for their accomplishments to be recognized.

I know that many of you have been wondering about the intentions of the preschool for operations next school year and how all these recent events have affected the future of the program.  We fully intend to resume classes in the fall, or at the earliest time permitted by local government.  We are prepared to continue providing our modified services in September, if necessary.  The unexpected closure was distressing for our staff, students, and families, but its impact on the continuation of the program was minimal.  The biggest concern for the endurance of Prospect Preschool is the postponement or our Anniversary Celebration & Annual Auction.  This event is our biggest fund raiser of the year, and its success is a vital part of the preschool’s ability to remain in operation.  Our Auction Committee is working diligently on finding every viable solution of how to proceed with this event, however, with ever changing social precautions there are so many variables that can impact whatever plan we put in place.  We appreciate all the support that the congregation has always provided for the preschool and we have every confidence that once we have our event set in place everyone will contribute to the best of their abilities.  Thank you for all you do to help us continue our mission!

Preschool News at a Glance:
56th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Auction
When: October 17, 2020 at 6:00 PM (tentatively)
Where: Mount Baker Community Club
Cost: $100 general public, $75 church members

We are in search of New Board Members!
The Preschool Board meets once a month (second Tuesday at 6:30PM) in the Parlor.  This is a great opportunity to help the preschool and contribute to the success of the program.
Questions or interested, please contact Donna by email at or phone 757-553-4731 (Director’s personal cell, feel free to text!)

Donna Guna
Director, Prospect Enrichment Preschool 206-324-5230
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Faith Action Network Spring Summit

RSVP required to receive the Zoom link:
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Ignatian Spirituality Center
June Events
A Summer Day of Reflection:
After a Storm, the Lark Sings
Saturday, June 20, 2020
8:45 am (PDT) Waiting Room Opens I 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (PDT) Retreat
Online via Zoom
Rosanne Michaels, Presenter
We invite you to join us in the middle of the calendar year for a virtual personal mini-retreat. Using the metaphor of the lark and other birds, Rosanne Michaels will lead you through four movements of a key Ignatian prayer form known as the Examen through presentations; scripture, poetry and questions for reflection; and abundant time for prayer and journaling. At the end, there will be an opportunity for everyone to share graces from the day. This day of reflection will be an opportunity to reflect on God's presence through your consolations and desolations in the first half of the year, and to listen for God's direction and invitation for you moving forward into the rest of the year.
Early Bird Fee (through Saturday, June 13, 2020):
    General Public: $40
    Young Adults (20’s & 30’s): $25
Final Week Fee (Sunday, June 14-Wednesday, June 17, 2020):
    General Public: $50
    Young Adults (20’s & 30’s): $35
Partial scholarships available.
Register at:

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Online Giving
You can now manage your giving to Prospect UCC online. You can set up one-time or recurring contributions and review your online giving history anywhere you have access to the internet. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Go to to set up electronic giving online for one-time or recurring donations;
  2. Download the free Give Plus Church mobile app: here for iOS and here for Android;

    - Choose Give Plus, Vanco Payment Solutions;
    - Select Prospect Congregational UCC;
    - Create an account using your email address. (If you already have online giving set up, you can sign in using your same login information on the app.)
    - Watch this video if you still have questions.

  3. NEW! Text-to-give to our general operating fund:
         - Text 833-297-5332 and enter the amount you wish to donate: $xx or $xx.xx;
         - Click the registration link and enter your payment information;
         - Receive a verification text as well as an email receipt.For future giving, simply send a text to the same number with the amount you wish to give, and your donation will process automatically. (Watch this GivePlus Text video to see how easy it is to make a quick donation.)

Vanco Payment Solutions' Client Services team will also take donations over the phone: 800.675.7430.

We have obtained a mobile credit card reader so we can receive credit/debit card donations on Sunday mornings and at special events. It is being rolled out gradually, so may not be available every Sunday.

If you give to Prospect through the web-based donation page or mobile app but still wish to participate in the Sunday morning offering, you are invited to give a token cash gift or place an “Electronic Giving” card in the offering plate. These cards are found in the pew rack.
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June Volunteers

While we are not meeting in person, we will not need greeters or coffee hour hosts. We still welcome liturgists for our online worship services. Please please sign up here or call or email the church office to volunteer. Messages are checked regularly during office hours.

If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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June Birthdays

Bill VanPelt..................................... 06/04           
Dylan Hooper................................ 06/17           
Pauline Anderson........................ 06/18           
Robert Raab................................. 06/21           
Peter Henry................................... 06/24

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