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Risk/Benefit: A Suspenseful Resistance Drama
Sunday, March 1 1:00 p.m.

Prospect Congregational UCC
1919 E Prospect St
Would you be foolhardy enough to make a defiant gesture to a dictator? To her own shock, Helen, a risk-averse bureaucrat, finds herself doing just that. Immediately, her wife and son -- as well as her livelihood and freedom -- are severely threatened. This fast-moving drama challenges audiences to ask themselves, "Would I have the moral courage to risk everything for freedom?"
“Risk/Benefit” is an exciting hour-long drama, presented as a staged reading, with music by Kia Sams and an excellent cast – part Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church members, part local actors. An open discussion will follow.
The playwright, Rev. Amanda Aikman, has had a dozen plays produced, and has won 14 national contests for her writing. The director, Carissa Meisner Smit, has extensive directing experience at theaters throughout the Seattle area.
Tickets: $10 at the door or in advance at
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Spring Ahead” on Sunday, March 8!
Remember to set clocks forward one hour before you go to bed Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time begins.
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Congregational Meeting
Sunday, March 15 12:00 p.m.
Members and friends are encouraged to stay after worship for a congregational meeting and listening session. This will be a chance to learn about Pastor Meighan's sabbatical in 2021, review the gap between income and expenses, and share ideas for bridging the gap. Current pledge statements will be sent prior to the meeting so pledgers have a chance to weigh whether they can increase a pledge.
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One Great Hour of Sharing
Sunday, March 22
Through the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering, we are planting seeds of new life.
Together, we are investing in communities worldwide: providing education to girls and boys, empowering communities through vocational training, supporting microcredit lending and seeing people through to self-sufficiency, empowering families with skills to support themselves and their neighbors, and participating in sustainable solutions that offer dignity to all.
These are just a few ways the OGHS offering touches God’s children, in addition to disaster relief and refugee initiatives.
Through your generosity, the world is a better place. Please plan to give generously on March 22. Offering envelopes will be provided, or donate online:
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Minister’s Greeting

Good Food in a Good Season
“God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it.” —Gen. 2:15
Now that spring is just around the corner, are you getting your hands in the dirt yet? Have you noticed bulbs and seedlings sprouting all over your neighborhood? Are you planning out your vegetable garden? Puttering around in God’s good earth puts a song in my heart—perhaps in yours as well. And just as it is time to put seeds into the ground in our gardens, it is also time to plant some seeds in our congregation and in our own souls.
As we approach the season of spring, we are also plunging into the season of Lent, and we will continue in this season until Easter Sunday, April 12. Traditionally, Lent is a season for drawing closer to God by eliminating distractions. People sometimes give up something—sugar, meat, cigarettes—or try out a new spiritual practice such as prayer or meditation. The 40 days of Lent are just long enough to plant the seeds of a new habit and watch it start to grow.
Lent is also traditionally a time for study and contemplation. In February, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow shared their wisdom on climate change, post-doom hope, and practical ways for us to take action, such as planting southern trees in our northern climate to help them migrate. As a follow-up, the Green Team invites us to connect more to our food by reading a book together: Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. Originally published in 2007, it is now available in a tenth-anniversary updated edition. The church is purchasing a couple of copies, and the Seattle Public Library has copies available as physical books, ebooks, and audio recording.
We will meet three times to discuss the book and eat a little something from one of the recipes in it. All meetings will begin at 6:00pm and end at 7:30. If you can’t stay for the whole meeting, please come for as much as you can.
Tuesday, March 10: Please read through chapter 8.
Tuesday, March 24: Please read through chapter 14.
Tuesday, April 14: Please finish the book.
Then, following the guidelines of the book, we will put together a meal out of fresh, local ingredients to share with each other and members of our community. This will take place on Tuesday, April 21, and we will follow it with the next environmental movie in our series, The Need to Grow, about the state of our farm soil in the world. (Speaking of planting seeds….)
At the same time as we begin this book group exploring our relationship with food, we will also embark on a three-week sermon series to explore these questions:
Who are we? (March 1)
What are we about? (March 8)
How do we do what we do? (March 15)
In a recent sermon, we tried out Micah 6:8 as a possible “elevator speech” to help explain to others what our faith is about: “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” This sermon series will endeavor to give us more tools to articulate our faith journey. Perhaps we can plant some seeds of faith in conversations with friends and neighbors.
Both the book group and the sermon series invite active input. Another opportunity for such input will be at our congregational meeting after worship on March 15, when we will ask for ideas about closing the current budget gap and hear plans for my sabbatical coming up in the summer of 2021. Come and plant seeds of hope, faith, and love so that this congregation may flourish well into the future.


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Directory Update
The updated church directory is available in two sizes in the church office. The printed directory is updated twice a year. The password-protected online directory is updated as changes occur (four times already since printing on Feb 5): If you need the password, please contact the church office.
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Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia
Thursday, March 26 7:00 p.m.
Prospect's Social and Environmental Justice Team co-hosts this film screening with Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA). Filmmaker Delaney Ruston will be present to take questions after the film, along with representatives from NoHLA and Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC).
The story: Richard Ruston was afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia before his daughter Delaney Ruston’s birth. After many years of shame, frustration, and fear, she decided to hide from her father and keep her phone number and address unlisted. But now, 10 years later, Richard is more stable on a newer medicine and Delaney, given her experiences as a doctor and a mother, decides to reconnect with her father. What new understanding and acceptance of her dad and his illness can she now find? What obstacles to getting her dad treatment will she now face? Knowing that her earlier failed attempts to get needed treatment to her dad is a common occurrence in today’s starved mental health system, Delaney decides to bring her camera along with her during this journey of reconciliation.
Learn more and view trailer at
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Weter-Roberts Grants
Applications are now being accepted for grants from the Weter-Roberts Endowment Fund. Application Deadline is May 1, 2020. The purpose of the Weter-Roberts Fund is to enhance the work of the church and to perpetuate the values of Christian Life through:
1. Support of educational programs in our church and wider community.
2 .Mission services in the local and world community.
3. Scholarship aid to members and friends of Prospect Church. 
More information and application guidelines can be obtained from the church office or any member of the Weter-Roberts Board, or apply online here.

The members of the Weter-Roberts Board are:
Cora Trujillo, chair
Robin Russell
Suzanne Fry
Patsy Severson
Jack Force
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Church Board Minutes
January 19, 2020
Present: Meighan Pritchard, Terri Dowling, Suzanne Fry, Louise Morehead, Consi Javier, Adam Dahl, Jan Kinney, Patsy Severson, Dave Kidder (Representing CB, BAC, Trustees)
Following a check-in time in which we identified people in the church who are in need of prayer, Meighan led us in prayer.
Minutes of previous meeting (December)
Office Manager’s report
Trustees report
  • Dave Kidder, representing Trustees, reports ongoing move from key locks to a combination lock; this is still under long-term review.
  • We are considering bike racks, possibly on the parking strip—Meighan proposed this idea two years ago. We discussed allocating funds, what kind of rack, and where to put it. This is in line with our mission as a greening church, and will help people who use our building, too.
  • The role of Sexton, which includes building maintenance, has been a “ministry” at Prospect for many years, taken on by Bob Bakke mostly. Currently, Roy has been our “pseudo-Sexton,” as Bob is less and less able to perform necessary tasks. Trustees propose hiring a property manager especially as building use increases (and thus maintenance problems). Roy is not available to serve in this capacity 100%. Trustees feel they do not have authority to spend for this. Who is maintaining the building? (We need to get John Daugherty into this conversation.) We need an active point person. How do we control the budget and make decisions.
  • A “rainy day” fund of $10,000 is subject to consideration of reevaluating the budget. We’re looking at a 10-year layout of costs, with not enough funding.
Building Access Committee
During our last meeting, Terri talked about an organization called Inquire Within Healing that has reserved our space for Family Constellation Workshops. There are several complicating issues in our relationship with Brigitte Sztab, owner of IWH, including the following:
  • Ms. Sztab reserves the entire third floor from Friday to Sunday, six times a year. During her workshops, she asks us not to use the organ in worship. This is problematic, as it conflicts with our primary function as a site of structured worship.
  • Ms. Sztab’s reservations do not guarantee us an income for those weekends, as she may cancel at short notice if she doesn’t meet her minimum enrollment. It’s difficult to rent the space to other organizations at short notice.
  • Our status as a non-profit requires us to recoup costs only in our fees. We charge $70/hr for the conference room to meet those costs, offering discounts upon request when we support the organization’s mission. Ms. Sztab has received a significant discount rate, although she charges a fee for the FCW workshops.
  • Our non-profit status also requires that we rent to non-exempt organizations for a maximum of 50 days a year, of which only 15 days may be used for for-profit activities. Ms. Sztab’s reservations threaten to use all our for-profit allowance, limiting our ability to rent to other for-profit users at the full rate.
BAC recommends that the Church Board sign a letter (which has been written) ending our relationship with Ms. Sztab as of the start of FY2020-21. CB agreed to do so.
As a side note to this specific issue, BAC recommends Karen be given stronger, clearer guidelines about screening potential renters.
Finance Report
  • Transfer from Parker Cook to the general fund has happened.
  • We are in process of instituting direct deposit for all paychecks
SMART Goals Project
Meighan introduced the project with a short history of how the congregation used sticky notes to propose ideas in five categories. On CB’s review, some suggestions were eliminated as duplicates, some moved to more appropriate categories, some were identified as tasks already undertaken by Trustees or other groups. Meighan and Karen will be sending a survey soon, by both postal mail and email, asking individuals their level of interest and commitment to each item on the revised list. Meighan will also be preaching a sermon series on SMART goals soon. Full discussion of the project was postponed to February’s CB meeting agenda.
Pastor’s Report
  • House: Building permit application (!) should be in hand maybe this week. House kit will arrive February 6.
  • Paycheck system revisions (see Finance Report)
  • Community in Action (CIA) Meighan asked for suggestions for neighborhood projects to be done in one day in lieu of a church service. Suggestions including raking gutters, cleanup at Volunteer Park or Interlaken Park, help at women’s shelter or preschool, pick up trash (can we partner with a business or non-profit?). Meighan is going to a meeting tomorrow themed “PTA Finding Justice,” about equity between schools (currently schools are funded by local taxes).
  • Courageous Faith Summit offers free podcasts during a specific week. Registering for the series gains unlimited access to the podcasts.
We closed with a prayer.

Submitted by Jan Kinney
February 16, 2020
Attendees: Meighan Pritchard, Suzanne Fry, Patsy Severson, Louise Morehead, Adam Dahl
Question about meeting minutes from last Church Board - Adam agreed to send a message to Jan confirming they were sent out. 
Accepted this meeting’s agenda and approved the Office Manager’s report.
No update on funding options or status of bike racks.
Dave Kidder provided update on Sexton/Property Manager to Adam prior to meeting.  Calls have been made to various property management firms in the area, one in particular sounded promising and quoted a rate of $70/hr.  Unfortunately, they are currently understaffed and were hesitant about signing on a new client until they fix their staffing levels.  It was asked in the Church Board meeting about who is the “eyes and ears” of the church and who would do the collecting of concerns, contacting the property management firm, and follow up to make sure the concerns were addressed appropriately. 
Building Access Committee:
No update from committee, see Office Manager’s Report for information on booking inquiries and other building use activity. 
Finance Report:
Meighan’s paycheck issues are resolved and direct deposit has been successfully set up.  Still working on getting Tom Bell set up on direct deposit. 
Loose offering shows a bit behind but Facility Use Donations are above budget and doing well. 
Discussion around how to close the Budget gap/shortfall: determined to be in the neighborhood of $7,000 - $9,000 which represents approximately 10% of pledges.  One suggestion was to ask congregation where to cut $7-9K from budget and other suggestion was to ask congregation to increase their pledge amounts by 10% (either lump sum or spread across the remaining weeks of fiscal year).  Adam proposed using the email letter from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Parish as a loose model for how to go about increasing/asking for money.  Noted that the Church Board hesitatingly approved the Church Budget knowing this gap was present and hoping it might fix itself as the year went on.  Patsy and Co-Moderators agreed to come up with a statement to the congregation updating them on the current status, possible reasons why there’s a shortfall, and a couple options on how to fix it.  This is to be delivered at a special congregational meeting on March 15th.  Suzanne Fry asked to have a statement of everyone’s individual contributions made available to them (privately) prior to this meeting so we can understand what a 10% increase might mean for each individual pledging unit. 
Racists Anonymous leader training:
This is happening at Plymouth Congregational Church this afternoon.  Questions: do we want to attend?  Is this training we want to have at Prospect? 
2019-2020 Goals:
Survey is active, links can be found in the Tuesday email and on the church website, hard copies of the survey are available too.   Please have your survey responses in as soon as possible. 
Pastor’s Report:
Suggested reading one of Anna Lappé’s books during Lent.  Ten tickets have been purchased for Prospect parishioners if they wish to attend Lappé’s Seattle Town Hall lecture on Wednesday, April 22nd @ 7:30pm.  Meighan continues waiting patiently for her building permit, meanwhile precut building materials are being delivered to her property.  Sabbatical Team met on Monday, Feb. 10th to discuss among other things Meighan’s Eli Lilly grant application process and her requesting a 3 month sabbatical.  Church Board approved her 3 month sabbatical request unanimously.  Sabbatical is scheduled for July 1 through Sept. 30, 2021.
Ongoing dialogue with Stevens Elementary PTA (via PTA President, Addie Harrington) about how Prospect can partner with Stevens Elementary and be a community resource specifically within the context of Tutu’s Pantry - a service that supports nutritionally challenged students with supplemental nutrition on weekends.  Ongoing discussion about Community in Action (CIA) where Prospect would go beyond the sanctuary one Sunday per month to engage in community work.  Louise M. suggested Seattle’s adopt-a-street program. 
Greening Congregation Earth Day event, possible tour of Bullitt Foundation HQ on Madison on Earth Day eve.  Additionally, next film to be shown on April 21st.  Title TBD.
Courageous Faith Summit, Meighan recommended Church Board sign up for this online series of webinars in March.  Church Board members are urged to participate, listen, and report back what was meaningful. 
Investment Committee:
Patsy to respond to UCC Foundation’s request for conversation on investments.  Recommended Patsy speak with Jim Miller.  UCC wants to know who our Investment Committee members are.

Submitted by Adam Dahl
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Ongoing Groups
Beyond Belief Faith Study
meets on Sundays at noon in the Parlor through March 22 to watch ½ hour videos of Marcus Borg’s course with discussion time to follow. Rick Russell facilitates.
Beyond Fundamentalism Book Group meets monthly at the home of Jim & Mary Alice Power, 1107 22nd Ave E.
Bible Study meets most Mondays in the Office to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required.
Godly Play Sunday school is offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service once a month, usually on the second Sunday (March 8). Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.
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Pacific Northwest Conference News
The Winter 2019-2020 issue of the Conference UCNews is now online at with information on:

• Courtney's summary of the Fall Gathering at Shalom UCC in Richland
• Tri-Cities Immigrant Coalition celebrates immigrants in community through art
• Environment Task Group forms and works for bill for sustainable farming
• Fauntleroy UCC leases homeless camp
• Lummi urge state to establish Truth and Reconciliation Commission
• Kizzie Jones publishes another dog book - new breeds
• United Churches of Olympia partners with supporting family in sanctuary at temple.
• Congregational Church of Mercer Island installs solar on roof.
• John Eisenhauer creates new online platform for UCC churches to collaborate.

Hard copies are available in the Prospect office and Narthex.

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Save the Date!  Women's Retreat at Pilgrim Firs!
Please mark Mother's Day weekend on your calendar -- May 8-10 -- for another joy-filled, nourishing women's weekend of music, creativity, sabbath and spiritual exploration.  Details to follow.  Contact Cora Trujillo for updates and more info.
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Netse Mot for Xw’ullemy: "One heart, one mind for the Salish Sea."
Saturday, March 21, 2020
North Steps of the WA State Capitol
416 Sid Snyder Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98504
Come stand with Indigenous leadership for our salmon, qwe’lhol’mechen (orcas), and all of Xw’ullemy (the Salish Sea bioregion). We are Netse Mot — of one heart and one mind — when it comes to protecting our shared home.
Tribal leaders will speak on the steps of the Capitol building, and the Netse Mot Proclamation will be read by a Washington State leader. There will be ceremonial invocation, music, action tables, and we will all walk together in a Netse Mot Circle to show our solidarity. This will be the first annual Netse Mot day for Salish Sea protection.
This is a family-friendly event hosted by the Sovereignty and Treaty Protection Office of Lummi Nation. More details at Earth Ministry/WAIPL is honored to be an allied organization supporting this Native-led event.
Facebook event page:
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Compassion Cultivation Training
Prospect Congregational UCC hosted an 8 week long Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) class series this past fall, taught by Diane Hetrick and Shayla Collins. The class series looks at the questions: What is Compassion?  Can we learn to be more compassionate?  If so, how?  What we learn along the way are skills to settle our mind, increase our resilience, and help us feel more connected to ourselves and others. We learn how to develop our compassion so we can come to the end of our days feeling ‘well used’, not ‘used up’.  Classes include didactic information, small group exercises and sharing, guided meditations, and suggested home practices to help us bring these ideas and skills into our daily life.
Diane will be offering the class again at Prospect in spring 2020 (Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm, April 30th- June 25th, 2020).  The class is offered on a donation basis, and no one should let any financial constraints keep them from attending.  For further information, or to sign up on an interest list, you can email Diane at: or sign up on her interest list on her website:
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Save the Date: Church Council of Greater Seattle Annual Assembly 2020
6-8:30 PM
Tuesday March 31, 2020
Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
1245 10th Ave. E.
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Preschool News
March has a lot of exciting events planned for our little friends.  We will host a family night this month, with a very special guest.  Our former full-time teacher, and our beloved current substitute teacher, Ms. Hilary will be leading the evenings activities.  We have a fantastic field trip outing this month to visit the animals at the Woodland Park Zoo.  This is a program favorite for both students and staff alike.  We’re also starting the month with a Bakery Theme in the classroom, which is another favorite.  There will be lots of hands on baking projects, community outings to see how and where baked goods are made and sold, and a ton of fun in our classroom dramatic play bakery.
The excitement doesn’t stop in the classroom.  There is also a lot of exciting things happening for our Auction Team.  The menu is finalized, the auction items are starting to accumulate, and the best news is
Tickets are now on sale!
You can visit to purchase tickets or a table, make an item donation or Raise the Paddle pledge, and learn more about this year’s event.  You may notice the price of tickets is different this year.  This is the price for the general public. Our long-standing congregational supporters will still be able to purchase tickets for the previous rates.  During online checkout apply one of the following coupon codes:
PROSPECTUCC for $25 off per individual
PROSPECTTABLE for $200 off a table
If you would like to purchase tickets directly through the preschool, you may leave a check in our mail slot in the Church’s office.  Please make checks payable to Prospect Enrichment Preschool and indicate any seating preferences in the memo.  Check purchases do not need to use the coupon code.
Preschool News at a Glance:
56th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Auction
When: May 30th, 2020 at 6:00 PM
Where: Mount Baker Community Club
Cost: $100 general public, $75 church members
Wine & Desserts Needed:
Bottles of wine as well as desserts are still needed for our Auction’s Wine Wall and Dessert Dash. If you have an unopened bottle or have a favorite local bakery that may donate a treat, please let us know!
Please email Donna at or call 206-324-5230.

Volunteers & Captains Needed:
We are still looking for volunteers to help our Auction committee.  Volunteers would be able to choose their preferred tasks. We are accepting donations of items to be used in the auction, as well.  We are still looking for a few more table captains!   If interested in any of these opportunities, please email or call the preschool.

Donna Guna
Director, Prospect Enrichment Preschool 206-324-5230
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Earth Ministry's Trivia Fundraiser
Saturday, March 14 4-6:30 p.m.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
111 NE 80th St
Have you gotten your tickets for Earth Ministry's first-ever trivia event? Teams of up to six people will compete for prizes from local businesses, including Pagliacci Pizza, Portage Bay Cafe, Grateful Bread, and more! Mark your calendar for March 14 and get your tickets today!
This intergenerational, general-knowledge event promises to be a night of fun and friendly competition. Run by professional trivia host the Pub Professor, the event will feature four rounds of trivia, a silent auction, and FUN while supporting the good work of Earth Ministry. Read more here about how trivia will work.
Cost is $20/person or $120/6 person team, which includes beer/cider and snacks. There will be a diversity of questions across a range of interests, so you don’t have to be an expert in any one field. Form your own team or let us help you connect with others in the Earth Ministry community – everyone is sure to have a great time!
Register now!
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Ignatian Spirituality Center
March Events
Novena of Grace: Turn To the Waters of Life
Tuesday, March 10- Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Gerry Scully, Mary Pauline Diaz-Frasene, and Fr. Mike Bayard, SJ, Retreat Presenters
12:30 at Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University (Eucharist)
6:30 pm at St. Joseph Church, Seattle (Contemplative Prayer)
1:00 pm at St. Joseph Parish Center (Eucharist)
1:00 pm at Chapel of St. Ignatius (Eucharist)
Deepen your experience of Lent this year by entering into Novena of Grace, a retreat that can be made amid the busyness of daily life. Take just one hour a day to attend the retreat either at the Chapel of St. Ignatius (Eucharist) or St. Joseph Church (contemplative prayer). Be inspired by the preaching of three presenters steeped in the Ignatian tradition and vision, offer up your deepest desires in prayer, and join a faith-filled community. Attend any or all of the nine days to experience God’s abundant grace!
There is no cost to make this retreat. Free will offerings are welcomed!
God at Work: Young Adults Practicing Ignatian Spirituality in the Workplace
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
6:30 Social I 7:00 - 9:00 pm Program
Seattle Preparatory School, Seattle
Join other 20s and 30s adults for a retreat-like evening filled with conversation, prayer, reflection, and community as we listen to a panel of fellow young adults talk about their experiences practicing Ignatian Spirituality & how it helps them to live with purpose and lead with values in their work.
Cost is $10 per participant. A few working scholarships are available, email Maria Ochoa for more information.

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Poor People's Campaign March and Meeting
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Community Lunch Spring Celebration
Register here
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Online Giving
You can now manage your giving to Prospect UCC online. You can set up one-time or recurring contributions and review your online giving history anywhere you have access to the internet. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Visit the church website at and select the “Donate” tab
  2. Click on the “Donate” button
  3. Click on the “Create Profile” button
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to create your profile and schedule contributions.
If you prefer, you may give through the free Give Plus Church mobile app on your smart phone or tablet. Download Give Plus - Vanco Payment Solutions from the App Store or Google Play. If you have already set up a profile for online giving, you will use the same password on the mobile app.

We have obtained a mobile credit card reader so we can receive credit/debit card donations on Sunday mornings and at special events. It is being rolled out gradually, so may not be available every Sunday.

If you give to Prospect through the web-based donation page or mobile app but still wish to participate in the Sunday morning offering, you are invited to give a token cash gift or place an “Electronic Giving” card in the offering plate. These cards are found in the pew rack.
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February Volunteers

  1 Roland Holloway
  8 Roland Holloway
15 Roland Holloway
22 Roland Holloway
29 Roland Holloway

  1 Patsy Severson
  8 Ralph Cobb
15 TBD
22 TBD
29 TBD

Coffee Hour
  1 Abundance
  8 Rosemary Bell
15 Suzanne Andersoon
22 Consi Javier and Jan Kinney
29 Nancy Daugherty

If you would like to be a greeter or liturgist, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall or contact the church office. To host coffee hour, contact Judy Hooper,
If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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March Birthdays
Jan Kinney.......................................... 03/02           
Lori Hardow....................................... 03/12           
Mary Hegdahl.................................... 03/12           
Weston Loesel................................. 03/15           
Keirdwyn Cataldo............................ 03/16           
Troy Woodworth............................... 03/16           
Suzanne Fry...................................... 03/17           
Henry Cataldo.................................. 03/19           
Nigel Hooper.................................... 03/20           
Meredith (Moore) Nugent.............. 03/24           
Daulton Branch............................... 03/25           
Richard Russell............................. 03/25           
Mary Liz Chaffee............................. 03/28           
Dana Durasoff.................................03/29
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