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Jim Gow Memorial Service
Saturday, January 6 2:30 p.m.
Prospect member Jim Gow passed away on December 7. We will gather to remember him, mourn his passing, and celebrate his life. All are welcome.
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Directory Update
An updated church directory will be published in early February. If your contact information has changed, or you wish to be added to or removed from the directory, please call or email the church office. The printed directory is updated twice a year; the online directory is updated as changes occur. If you need the password for the online directory, please contact the church office.

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Snow Policy
During the week, if Seattle Public Schools are closed due to weather, the church office will also be closed.
In the event of weekend snow or other emergency situations, Pastor, Chair of Trustees and Co-Moderators will confer and decide no later than 8 am Sunday whether to cancel the service. They will alert the Office Manager to put out an all-church email, update the website and record a phone message. They will also call a member who lives close to post signs on the doors about cancellation, and be in the building in case anyone comes for church and needs to warm up before going back home.
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Mission Trip
Would you be interested in going to Guatemala for a Prospect Mission Trip?
Cora and Frank Trujillo spent a week in Antigua, Guatemala in October, helping build an addition to a free medical clinic.  This is the 2nd experience for Cora with an organization called IVHQ or "International Volunteer Headquarters." They coordinate short term volunteer experiences in many countries, partnering with local agencies, not just with construction projects but opportunities in health care, child care, teaching English and eco-conservancy.  It was a great experience and Meighan and Cora would like to see Prospect send a group of us next year (or in 2019?).  Interested?  Want more info?  Google IVHQ/Guatemala and/or talk to Cora.
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Save the Date:
2018 Conference Men’s Retreat
February 2-4
Pilgrim Firs
Men's Relationships: When We Were Boys
We will start out talking about those friendships that were so meaningful to us and reflect on how they shaped us for life as adults. Please pass along this offering to those you think would appreciate this time away to be with other men for worship, music, sharing, and hanging out. There will be the usual Day of Silence option from Thursday night to Friday afternoon (February 1-2). That day may include a service component. Stay tuned. Registration for this event is on the Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center website. Contact Rick Russell with any questions.
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Minister’s Greeting
New Year, New Christ Child in Us

I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? —Isaiah 43:19
Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. —Howard Thurman

January is often a time for fresh starts. We may make New Year’s resolutions to try something new or break bad habits. Congregations can think about these things collectively, too. Here are a few of the new things at Prospect:
  • A revitalized Social and Environmental Justice Team is dreaming up new ways for us to work beyond our doors to create a more just world.
  • In this past year, church members have installed an improved sound system and lighting in the sanctuary, which has already made a difference both in worship and for visiting performing groups, and the third floor is looking fabulous.
  • Two 800-plus-gallon cisterns now catch water from our downspouts and keep it from surging into the sewers during downpours.
  • We are exploring ways to become an Earth Ministry Greening Congregation.
  • We will soon switch our account to a bank that does not fund fossil fuel infrastructure projects.
God is constantly doing new things, too. How can we attune ourselves to God’s invitation to be Church in the best possible ways in 2018? Those of you who attended the Christmas Eve 5pm service may recall that we examined the job description for a Messiah and considered whether we could all share the job duties, as they were too extensive for any one person.
What share of the Messiah’s work could you do? What makes your heart sing? What gives you deepest joy? What makes you come alive? And how is God calling you to make use of that to do a new thing for God?
Now that we have celebrated the birth of the Christ Child—in all of us—let us be intentional about cultivating singing hearts, deep joy, God-centered hope, and people who are fully alive in the coming year. This is our way of living into that Messiah job description. And let us be bearers of good news of great joy to all the world: Christ is born in all of us. This is a message that the world needs to hear.

Happy New Year!
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Moderate Word
Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, “It will be happier.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson
There comes a natural reckoning at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Looking back over 2017, we remember with sadness Roger Sale, Shelley Dahl, Marjorie Jones and Jim Gow who leave us grieving but also with a legacy of commitment to Prospect and memories of their unique personalities and gifts.
On brighter notes we celebrate the improvements that so many have worked on to make our Sanctuary and 3rd floor appealing for meetings, concerts, weddings and meaningful movie screenings. We hope that these improvements will lead to more facility use donations to aid our operating budget, enabling us to do the work of Jesus in the world.
We look forward in the New Year to continue to elevate our commitments to becoming a “Greening Congregation” through our RainWise program and other efforts at being environmentally responsible.  Also the Social and Environmental Justice Team is energized, under new leadership, to take us into 2018 with exciting projects and new focus on our purpose in the neighborhood and beyond.
There is always promise in a new beginning.  With God’s grace and our wisely considered efforts, we will indeed make the New Year happier for ourselves and for anyone our lives touch.
All things in moderation,
Suzanne Fry
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JLP Intern Update
I love the season of Advent – it’s the perfect midwinter moment to slow down, check in, and reground myself in my faith and values. This year has been no different, and I’m so glad I got to spend this time with everyone at Prospect this year. I have loved crafting at the Advent workshop, listening to the choir’s beautiful Magnificat program, and exercising my democracy muscles with you during 5 Minutes for Social Justice moments.

At Earth Ministry, we’ve been celebrating good news on several fossil fuel projects. In Tacoma, the City Council voted to temporarily pause building any new fossil fuel projects in the industrial Tideflats region. In Vancouver, WA, the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) voted to recommend against building what would be the largest crude oil-by-rail terminal in North America. The governor has the final say on whether to approve this project, and Gov. Inslee should release his decision early in the new year. These verdicts in Vancouver and Tacoma tell us that decision makers in Washington State recognize that dangerous and dirty fossil fuel projects aren’t good for our state.

I also had the opportunity to advocate closer to my home in Eastern Washington this month. On November 29, I, along with other people of faith from Eastern Washington, met with a staff member from U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Rep. McMorris Rodgers has proposed a bill that would severely limit efforts to restore salmon populations in the Snake River. These wild salmon are in danger of extinction, and their loss would be devastating for Native peoples who rely on salmon for physical and spiritual sustenance, as well as for all of us who want to see a healthy and sustainable future for our region.

The new year is also a time to look ahead, and at Earth Ministry we’re looking ahead to the Washington state legislative session, which begins on January 8. We will be travelling to Olympia to support several bills that will promote a clean, healthy future for Washington. Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved by calling your representatives, or even travelling with me to Olympia!

Leda Zakarison
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Church Board Minutes
Sunday, December 17
Present:  Meighan Pritchard, Rick Russell, Consi Javier, Terri Dowling, Louise Morehead, Suzanne Fry
Absent:  Jim Miller, Leda Zakarison

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Office Manager’s Report was reviewed. No questions or comments.

Financial Report was reviewed.  Year-to-date income is approx. 51K and expenses approx. 50K. 

Changing Banks:  After extensive research by Jim Miller and others, the board has decided to move the checking account from Bank of America to Umpqua Bank.  This will complete our divestment from fossil fuels.  Umpqua is conveniently located for after-hours deposits.  Early in the new year, the Treasurer and other check signers will visit Umpqua and open a new account.

RainWise:  Meighan will get in touch with Sonja Sivesind at RainWise to finalize signage and set up a celebration of our cistern installations and participation in this program in February. Signage will advertise our involvement to the neighborhood and also provide some learning displays for the Preschool.

Building Improvement: There is an opportunity to purchase a larger, newer used projection screen at a very good price from an acquaintance of Rosemary and Tom Bell. It is possible that the funds can come out of the Building Improvement budget.  If not, the board has a discretionary fund and SEJT may have some undesignated funds in the Movies and Speakers line-item of their budget. The board voted to proceed with this purchase.

Fragrance Free Policy: The church board has tabled the discussion regarding an official policy on strong fragrance in the building.  As it isn’t an issue in Sunday worship, it seemed unnecessary at this time.  However, we are asking our tenants to be aware that some people have adverse reactions to strong fragrance. There was a suggestion that we might come up with signage for the entries that asks people to be considerate of others who may have reactions to strong scents. This won’t prevent a first-time occurrence but could be used to gently request that someone be mindful of this issue at their next visit. We want our building to be a comfortable place for all users.

Justice Leadership Intern Report:  In Leda’s absence, Meighan reported that she and Leda are working on a possible Prospect Advocacy Day in Olympia. Social and Environmental Justice has allocated $250 to Earth Ministry for Prospect to become a “Greening Congregation.”

Pastor’s Report: Meighan has found health insurance that fits the budget and still gives her the coverage that she needs.  She will begin a job search soon to replace her part-time job with the national office in Environmental Justice Ministry.

Church Council of Greater Seattle: The board voted to officially become a Participating Congregation with the Church Council of Greater Seattle.  We already contribute from the SEJT funds and participate in Faith Advocacy Day in Olympia.  This vote just made us official.

Stewardship:  In the past few months, 3 pledging members have passed away.  This may have a significant impact on our income for the remainder of this fiscal year and on into the future.  We will have a listening meeting on February 25 to address concerns and brainstorm ideas to preserve and build our income stream.

Submitted by Suzanne Fry

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Ongoing Groups
Adult Education
will meet on Sundays without other meetings at 12:00 in the Parlor, to view the "Discover Islam" film series. 1/7/18, 1/28/18, and 2/4/18 are possible dates.

Beyond Fundamentalism Book Group meets monthly at the home of Jim & Mary Alice Power, 1107 22nd Ave E. All are welcome for soup supper and discussion. To RSVP or for more information, call 206-324-2483 or e-mail

Bible Study meets most Mondays in the Office to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required. Will not meet Jan. 1.

Godly Play Sunday school is offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service one Sunday per month on the 2nd Sunday (January 14).  Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.

Women’s Book Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m. in the Parlor. The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 9 to discuss: Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. All Prospect ladies and their friends are invited to attend. For more information, contact Susan Reeb at 206-504-4511 or

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PNW Conference News

The November-December issue of the Conference UCNews is online at with information on:
• Justice Leadership interns' projects
• The Fall Gathering = reflections, photos, speakers
• Post-church-fire grief
• School of Theology and Ministry's 20th anniversary
• Leslie Cushman honors
• Pilgrim Firs' mission/service camps in 2018
Hard copies are available in the Prospect office and Narthex.

 Hard copies are available in the Prospect office and Narthex.

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Preschool News

It’s already January!
The beginning of a new year means we are closer to our annual auction. Hopefully, you’ve already marked your calendar for March 24th, 2018 and will be able to join us for a night of fun and community. 
We will be back at Mount Baker Community Club, so space will be limited. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in hosting an entire table by filling it up with 8 of your closest friends!
 Also, please let us know if you are interested in donating a good/service to the event.
We look forward to seeing everyone in March and as always thank you for the continued support!
Auction details:
When: March 24th, 2018
Where: Mount Baker Community Club
Cost: $75 
-Circle of Friends-
Hopefully, you’ve received your copy of Circle of Friends in the mail or in your email inbox. If not, please let us know and we will be happy to send you a copy!
Next month we look forward to sharing the amount raised from this year’s Circle of Friends but thanks in advance to all of you who have donated!
Happy New Year from PEP!

Alexis Bacon-Yates
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Volunteer Opportunity
All Home is now accepting volunteers for Count Us In 2018, the annual Point in Time (PIT) Count of people experiencing homelessness on Friday, January 26th from 2AM to 6AM. Volunteers will be asked to work in teams of 2-3 to conduct a visual count of individuals experiencing homelessness across King County. Teams comprise community volunteers and expert guides (individuals currently/previously experiencing homelessness), who will walk/drive all over their assigned routes beginning in the early morning hours. Volunteers are expected to have a cell phone, and to walk approximately 2-3 miles if necessary. Volunteers with cars will be asked to help transport their team members on the day of the count.
To sign up to participate as a volunteer, please fill out the short survey at Please note that expert guides will be recruited separately through a different process. If you have been recruited as a guide, please do not complete this form.

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Ignatian Spirituality Center Winter Events
An Introduction to Ignatian Prayer & Spirituality
Thursday, January 18, 2018
7:00 pm
St. Joseph Parish Center, Seattle
ISC Staff, Presenters
Have you heard of Ignatian spirituality but aren't exactly sure what it's about? Join us for an interactive evening introduction to some key characteristics of the spirituality emerging from the life and vision of St. Ignatius, experience Ignatian prayer, and discover how relevant it can be for your life.
  • COST:  No cost to attend this program. Donations appreciated.
  • INFO/REGISTER: Sponsored by the Ignatian Spirituality Center
Immersions in Prayer: 
Prayer Practices for Life
5 Tuesdays: January 30, February 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018
6:30 - 8:45 pm
Seattle Preparatory School, Seattle
John Hickman, Steve Wodzanowski, Carla Orlando, Trung Pham SJ, and Lisa Dennison, Presenters
Could your prayer life use a jump start or a revival? It could help to have some new prayer forms upon which to draw. Learn about and immerse yourself in experiences of up to five unique forms of prayer from the Ignatian tradition:
(continued on page 6)
(cont. from p. 5)
  • January 30 | Prayer: A Sacred Conversation (including Lectio Divina) with John Hickman
  • February 6 | Examen: Finding God in Your Life with Steve Wodzanowski
  • February 13 | Igniting the Imagination in Prayer with Carla Orlando
  • February 20 | Applying All the Senses in Prayer with Trung Pham, SJ
  • February 27 | Contemplatio: Meditating on God's Love with Lisa Dennison
Each session includes a presentation, immersion into the prayer form, and reflection on the prayer experience. Join a small prayer group for the whole series or visit individual sessions of your choice. Sponsored by the Ignatian Spirituality Center

Solidarity in Service: 
A Morning Reflection for Volunteers
Saturday, February 3, 2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
St. Joseph Parish Center, Seattle
Stephanie Ragland, Facilitator
Solidarity in Service: A Morning of Reflection for Volunteers is a day offered to enrich and support those serving people in the margins in their communities. Volunteers from a variety of helping professions and volunteer backgrounds come together for an opportunity to connect faith, spirituality, hospitality, and a shared sense of mission, using the lens of Ignatian Spirituality. The day includes time for reflection, sharing, and fellowship. All are welcome! Sponsored by the Ignatian Spirituality Center

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Mardi Gras Brunch BINGO
Saturday, February 10, 2018 11:00am - 2:00pm
Bloedel Hall at St. Mark's Cathedral
1245 10th Ave. E.
Get your tickets now for the party of the season – Earth Ministry’s annual Mardi Gras Brunch BINGO! Join Earth Ministry for a tasty brunch, bottomless mimosas, and five rounds of BINGO with the chance to win fabulous prizes. You’ll also be supporting Earth Ministry’s faith-based environmental stewardship and advocacy in the process. Dress up or come in costume, you’ll be sure to have a good time for a great cause!
Tickets available for $65 at
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January Volunteers

7 Roland Holloway
14 Roland Holloway
21 Roland Holloway
28 Roland Holloway

Coffee Hour
  7 Barbara Force
Adam Dahl and Troy Woodworth
Jackie Mampel
Rick Russell

  7 TBD
14 TBD
21 TBD
28 TBD

If you would like to be a liturgist, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall or contact the church office. To host coffee hour, please contact Judy Hooper, 206-325-2851 or
If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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January Birthdays
Akash (Noni) Adrian-Mitchell....... 01/01
Muriel Branch.............................. 01/01
Curtis Walker............................... 01/03
John Daugherty........................... 01/08
Lilian Loesel................................ 01/08
Carolyn Urban............................. 01/11
Erik Braziunas............................. 01/14
Carlin Raab................................. 01/17
Craig Rennebohm........................01/19
Nicole Counts.............................. 01/22
Amy Miller.................................... 01/28
Sekani Adrian.............................. 01/29           
Alice VanPelt ...............................01/29

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