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The Church is Not the Building!

Worship continues each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., but online instead of in our sanctuary. Bible study and team meetings have gone online, too.
If you are not able to join worship live or wish to experience a service again, videos are available for viewing at
Thanks to everyone who has shared photos to adorn our online worship! If you are willing to share some of your most fabulous nature photos, we could use more of them. We're looking for photos of mountains, landscapes, trees, flowers, water, sunrises, sunsets, campfires, animals, etc. The most useful shapes are square, or vertical and quite thin, or very wide and short. We may crop photos to fit a specific space. Please email a few of your very best photos to Meighan, We do not guarantee to use all photos but will try to use many of them.
To join online Sunday worship:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 267 383 079
Passcode: 254198
One tap mobile
+12532158782, 267383079#

Dial by your location
        +1 253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 267 383 079
(Find your local number:

1. Once you are in the meeting, move your cursor to the bottom of your screen, where you will see a row of control icons. 

2. You'll see a box that asks you to choose between a phone call or computer audio.
3. At this time, you may start video (lower left) if you wish to show your face to the other participants.

4. Please mute yourself once the worship service has begun. To mute yourself on phone, click *6. To mute computer audio, click the microphone icon in the lower left.

5. To connect by phone, dial the number (starting with 1). 

6. You'll be instructed to enter the meeting ID shown in the box on your screen. Be sure to end it with the # sign.

7. You'll be instructed to enter your participant ID shown on your screen. Again, be sure to end it with the # sign.

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Welcome, Debre Iyesus Eritrean Orthodox Church
In late August, a small Eritrean Orthodox congregation began meeting in our Sanctuary. With only 20 or so participants, they meet state guidelines for religious services in a sanctuary our size. They first inquired about temporary worship space in July, just as we were revising our space-use policy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect them to be worshiping at Prospect through at least mid-November. Thanks to John Daugherty for working closely with their representatives to make this happen.
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Minister’s Greeting
More Aaaaapples!
A sheep examines an apple in a feed troughEvery morning I go out before breakfast and feed the sheep and chickens. Along with the usual kitchen scraps for the chickens, these days I collect a bucket of apples—the small ones, the bruised ones, the ones with extra bugs. A few go to the chickens, a few to the rams, and the rest to the ewes and lambs.
The chickens see me coming and cluster at the door to their yard. I step in and scatter the kitchen scraps, along with the smallest, gnarliest, wormiest apples. The chickens race after the carrot peels and Swiss chard stems. They peck at the apples and roll them around the yard. A hen picks up an apple in her beak and runs with it. They make comments, as if to say, “Oh, now, this one looks tasty.”
When I let the rams out from under the barn, where they spend the night, they make a beeline for the feeding trough. They plunge their mouths into the hay, find the apples, and crunch on them rapidly. They drop them on the ground, pick them up again. The apples disappear in a minute. Only then do they start on the hay.
The ewes and lambs race from the barn to the field, where several dozen apples lie waiting for them in the grass. Half the flock heads for the hay feeder, and half goes straight for the apples. If I wander by their pasture later, especially if I happen to be carrying a bucket (of apples???), they baaaah at me: “Aaaaaaapples! More aaaaapples!”
After the animals are all fed I often wander up the hill to water my garden—or, as the deer refer to it, their buffet. I have covered everything in netting until I can build a deer-proof fence. The deer tromp through the nets and nibble the leaves of potatoes, tomatoes, beets, and kale. As much as their depredations frustrate me, I don’t blame them. They’re hungry. We have to share the bounty.
I reset the netting, pick a zucchini and a handful of bush beans, and head back to the house. On the way, I stop to gather blackberries. They are everywhere these days, glistening and sweet. If we were worshiping in person, I would be bringing them to coffee hour, just as others among you bring tomatoes and plums. We share the bounty.
I thank God for such abundance—and remember those who have no food at all. In these days of massive layoffs and business closures, food insecurity is a new reality for millions of people around the world. For those of us who have plenty, we share time, talents, and treasures: donating food or money to food banks, volunteering for Community Lunch and other efforts that feed the hungry, packing weekend backpacks for students at Stevens Elementary, as a few of you were starting to do before the shutdown. All people (and chickens, sheep, and deer) need to eat. So we share.
Pretty soon I will cut up as many apples as I can, cook them into applesauce, and can them. Some jars will be for me to eat throughout the winter. Others I will give away, grateful to share such abundance.
There is enough food on this planet to feed everyone. The challenge is just distribution—that is, distribution that is just. Enough for all. Share the bounty.
Thank you for all the ways in which you share what you have: extra food, time to volunteer, money to fund the feeding programs that keep people alive. In these uncertain times, such generosity of spirit is needed more than ever. You are a blessing indeed.


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White Fragility Book Study
Book cover of White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngeloAll are invited to continue reading and discussing White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo. Prospect has 7 copies available for borrowing or purchase ($16). This study began in July and continues through September 22; you are welcome to join now even if you missed earlier sessions.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 3479 7273
Passcode: 354756
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Church Board Minutes
August 16, 2020 (online)
Minutes of this and past meetings can also be found here

Present: Meighan Pritchard, Jan Kinney, Cora Trujillo, Pat Severson, John Daugherty, Consi Javier, Louise Morehead
We opened with check-in and prayer.
Preschool Closing Update:  Meighan and John Daugherty have recently talked to Donna Guna, the director, regarding what is involved with their closing and moving things out of the building. John asked her to leave the office furniture as that could be used by future tenants. We also got an update on what most of the staff will be doing next. The staff received severance packages related to how long they had worked there.  We agreed John would be the point person from now on to communicate with Donna and coordinate details.
Church Budget Update:  Patsy shared that the $2,000 church donation budgeted for the pre-school was sent to help with staff severance.  We are doing well with cash flow with more than $30,000 in our checking account, possibly since many pre-pay their pledge for the year.  There has been an increase in building insurance costs.  John agreed to research options for decreasing the cost and get back to the CB within 2 months.
Church Goals 2020/2021:  
-Hold a church fundraising event:  No update: Jan will follow up with Kia.
-Establish Church re-opening process: Jan will work with Terri Dowling and the Trustees.
- Address Racism: Weekly ZOOM "White Fragility" book discussion continues.  SEJT (The Social and Environmental Justice Team) will come up with some specific suggestions for the CB.  What is being considered is partnering with another church to support low-income housing.
-Plan for Sabbatical:  Will start after October once we receive word on whether or not we get the Lilly Grant we applied for.
Trustees/Building Access:  John Daugherty
We gave approval to rent our sanctuary and social hall to an Eritrean Orthodox congregation starting next week for 3 months.  They would be expected to comply with current state and church COVID-19 guidelines.  
Trustees are looking into ventilation issues in the church in light of COVID.  For now with nice weather, windows and doors would remain open during use by any groups.
Trustees are in the process of ordering an awning replacement (about $2,400) with funds donated for that purpose.
Member in Discernment/Pastoral Intern: Meighan Pritchard
Do we want to have a pastoral intern?  We agreed in principle but would need more information.
Revising our Working Covenant:
Last revision was in 2005.  Race is not mentioned.  It will be presented soon in a worship service and a separate team will be created to make recommended revisions to be approved by the church board and congregation.  Goal is completion by October 30.
We closed in prayer.
Submitted by Cora Trujillo, Co-moderator
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Moderator's Letter
Hello Prospect!

As we move into the fall season of this strange and challenging year, we can look back at a summer in which we grew more adept at using technology to worship, learn, meet, and work together. We can rejoice that members and friends can join us on Sunday mornings from their homes beyond the city, beyond our state, even beyond our country! The talents and hard work of Kia, Jerry, and Brian make it possible to have choral music in our services again, Tom works pipe organ miracles from a keyboard at home, and your contributions of photographs from nature bring visual beauty to our virtual altar. The anti-racism book group is meeting weekly to tackle the problem of white fragility in the face of systemic racism. Some of our small groups are meeting virtually to discuss scripture and social issues or play games together. There is even talk of reviving Tables of Eight by dining together in front of a Zoom screen!

At the same time, we miss terribly our brothers and sisters who cannot join us because of technology challenges, and we try to stay in touch through more traditional means: phone calls, socially distanced visits, letters.

We grieve the loss of face to face greetings, of hugs and handshakes, of the presence of others around us in the pews. And even as we look forward to a time when these treasures will return to us, we practice the loving discipline of isolation for our own safety and that of others.

We also grieve the end of the 56 years of service of the Prospect Enrichment Preschool. Due to the impossibility of keeping the church building safe enough this fall to host groups of small children, as well as a changing environment in early childhood education, Prospect ended our relationship with PEP. We are considering a virtual ceremony or gathering to honor the many volunteers and staff who helped sustain this beautiful and important resource over the decades.

This fall brings us to a vitally important election. Our very lives and wellbeing depend on the outcome of the election at all levels from local to national. The lives of the most vulnerable among us are at stake: Black and Brown people, unhoused persons, immigrants, healthcare workers, those who serve in grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, and so many more.

It’s been said that a budget is a moral statement. So is a vote. As a follower of Jesus, as a child of a loving and just God, consider your vote carefully. What moral statement will you make?

So make sure you are registered to vote. Vote as early as you can. And then work as you are able for candidates you believe will help bring about justice, equity, and compassion in an America we want to live in. And know that you are blessed to be living in a time when your vote, your work, can make such a difference.

Your sister in Christ,

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Prospect's Days of Future Past

Greetings from the Board of Trustees!

Change in Personnel: Jerry Sams has stepped down from Chairman of the Trustees to focus on providing technical support for our online Zoom Worship Services. Thank you, Jerry for the many years of leadership you have given to the Trustees and the leadership you continue to give us at Prospect in addition to agreeing to stay on the Board of Trustees. John Daugherty and David Kidder have assumed the position of Co-Chair of the Trustees in company with active members Bob Bakke and Roy Hardman.
Present Summary: While worship service has been suspended at Prospect your Trustees have been busy with ongoing upgrades and maintenance issues about the building. Some notable addressed items going back to last Winter include renovation of 3rd floor office space, ongoing elevator repair, furnace maintenance/repair, fire safety panel replacement, new programmable thermostats throughout the building, rebuilding of drain work in the kitchen, toilet replacement in small bathroom in kitchen area, and problem solving the water intrusion at the west wall in the Preschool basement area. The latter entailed tuck pointing, brick work restoration of the west wall and associated downspout and scupper repair damage caused by cistern installation. Roy is to be thanked for his handiwork with many of the smaller projects about the building in place of Prospect no longer having someone in the position of Sexton.
Beyond the COVID Event Horizon: Over the next few months the Trustees will be addressing the challenges of improving the ventilation at Prospect per King County Department of Health COVID requirements to upgrade our environmental HVAC system. This will be in support of Prospect's eventual return to having worship service in the building. This concern is currently the highest priority of the Trustees. Other pending items on the Trustees bucket list included reinstalling the cistern located on the west wall, a new covering for our tattered awning with input from the Building Access Committee on color and aesthetic changes, monitoring of the Prospect Enrichment Preschool’s vacating the building, and probable upgrades to vacated office space in support of new rental.

Submitted by Dave Kidder, Co-Chair
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Ongoing Groups

Bible Study meets most Mondays online to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required. No Bible study on Labor Day, September 7.
Godly Play Sunday school is offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service once a month, usually on the second Sunday. It will not be offered while we are not meeting in person, but Cora Trujillo has prepared videos to share with our Sunday school families. Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.
White Fragility Book Study meets Tuesdays at 5 p.m. through September 22.

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Pacific Northwest Conference News

The Summer 2020 issue of the Conference UCNews is now online at with information on:

• 15 congregations' (including Prospect UCC) responses to Black Lives Matter with vigils, marches, statements
• The camp campaign and what's happening at the camps
• Virtual Annual Meeting and Carter Schafer's music video
• Conference moderator, Hillary Coleman, reports on Board commitment to anti-racism
• Witness by JWM at Yakima fruit workers' strike
• Courtney Stange Tregear publishes Lenten stories
• Environmental Justice Teams learns what actions are possible
• Sione Tuihalamaka earns facilities management certificate
• Dayton and Tolt churches offer food pantries during COVID-19
• Global Ministries sends funds to Sri Lanka and plans virtual pilgrimage to Colombia

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Creation Justice Webinar: Children and Youth Speak: Your Vote Matters
Saturday, September 19
12:00 p.m. Pacific

With the climate crisis and the struggle against inequality, the younger generations have served as today's prophets in provoking a global reckoning of the dire situation faced. As the November 3rd elections approach, children and youth are raising their voices again with a moral urgency as they awaken us to how much is at stake. This webinar will present children and youth from ages 10 to 18 who have a message and perspective that needs to be heard before those older than them vote.

This webinar is co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt of the United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Ministry and the Rev. Michael Malcom of Alabama Interfaith Power & Light and the People's Justice Council.

Sign up now to join the webinar! Even if you can't make its scheduled time, still sign up, and you will receive a recording of it. Register here.
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Online Giving
You can now manage your giving to Prospect UCC online. You can set up one-time or recurring contributions and review your online giving history anywhere you have access to the internet. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Go to to set up electronic giving online for one-time or recurring donations;
  2. Download the free Give Plus Church mobile app: here for iOS and here for Android;

    - Choose Give Plus, Vanco Payment Solutions;
    - Select Prospect Congregational UCC;
    - Create an account using your email address. (If you already have online giving set up, you can sign in using your same login information on the app.)
    - Watch this video if you still have questions.

  3. NEW! Text-to-give to our general operating fund:
         - Text 833-297-5332 and enter the amount you wish to donate: $xx or $xx.xx;
         - Click the registration link and enter your payment information;
         - Receive a verification text as well as an email receipt.For future giving, simply send a text to the same number with the amount you wish to give, and your donation will process automatically. (Watch this GivePlus Text video to see how easy it is to make a quick donation.)

Vanco Payment Solutions' Client Services team will also take donations over the phone: 800.675.7430.

We have obtained a mobile credit card reader so we can receive credit/debit card donations on Sunday mornings and at special events. It is being rolled out gradually, so may not be available every Sunday.

If you give to Prospect through the web-based donation page or mobile app but still wish to participate in the Sunday morning offering, you are invited to give a token cash gift or place an “Electronic Giving” card in the offering plate. These cards are found in the pew rack.
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September Volunteers

While we are not meeting in person, we will not need greeters or coffee hour hosts. We still welcome liturgists for our online worship services. Please please sign up here or call or email the church office to volunteer. Messages are checked regularly during office hours.

If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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September Birthdays

Doug Durasoff................................. 09/02           
Stephen Brown................................. 09/04           
Barbara Force................................... 09/05           
Diego Galvis.................................... 09/10           
Consi Javier..................................... 09/17           
Josephine Daley............................... 09/19           
Roland Holloway............................. 09/20           
Pauline McCurdy............................. 09/21           



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