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July/August 2019 Worship Schedule
September Newsletter Deadline: Friday, August 23, 1:00pm
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Directory Update
An updated church directory will be published in early July. If your contact information has changed or you wish to be added to or removed from the directory, please call or email the church office by Friday, July 5. The printed directory is updated twice a year. The online directory is updated as changes occur. If you need the password, please contact the church office.
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All-Church Camping Trip
July 22-24
Scenic Beach

Start planning now to get in on this annual event. It’s mid-week this year, Monday, July 22-Wednesday, July 24. We have reserved the Group Camp site, which will accommodate tents or RVs. There is no fee and pre-registration is not required. All Prospect folks are welcome, either to camp or to hang out during the day. Everyone should be self-contained, though we may have an informal potluck one night. There are stoves with grills (for wood or charcoal), a pit toilet, a water source, and a shelter. Flush toilets and showers are a short walk away. Acoustic instruments are encouraged but no "Boom Boxes" and no alcoholic beverages. Talk to Bill Van Pelt if you have further questions.
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Vacation Schedule
July 1-14 and August 19-25: Pastor Meighan Pritchard will be away from Prospect. No Bible study July 1, July 8, or August 19.
The church office will be CLOSED the morning of Tuesday, July 2 but open in the afternoon.
The church office will be CLOSED on Independence Day, July 4.
August 6-9: Office Manager Karen Eisenbrey will be away from Prospect.
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Save the Date: Summer Outdoor Worship and Picnic
Sunday, August 11
10:30 a.m.
Jerry and Kia Sams' place
7410 242nd Pl SW, Edmonds

Kia and Jerry invite the Prospect community for a day of worship and play at Lake Ballinger. Bring yourself, your kids, a potluck dish to share, and musical instruments! We will organize carpools closer to the date.
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Minister’s Greeting
Becoming a Greening Congregation
The main threats to the environment are not biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate change, as I once thought. They are selfishness and greed and pride. And for that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. —James “Gus” Speth
It’s time for a plan.
For some years now, Prospect has been taking steps to become more energy efficient, address climate change, explore environmental justice issues, and educate ourselves and our community on these topics. Bob Bakke swapped out most of our light bulbs for LEDs back around 2012. The six furnaces installed decades ago allow us to heat only the parts of the building that are in use—very efficient! We have showed films such as Chasing Ice, This Changes Everything (after reading the book), and most recently Paris to Pittsburgh and invited neighbors and friends to watch with us. We’ve divested our endowment funds from fossil fuel companies and switched to a bank that doesn’t fund fossil fuel infrastructure projects. We’ve had a
Justice Leadership Program intern who served at Earth Ministry. We have sent people down to Olympia to give environmental messages to our legislators, and to Puerto Rico to help repair homes ravaged by environmental disaster.
Up until now, we have done these things simply because we care about them, but they haven’t been organized into any kind of plan. Now it’s time to step up our game.
Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report, which says that the planet has maybe 12 years left in which to turn down our carbon emissions if we want to avoid the worst effects of climate change. By 2030, we need to be looking at heating our homes, fueling transportation, and growing our food in ways that do not generate carbon emissions. As a society, we need to break our fossil fuel addiction. And if you attended Paris to Pittsburgh, you saw examples of how this transition is already occurring.
Bill McKibben told the Rev. Jim Antal that “climate change was an opportunity for which the church was born.” Antal urges us to consider how we can repurpose the Church to create the “spiritual and cultural transformation” that Gus Speth calls for in meeting the environmental justice challenges of our time. So Prospect is getting more organized, joining with many other communities of faith in our region and across our denomination to magnify our efforts. It’s time. The world can’t wait much longer. We’re getting our act together.
This spring our Pacific Northwest Conference of the UCC was one of just two conferences to cosponsor a resolution endorsing the Green New Deal. This resolution just passed at General Synod, which means the UCC has now come out with public approval of the Green New Deal. The Seattle City Council has approved a version of the Green New Deal as well.
So here’s the plan. Earth Ministry runs a program called Greening Congregations, and we are signing up to be part of it. This program helps congregations organize their environmental efforts around five categories:
Building and Grounds
Community Engagement
Faithful Advocacy
How to begin? By celebrating all that we have already accomplished, including the items listed earlier in this article. We are not starting at zero but have had our hearts set on this issue for a long time.
And then we create a plan for all that we would like to accomplish in the coming year. Each year from now on we will review what we’ve done over the past year and then make a new plan for the coming year, organizing activities and tasks around the five categories. We will continue to build relationships with each other and the community, and engage deeply and spiritually with creation and climate change.
I am already hearing of significant steps that some of you are taking. John Daugherty launched our occasional climate mission moment series in worship by announcing that, after hearing how much eating meat increases one’s carbon footprint, he and Nancy became vegetarians. Another person gave up plastic for Lent. Plastic! Some of you have moved your investments or bank accounts into fossil-fuel-free alternatives. Or you’re down to one car. These are not small efforts, and they make a difference.
Thank you for meeting the challenges of climate change and a crowded planet with such integrity and even joy. Doing this work is profoundly theological: it is about the salvation not of our personal souls but of all of creation. And when we do it centered in God’s love and in love of God’s creation, our hearts will sing.
With thanksgiving for all that you do,
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Weekday Traffic Alert
Starting June 12, Holy Names Academy will be tearing down their gym and excavating for 5 floors of underground parking.  This project will last until Thanksgiving of 2020.
Access to Prospect from the EAST may be difficult on weekdays from 7 am to 3:30 pm.  E. Aloha & E. Roy Streets between 22nd and 23rd will be the main access streets for dump and cement trucks.
You might consider using E. John St. or Crescent St. to access 19th Ave E. during construction hours.
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Summer Coffee Hour
During July and August coffee hour will be "no host" and will not include fresh produce unless you'd like to contribute whenever you have extra.  Those contributions will be greatly appreciated!
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Play Reading: Risk—Benefit
Tuesday, July 16 7:00 p.m.
All are invited to this “cold reading” of Risk—Benefit, a new play by Amanda Aikman set 12 years in the future. You are welcome to read if you wish, or just listen. Kia Sams says this is a great play!
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Annual Meeting Minutes
Sunday, June 23
Call to Order by Co-moderator Adam Dahl: 12:13 p.m.
Quorum: 22 members present                                  Multiple non-members also present.
Welcome by Pastor Meighan: words on several transitions occurring in the church.
Preschool transition: New Preschool Director Ms. Donna Guna is already here! She will work with Alexis until end of month. Director and Preschool board are In the process of finding a new lead teacher. Of the existing 5 board members, only one will be back on the new board. Great gratitude is expressed for the out-going as well as the new board.
Announcement from Judy Hooper: Coffee-hour concerns – Nancy Daugherty will be gone September--February. She and Daulton have done a fabulous job for years, but Daulton cannot do this all by himself. People are requested to sign up to help with set-up, providing food, and clean-up.
Greening Congregation: Kathy Mahan and Roland Holloway presented a proposal for our church to become a Greening Congregation with Earth Ministry. They need to know if the commitment, the awareness and energy are all present in the congregation as this signifies an on-going engagement. Moved (Barbara Force)/seconded/approved unanimously.
Proposal to have a Real Change vendor posted at our church on Sunday mornings: Pastor Meighan conveyed a proposal brought to the Church board by Justice Leadership Program Intern Ainsley Meyer, who is working at Real Change. People had many questions, were not prepared to vote at this time. Questions will be given to Ainsley who will report back to Real Change.

Annual Report 2018-2019: A summary of our past year’s activities, financial status, and where we are headed. Thanks to all committees and individuals contributing in every way. Please contact Karen Eisenbrey if any corrections are needed.
Moment of appreciation for anyone serving on a committee, focus group, or team; participating in worship; helping with coffee hour in any way; or serving in any other capacity to help this church be church: Bravo, bravo! Thanks in absentia to Rick Russell, co-moderator with Adam, now stepping down at the end of his term. Thanks to Adam for his first year as co-moderator.
  • Treasurer: Patsy Severson (acting treasurer)
  • Co-moderator: Jan Kinney
  • Weter-Roberts Board Position: Nominee Patsy Severson
All three posts elected unanimously.
Financial Report and discussion:
Treasurer Patsy Severson: Budget overview. This year budget estimates were relatively accurate, with a few exceptions. We didn’t budget for Vanco processing fees for online donations – small amount. At 11 months our year-to-date expenses are about $6K below our year-to-date income. Not all pledges have been fulfilled, but loose offerings have been significantly greater than expected. The proposed 2019-20 budget includes increases in loose offerings (to $6,000) and facility use income (to $24,000). Thanks to the Building Access Committee for preparing the third floor for rentals. We may have a new renter for the northwest office up there.
Slight correction to Osgood:  Total has changed slightly although percentages have remained the same. Still, the budget includes a $9,500 shortfall. Some money from this year may be able to carry over after this budget’s close-out. A few budget items may be able to be trimmed.
Some suggestions: fund raiser or 2 or 3.
  • For example, hold a non-rummage rummage sale. Don’t bring rummage or take any home, but do write a check.
  • Concerts: We have raised money for other organizations; we may do a concert to raise money for us.
  • People are invited to raise their pledge amounts.
  • Step up the currently low-key stewardship campaign.
See line item of $1,500 for fund raising. We have not done special fundraising. We can change special fund raising from $1,500 to $11,500 but all of us will have to step up. Pledge units number 36 for total of $93,480.
New Vision: This year we contemplated a proposal to not charge rent to tenants and to work on relationships with broader community. After several focus group meetings, it appears we would be stretched too tight to greet every rental group, and we need to work on articulating our identity. We do have some ability to reduce rent as appropriate for certain groups. Still feeling our way into it.
The Building Access Committee launches its Peerspace listing in July, will have a better idea in six months how much income our space is generating.
Budget discussion:
Guest preachers often bring friends who contribute to offering.
Some disappointment in re not allowing free use of space; we lost having a recital here.
Dave Kidder: donated 2 hours of his personal time to a recital. What would a Prospect member’s presence look like for folks using the space?
Facility-related expenses for the coming year: Elevator, furnaces, and new dishwasher were unexpected expenses this year. Elevator may eventually need replacing, and furnaces need work. Unclear whether the coming year’s budget amounts in those categories are higher than usual just for one year or as ongoing expenses.
In the past when there have been questions about how the budget will work for the coming year, it has been a good idea to have another Annual Meeting in November or January so we can see where we are and have a better idea of expenses. There is only so much we can really understand at this point.  
In coming budget, staff received 3.5% cost of living adjustment.
Budget passed unanimously. 
End of agenda: closing prayer. Thanks to all for presence, engagement, and suggestions.
Meeting adjourned: 1:28 p.m.

Submitted by Louise Morehead
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Welcome, Be:Seattle!
We have a new tenant! Beginning July 1, the third floor NW office (room 302) will be occupied by Be:Seattle, a small non-profit focused on empowering homeless and renter neighbors through tenants’ rights workshops, sidewalk pantries, and “The Pledge,” through which local businesses offer what they can to homeless neighbors. Learn more at
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Ongoing Groups
Beyond Fundamentalism Book Group
meets monthly at the home of Jim & Mary Alice Power, 1107 22nd Ave E.

Bible Study meets most Mondays in the Office to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required. (No Bible study July 1, July 8, or August 19.)

Godly Play Sunday school is usually offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service one Sunday per month on the 2nd Sunday (July 14 and August 11.)  Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.

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Book Launch and Reading: Wizard Girl
Saturday, July 27 7:00 p.m.
Third Place Books – Ravenna
6504 20th Ave NE
Author (and Prospect’s Office Manager) Karen Eisenbrey will read from and sign her new fantasy novel, Wizard Girl, sequel to 2018’s Daughter of Magic.
Though everyone knows girls can’t become wizards, Luskell breaks tradition. While an epidemic rages and a strangler stalks the streets, she leaves on her quest ... with the murderer close behind. She must gain the trust of old friends and unexpected allies to stop the murderer before he strikes again.
The book releases on July 23 and is available for pre-order now from your favorite independent bookstore and on Amazon.

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PNW Conference News

The Summer 2019 issue of the Conference UCNews is now online at with information on:

• Annual Meeting
• Puerto Rico mission repairs
• African American UCC clergy
• Justice Witness Ministries efforts to dismantle racism
• Church Council of Greater Seattle's 100th
• Global Ministries visitor from Colombia and partnership efforts.
• Pride Parades and vandalism at Renton
• Pilgrim Firs and N-Sid-Sen news.

Hard copies will be available in the Prospect office and Narthex.
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Preschool News
Hello Everyone,
My name is Donna Guna and I have the privilege of filling the role of Prospect Enrichment Preschool’s new Director.   I would like to say how incredibly grateful I am for this opportunity and I am so excited to start working with some amazing people.  When I first read Prospect’s mission of providing quality early learning and family support for those in the community, regardless of their background or ability to pay, I knew this was a program I would be proud and eager to be a part of.  Prospect reflects so many of my own personal ideals and values, in an education setting I know and love, so this feels to be a perfect career fit.
For the past 15 years I have worked with children in a professional capacity, and for many years prior to that as a volunteer.  I have held many positions within the early childhood education field, including mentor, residential counselor, lead teacher, center director and program development coordinator.   I hold my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Mary Washington, where I focused my studies on child development, in hopes of becoming a child therapist.  Soon after entering a career in the mental health field I found that my true passion lies in early childhood education.  I found it rewarding during my time of helping children heal emotionally and mentally, but I discovered that helping children learn and develop brought a whole new level of joy to me.  I entered the early childhood education field 14 years ago and dedicated myself to constantly expanding my knowledge and enhancing my skills so that I can always provide the children and families in my program with the highest quality of education and service.  I remain a passionate educator and advocate for young children and I am glad fate led me here to Prospect Enrichment Preschool where I can use my experiences and skills to the benefit of the program.
I look forward to supporting the preschool and those who continue to carry on the legacy that Jane Michael started over 55 years ago.  Thank you to all who contribute or have contributed to the preschool to ensure the success of the program.  I truly believe that when a caring group of people work together, they can change the world.
Donna Guna
Director, Prospect Enrichment Preschool 206-324-5230


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Homeless Remembrance Project Leaves Dedication
Friday, July 26 3:00 p.m.
Lake City Mini Park
NE 125th St and Lake City Way NE
The Homeless Remembrance Project in partnership with the Seattle Mennonite Church, will bless and install six new Leaves of Remembrance at the Lake City Mini Park (at 125th/Lake City Way NE). Please gather to honor these beloved community members:
Sterling Carter 1953--2018
Mark Schuchard 1966--2019
Rick Fowler 1955--2019
Jennifer Zimmerman 1977--2019
Richard Francis 1962--2019
Richard Dailing 1950--2019
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Mary’s Place Needs Your Help!
When Mary’s Place families get the keys to their new home, it’s a joyous occasion!  With Mary’s Place Make-a-Home program you and your group can sponsor a family and help create a warm, welcoming space to ensure their success in their new home.
Often families move into their new home with just their clothes and a Mary’s Place “Welcome Home Basket” that volunteers have created for them. You can make this day even more special by providing furniture, hanging art, and filling the pantry and linen closet. Being a part of this final step in transitioning a family from homelessness to their forever home is an unforgettable bonding experience for families, friends, teams, and co-workers alike.
Email to learn more and the Make-a-Home program and how you can bring joy and hope to a family’s new beginning.
Mary’s Place also needs:
  • Double strollers for newborns/small children
  • Bathing suits – kids and teen sizes for boys and girls
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops
  • Warm weather clothing – especially for teens
See the full Wish List and donation drop-off locations at
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Justice Leadership Jubilee
Justice Leadership Jubilee is a program of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ designed to help people grow in their justice advocacy skills and focus. Jubilee is an intentional ten-month commitment for adults who want to develop their faith and learn systemic change skills with a community of their peers. They are currently looking for Fall 2019 Jubilee participants. The experience involves:
    Working with a community justice agency that matches your interests
    Spiritual reflection and sojourning retreats
    Learning and skill building through workshops
    Engagement with your home church
Applications welcome now! As you discern if this might be right for you, consider calling Christine Hanson to ask questions and to set up a face to face meeting if that feels comfortable.
Visit and learn more under the *Jubilee *drop down
Call: Christine Hanson 509-679-7430
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Ignatian Spirituality Center
Summer Events

A Pilgrimage of the Heart: Summer Ignatian Retreat
3:30 pm Friday, July 26 - 2:00 pm Sunday, July 28, 2019
Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center at the Palisades, Federal Way
Fr. Ryan Rallanka, SJ, Rosanne Michaels, and Matt Barmore, Presenters
Take the time this summer to rest, renew your soul, and soak in silence on the shores of Puget Sound with this 3-day guided silent Ignatian retreat at the beautiful Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center at the Palisades in Federal Way. This silent retreat will offer stirring and relevant presentations based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, followed by handouts with suggestions for prayer and abundant time for silent reflection; opportunities for individual spiritual direction; evening prayer and sharing in the Eucharist.
People of all ages, faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds are welcome, especially those with an openness to deepening one's experience of prayer in the Ignatian tradition.
Early Bird rate through July 5th.  Final Week rate from July 6th-12th.     
Single Room, Resident
  • Early Bird rate: $320 | Final week rate: $345  
Shared Room, Resident
  • Early Bird rate: $275 (per person) | Final week rate: $300 (per person)
Commuter Retreat (meals only)
  • Early Bird rate: $220 | Final week rate: $245  
Partial work scholarships available.  
Register at


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Online Giving
You can now manage your giving to Prospect UCC online. You can set up one-time or recurring contributions and review your online giving history anywhere you have access to the internet. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Visit the church website at and select the “Donate” tab
  2. Click on the “Donate” button
  3. Click on the “Create Profile” button
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to create your profile and schedule contributions.
If you prefer, you may give through the free Give+ Church mobile app on your smart phone or tablet. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

If you give to Prospect through the web-based donation page or mobile app but still wish to participate in the Sunday morning offering, you are invited to give a token cash gift or place an “Electronic Giving” card in the offering plate. These cards are found in the pew rack.
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July Volunteers

Roland Holloway & John Shrader
14 Roland Holloway & John Shrader
21 Roland Holloway & John Shrader
28 Roland Holloway & John Shrader

  7 TBD
14 TBD
21 TBD
28 TBD

August Volunteers

Roland Holloway & John Shrader
11 Roland Holloway & John Shrader
18 Roland Holloway & John Shrader
25 Roland Holloway & John Shrader

  4 TBD
11 TBD
18 TBD
25 TBD

If you would like to be a liturgist, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall or contact the church office. To host coffee hour, please contact Judy Hooper, 206-325-2851 or
If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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July Birthdays
Andrew Puglisi................................ 07/01           
Pamela Puglisi................................ 07/13
David Kidder................................... 07/18
Jane Braziunas............................... 07/20
Nancy Daugherty............................ 07/20
Lise Brown..................................... 07/24
William Rennebohm....................... 07/25
Karen Eisenbrey ....................        07/30
August Birthdays
John Kovach.................................. 08/01
Jim Miller........................................ 08/01
Beret Kischner................................ 08/05
Addie Harrington............................ 08/11
Beatye Adrian Mitchell................... 08/15
Meighan Pritchard.......................... 08/20
James Puglisi................................. 08/28
Steve Alfred ................................   08/29
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