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The return of inflation: What it could mean for markets and the economy

Inflation has been on the forefront of investors’ minds for much of 2021, and rightfully so. With the global economy yet to fully emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the presence of what appears to be persistently rising prices has injected a new source of uncertainty that investors and policy makers must account for. In this article, experts at Janus Henderson Investors unravel the situation surrounding accelerating prices, explain how this could influence monetary policy, and what it could possibly become.

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Two bond market ideas to help guard against rising inflation

Higher-than-expected inflation has surprised markets in the second half of 2021, threatening to be more prolonged than many expect. Experts at Allianz Global Investors believe that medium-term inflation risks are higher than currently anticipated by the market, and they expect inflation premiums to rise slightly and inflation volatility to increase. Two options for investors keen in the bond market are inflation-linked bonds and floating rate notes.

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On the Rise: Is Inflation Here to Stay?
As we head into a post pandemic era, inflation has slowly creeped into our daily lives. Despite its negative reputation, a healthy rate of inflation is key to keep the engines running at optimal speed. Policymakers will play an important role to navigate national economies through this uncertain period. While the debate remains whether the current inflation trajectory is transitionary, historical economic cycles will point to the best course of action, for all types of investors alike.

Join Andy Cheah and Ivan Chelebiev from Chicago Global on 16 December to discuss the following topics:

- Efficient Markets, Inefficient Investors
- Quantitative vs Discretionary Approach
- The Covid-19 Crash: Unique from its Predecessors
- The Inflationary Playbook
- Building An Inflation Resilient Portfolio
TR Session - 16 Dec 2021, 3.00pm
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