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Client Profie: Lars Jensen
Lyon Street Circuits
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October Opportunities

What have you passed up this year?

Think back to the past 9 months of this year, what opportunities have you jumped at? Now which ones have you passed on?

When I started my career path into the fitness industry I had myself a "yes year." This entailed saying yes to any opportunity that was presented to me which in turn led me to taking an outdoor bootcamp class. The rest is history. 

It's easy to let yourself get into a routine and become comfortable with where you are. Just remember that the one way you'll grow is to challenge yourself and try new things. 

October is the perfect month to start jumping at new opportunities. The kids are back in school, the holidays aren't upon us yet, and the weather is gorgeous. So whether you say yes to a new job, a hot date, or an exciting adventure use this as a reminder to take the plunge and break free of your comfort zone! 

Our 1 year anniversary party is going to take place on the morning of Sunday, November 13th at 10am. We will be setting up a fun 4ish mile "Race" across the city followed by some food and drinks. 

Keep your eyes out for more info coming soon.

Lyon Street Circuit Classes

The sun hasn't disappeared yet for our Tuesday and Thursday night classes at the Lyon Street Stairs and people are loving them! 

Be sure to spread the word and join us as we continue to offer the classes throughout October and November.

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Client Profile
Learn more about our 6am BBC Champ, Elena Garvey.
Q: Finish this sentence: If I won the lotto I’d _______

A: I'm assuming it's the giant Powerball lotto.  I would buy a first class ticket to travel the world and then buy my friends tickets to join me along the way.  I would also help my family and pay off all their bills.  Then, I would buy a house in SF and probably Hawaii.

Click HERE to read more about Elena.

Want to run a 5k race for a good benefit? Join our client, Marissa Lee's preschool for the SF Mad Dash on October 30th. 
We are super excited for our client Priya who has taken a big step in her career and started her own children's OT business!

As one of her first projects she is raising money for a private school for kids who learn differently. We love that she and the school use movement as a form of learning. As we all know, movement is vital for a healthy body and mind.

Click the link HERE to support her efforts.
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