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Welcome to the Emerging Executive July newsletter – your news for board development, strategic planning and other important nonprofit insights.

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Fundraising 101 Webinars Now Available Online 

This series of four webinars provides quick, practical information that small to medium sized nonprofit organizations can immediately implement to start or accelerate fundraising activities.  You will learn about basic affordable strategies that don’t require an extensive knowledge of fundraising to yield real results including that all important annual appeal and how to run an effective fundraising event. Information includes a clear and easy road map for fundraising planning and success that details appropriate roles for board members, staff and volunteers in helping you achieve your fundraising goals.  

Individual webinars can be downloaded for $45 each, or purchase the full series for $160 and receive a free 20 minute consultation.  

For further information visit.


Is it Time for Scenario Planning?

In 2016 we’ve heard plenty about the Zika virus. Last month the UK surprised the world with the Brexit vote. In July the Boston Globe published an article entitled “Does Boston have too many nonprofits?” focusing on the duplication of effort and waste in the nonprofit community.  If you are a global corporation which does business in the UK or is highly dependent on UK tourism, what does this mean? If you are a nonprofit and the stock market tumbles as a result of Brexit or the US election in November, how will this impact corporate and foundation giving and your programs and income?

As the dust starts to settle after Brexit, it’s the perfect time for scenario planning.  A process where you consciously think about the possible future environments within which you may need to operate. Steps in the scenario planning approach:
  1. Identify the major scenarios for the future and the main market drivers
  2. Evaluate those scenarios
  3. Select the preferred scenario
  4. Incorporate this scenario into your business or strategic planning process or plan
Scenario planning stimulates big picture thinking and rapidly engages people to think about an opportunity/threat before it fully emerges and react before your competitors!  Is it time for you to think about the future?   Contact nadia@emergingexecutive to learn how to get started.


Become a Powerful Leader by Building Trust

All successful leaders share one trait in common. They have the ability to build trust, which takes time and effort.  Trust is earned by virtue of effective communication, authenticity and connection. It is rooted in the capacity to work well with others and inspire a team. Regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can easily become a powerful and well respected leader by considering the following:

Instead of talking, listen! Ask thoughtful open ended questions and focus on what people share with you. Learn about their personal stories, take note of what is important to them. And then use this information to motivate and support your team more effectively.

Read more:

New Overtime Rules and What They Mean for the Nonprofit Community

The new overtime regulations could significantly impact non-profit organizations that have employees who are currently classified as “exempt employees”, such as the executive directors or controllers whose current salaries are less than the new threshold of $47,476.  Non-profit organizations need be aware of this change so they can adequately plan for, budget and seek additional sources of funding for the potential increased payroll costs.
Organizations have some time to prepare for implementation of this new provision of the Final Rule, but need to promptly explore their options for responding to the updated salary-level requirement.  
For further information, questions or guidance in considering your options, please contact Robert F. Hart, Jr., CPA, 781-569-4700, Principal at LitmanGerson Associates, LLP.  
LGA Website:

The Cummings Foundation $100K for 100 Grant Program – 2017 Application Cycle Now Open   

The Cummings Foundation awards $10 million each year through its $100K for 100 grant program. This initiative supports nonprofits in the Massachusetts counties where staff and clients of the Cummings organization live – Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk County. Letters of Inquiry for 2017 now open via the Cummings website until October 1. The Foundation will request full applications from the 200 applicants deemed to have the most potential to achieve $100K for 100 grant awards.  At the end of the process, 100 grant winners will be chosen.  

Click below for more information:


Upcoming Public Workshops led by Nadia Prescott at Location: Cambridge College of Adult Education,
42 Brattle Street, Cambridge MA.    

  • Grant Writing 101- Starts Tuesday 20 September. 6pm
  • Fundraising 101 – Saturday 22 October:  10am
  • NonProfit Board Recruitment and Retention – Saturday 15 October, 10am 
For more information on course descriptions visit: www.emergingexecutive/resources
Register at

And On a Lighter Note

Love sculpture?
Then head over to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA ( if you can to see the Rodin: Transforming Sculpture exhibit. In addition to Rodin’s more famous pieces, such as The Thinker, there are several other very impressive and powerful sculptures, drawings and artifacts that are incredible. It is well worth a trip up to the North Shore, and you have until September 5th to enjoy it!

A Great Read!
I just finished reading a book by Susan Cain called Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking! It was a fascinating read, and I highly recommended it, especially if you are an introvert. You will see and appreciate yourself in a whole new light!  

A Quick Reminder

Our services at Emerging Executive help nonprofit organizations realize their potential and deliver on their mission. Projects are tailored to each client and recognize the importance of both organizational and personal learning in achieving sustainable transformations. They include the most appropriate combination of consulting, executive coaching, or training for your organization, and always incorporates practical experience and feedback. Services include: board and leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational assessments and grant writing.

“Nadia conducted board development for Cayuga Centers. Through her work, the Board developed better expectations of themselves as Board members and transformed their communication and decision-making processes. She is a very effective consultant and workshop leader. She was both nurturing and challenging of me. She made us better!” 
Ed Hayes, CEO
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