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Performance Untapped Modulation for Power and Heat via Energy Accumulation Technologies

Newsletter 02


The PUMP-HEAT project aims to develop and demonstrate the concept of a new advanced energy system, which integrates Combined Cycle (CC) with Large Size Industrial Heat Pumps (HPs) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). The coupling of these technologies is beneficial to the Combined Cycle flexibility, untapping the inherent flexibility and increasing the overall seasonal efficiency of Cogenerative Heat and Power (CHP) CCs, and further enhancing the flexibility of Power Oriented (PO) CCs.

Project progress


Kick-off meeting, Turin, Italy, 18-19 of October.
The agenda included technical discussions, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management, dissemination strategy and project evaluation. All partners actively contributed towards an operative and fruitful meeting.

Technical meeting, KTH Stockholm, Sweden, 21st - 22nd of February 2018.
The purpose of this meeting was to:
  • elaborate on the project’s various activities,
  • discuss the preliminary results of the proposed layouts,
  • discuss on the demo site layout,
  • analyze the equipment costs,
  • discuss on the market scenario,
  • solve any additional issues that have occurred during the first six months of the project

Project Deliverables

In the first 6 months of the project, the following deliverables have been completed:

3rd month (M3), Deliverable D6.1 - “Public website setup”
The project’s website is available at:

The various sections that are included in the website are analysed in the first public deliverable which can be downloaded through the respective web page.
4th month (M4), Deliverable D1.1 – “Report on PHCC layout options”.
This deliverable concludes the first task of the project (T1.1) that is referred as “PHCC layout definition and BoP integration”. This task examined all feasible layout options to integrate Heat Pumps (HPs) and thermal storage in Combined Cycles (CCs), in order to enhance flexibility on the electrical side.
6th month (M6), Deliverable D6.2 – “Dissemination Plan”
The main goal of this deliverable is to outline the dissemination and communication activities that will be carried out, in order to ensure the effective dissemination of the project results. Moreover, it will serve as a blueprint as well as internal practical guide for the consortium partners for engaging with dissemination activities throughout coordinated actions.


Dissemination Activities  



The Second Annual Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS) forum was held in Zurich, Switzerland on 10-12th January.
This event focuses on a range of applications such as power generation, propulsion and oil & gas, from technological as well as business perspectives. Thus, it creates many opportunities for networking, building of trusting relationships and collaborations between the PUMP-HEAT consortium and relevant communities, projects and institutions. In this event, the project coordinator introduced PUMP-HEAT and presented its objectives, its current progress and future ambitions. Additionally, a technical side-meeting took place where all PUMP-HEAT milestones where demonstrated. Due to fruitful discussions, the PUMP-HEAT project will have the opportunity to lead a high panel session in the GPPS Forum, that will be held in Zurich, on January 2019. The session will particularly focus on project related topics regarding flexibility of power plants.
The 9th International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC) 2018 will take place at Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, on 10-11th October. Its objective is to review future market opportunities, raise awareness of gas turbine (GT) technology R&D development achievements and future needs, as well as to explore and exchange ideas with GT experts from the whole value chain, attending from all continents. The PUMP-HEAT project will have a specific session that will include a number of related technical papers in order to promote its preliminary results and receive feedback by external communities.
The technical papers will cover a wide range of the project’s aspects, such as novel approach to increase flexibility of Co-Generative power plants, layout and market opportunities, techno-economic optimization of Advanced Combined Cycles with Heat Pumps and Thermal Energy Storages and also, intelligent predictive controls architectures.


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