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Making Humiliating Mistakes in Public Teaches You Not to Care

Hello <<First Name>>,

Paul has gone to Prague to experience an opera. Carmen by Georges Bizet. It's an utterly scandalous piece of work by the standards of 1875 and was savaged by most critics when it opened. The public stayed away. Even the offer of free tickets only brought in enough people to half fill the house.

After 33 performances of Carmen, Bizet died suddenly, aged 36. He never admitted to anyone that his opera was rotten, even though the majority of people said it was.

Tip: Avoid telling bland stories by disregarding majority opinion.

This issue of the newsletter was curated by me alone. I shall take its brilliance with me to my grave.


Your faith in your marketing can be as indestructible as 

Pushing mum about with a hoover

Tips for you to pass on

(even if your devices go naked)

  • Offer solutions where worlds collide. It's where you solve the most painful problems
  • Children make you feel good when they do housework
  • Children make you feel bad when they break your phone
  • Confuse your audience. Maybe they will watch it three times?
Not Paul

Talking Passions = Podcasting 

Tip: conversation = collaboration = community = coin

Best podcasts for opera LOVERS:
Talk with people to find out why opera is so bloody fantastic/shockingly dull and painful.

Our podcast is "Business Jazz—how to be genuinely attractive in business today". You can listen to EVERYONE YOU VALUE MAKES MISTAKES EVERYDAY. BIZET'S FRIENDS LISTENED TO THIS EPISODE AFTER CARMEN PREMIERED.
We produce a cartoon for each podcast episode. It invites people to listen.
Do you deny your mistakes?

Not Paul

Past work: [UNDER WRAPS]

Tip: When you can't say anything, don't

It's not that we don't have new work. We do. We've been flat out busy making it. But we can't show you before our clients have shown it to the world first.

Instead, here is a comic strip about working hard:

The next step

By 2011, the New York Metropolitan Opera had staged over 1,000 performances of Carmen.

And most people recognise the Toreador Song. And the Habanera. These pieces of music have travelled around the world since 1875. Their journey is still going on today.

The majority was wrong. Bizet was right. Tchaikovsky agreed. He said Carmen was a masterpiece.

Tip: Heartfelt and truthful endorsement of your story by others will make people consider hearing it.

Have a [GRAND] week,

Roger (and Anne and Jon and Paul)

PS—I dislike opera.
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