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Help protect our horses by supporting our biggest fundraising campaign ever.

This month, we're asking for your help. We're seriously concerned about the safety of our horses and urgently need your support to raise €13,000 to replace the old and crumbling boundary fence around our rescue centre.

That's why we've launched our first ever major fundraiser – and if everyone of you wonderful supporters who receive this newsletter donated just €20 today, we'd have enough to go out and buy our new fence tomorrow. Amazing!
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Why the sudden need for a new fence?

A recent custody dispute over a gentle and beautiful gelding named Oscar has highlighted the lack of security around our rescue centre.

Let us explain...

The police asked us to return a horse to the people who neglected and mistreated him. 

Last 2015 we worked with police and the Torrevieja Council to rescue Oscar from a property near the San Luis salt lakes.

He so malnourished when was rescued him, he looked like a walking skeleton. The joints in his legs were collapsing from overwork. Worse still, he was still wearing shoes when we rescued him, suggesting he was still being worked. One can only imagine the level of pain Oscar endured with each step.

Oscar has been receiving the best medical care we can provide, including daily painkillers and special orthopaedic shoes. He will never be ridden again and was settling into a comfortable retirement at our rescue centre.

All that changed in February, when Oscar's previous owners mounted a case to claim him back.

Police actually worked with these people to procure the paperwork they needed. We feared Oscar would not survive if returned to his former owners.

We fought to keep Oscar and in return we feel like we're under siege.

People have turned up at our rescue centre, shouting. Vans drive past slowly late at night. We fear our horses are more unsafe than ever before. We feel unsafe, too, as the rescue centre is our home.

We have more than 100 animals in our care and our boundary fence is crumbling and insecure.


Help us build a safe boundary fence

We fear our horses are more unsafe than ever before. We feel unsafe too, because the rescue centre is our home.

Building a new secure perimeter fence around the property will cost €13,000.

That includes:

  • A two-metre high, 218-metre long block wall across the road-front boundary of our rescue centre, complete with concrete foundations and topped by metal fencing for extra security.
  • And a two-metre high, 160-metre chain-link fence around the remainder of our boundary.

A donation of just €35 will buy an entire metre of fencing.

Even a small €5 donation will make a difference to the ensuring a free and safe life for these animals that have already been through so much.

All donations are tax deductible.

Please help secure the safety of our horses by making a secure online donation and please, share this newsletter with your friends.

Donate now

Last week, we received some wonderful news about the fate of our beautiful boy, Oscar.

After consultation with our local animal welfare councillor, Oscar's previous owners have agreed to let us keep Oscar.

But they have refused to sign any legal documents to formalise our ownership.

Legally, nothing has changed. And there is every possibility that his previous owners could attempt to claim him again later. So we must work harder than ever to ensure that our rescued equines remain safe.

We can't do this without your help. Please share this newsletter with your friends and donate today – every little bit helps. 

Donate to our boundary fence fundraiser

Happy Birthday to Lily and Arthur

This month we have celebrated Lily's second birthday and Arthur's first birthday. Both were born to severely malnourished mums whom we rescued from squalid circumstances. (Read more about Lily here and Arthur here.)

Happy birthday, Lily and Arthur. We love you. x

Don't forget our next open day is this Sunday, March 3. We hope to see you there!

And, as always, thank you.

To all our wonderful supporters here in Spain and across the world, thank you. With your help and support, we are making huge steps forward for animal welfare in Spain.
With best wishes,
Sue and Rod Weeding,
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founders.
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