Summer 2016 Newsletter
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Summer 2016 NEWSLETTER
Vol. 1, No. 3

Welcome to the AGPA (Ann Grasso Pattern Art) Quarterly Newsletter

After the 4th of July, I always feel the summer is almost over even though there are about eight weeks before September, the beginning of the school year, or used to be, and the second time many of us get organized for the fall season. Of course, New Years offers another “beginning.” I digress. Not sure many of us see summer as “those hazy, lazy days” since we tend to fill our open-eyes time with many enjoyable opportunities from staycations to vacations. Smart phones help us “chronolog” our journey. Chronolog is not recognized by dictionaries, yet, and is not legal in Scrabble. Please send one or two of YOUR favorite photos so we can post them either in our next newsletter or on my FB page. Some of you know I like to chronolog my early walks at the pond. In the photo above the sun strikes the base of the pond grasses for about a minute before moving upward. The reflection in the water provides striking repetition a bit like fireworks. It dazzles for this moment in time.

NOTE: Email a few of your finest summer photos to - will you please?

Thank you to the many who have subscribed and to those who are already making comments. We learn from each other.



"Patterns give context to our existence. Patterns give a rhythm to our lives. The pattern we make for our own lives is how we will be remembered." Dunn

It is my good fortune to have many talented friends. Allow me, please, to introduce you to two of them in this newsletter. First is Dianna Cates Dunn who has written and illustrated a children’s book. Please read and consider.

“As a long time painter and now, budding author of The Truths of Tula – A Muse and Her Artist, I recognize and utilize the power and pull of patterns. In fact, it was my use of pattern that first connected Ann with me. In my series of Tula paintings, which were the genesis for my book, Ann immediately saw and related to the use of circles as a representation of hope, energy and optimism. Which, not so oddly, is what the book wants to convey to all who read it. Through it, I want to share the unexpected and sometimes magical journey that an inner muse can take you on when you least expect it.”
If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, which contains over 20 images of original Tula paintings, please click here and order your copy.

My sincerest thanks, Dianna Cates Dunn.

Our second featured author is Rose Amodeo Petronella. I was privileged to attend a small gathering of her friends to celebrate this publication, Honoring the Soul: Mandalas for Inspiration and Insight.

Rose Amodeo Petronella is an artist, spiritual guide, retreat leader and retired minister in the United Church of Christ.  She began creating mandalas in 2001 as a spiritual discipline and continues to create them as a prayer practice.
Honoring the Soul:  Mandalas for Inspiration and Insight is a book for seekers of the sacred who might want to deepen, or discover, their spirituality, in whatever way they might understand the words "sacred" and "spirituality."  Further, given each person's unique experiences and associations, the mandalas may have different meanings for each viewer. The vibrant images and thoughtful insights are intended to inspire, to connect you with your Higher Power and your Inner Self... to honor the soul.  The book is available at

If you wish to contact Rose directly, her email is

British author, Jane Marbaix’s newest book is available through Amazon: Inspiring Zentangle Projects, Exciting New Ways to Creativity.

Jane offers my mandala stencil, 4 N 1© project on pages 28-31 as well as her own mandala using the stencil on page 32. The book is chock full of projects for teachers and for rainy day activities. To get the book, visit Amazon. 

To get the stencils, visit my Etsy store.

Click your heels if you want to leave Kansas (and let
me know if it works, smile).


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Programs + Calendar of Events

Update: The Cromwell, CT schools' children completed their tiles. Currently, townspeople are being offered tiles to participate at our local Farmer's Market and Rosemary Matus is holding workshops at the town hall.  Here is a board showing some of the 50+ tiles made by residents of Covenant Village of Cromwell.


Anyone wishing to create a project like this in their own town, please contact me for further information. It is a remarkable community-building project.

Creativity Enhancing Products

Seems like a good time to talk about mandalas and the many ways to create them. You have just read about and seen a few examples of Rose's freehand mandalas. 

Kathryn Costa's book, The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint and Color Expressive Mandala Art is available through Amazon.


My embroidery mandala stencils are available on Etsy: there are three styles, Petals, Baubles and Five Moons. The completed version is one of an infinite number of outcomes.


My 4N1©, 6N1© and 8N1© mandala stencils are available in Zendala size class 
packs for teachers and in three sizes, Zendala©, Opus© and large - 11.75". See combination savings. 
And before we leave the tip of the iceberg regarding mandalas, I would like to share:
Out of almost 400 entries into the juried Pattern Exhibition at the Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA, 71 artists and 84 pieces of art were selected. I was one of 13 artists who had both of my entries chosen and my work was positioned on the entry panel to the exhibition hall
Always good to be reminded that we are all creative... invite a friend to subscribe.
Explore artwork, patterns found in the environment, and other inspirations.
Julie Anderson, Ceramicist, "Value Patterns in Nature." (click to watch video)
If you are interested in contributing or have artwork you would like to share on the website, please click here.

A Bump in the Road, 6/22/2016
Guest Blogger Shu-Ju Wang. A metaphorical bump in the road can be harder to get past…we don’t understand its purpose (if there is one), and we can’t see to the other side, so it’s hard to know how to proceed. This is true in art-making, too. And this is when a practiced set of problem-solving methods can be helpful. Read more.

When Good Enough is Excellent, 6/6/2016
If your intention for any project is “good enough” than stopping at “good enough” is an excellent outcome. Read more.

Floral Mandalas, 5/25/2016
Guest Blogger Anne Smyers. Today a mandala is more generally known as a (usually circular) design representing the cosmos; the microcosm representing the macrocosm. We are seeing them everywhere in coloring books right now. Read more.
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