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Yes, I can count, and yes, you will be receiving two newsletters fairly close together and this is because the website got launched a bit later than anticipated. Because we already enter your email several times a week, I am moving against conventional wisdom and offering the newsletter quarterly. NOTE: if you wish to provide shout-outs for a collaborative project, I am more than happy to offer space. 

Thank you to the many who have subscribed and to those who are already making comments. We learn from each other.



Seth Godin wrote what follows and it seems most fitting for our first newsletter.  To subscribe to his daily (short and pithy) blog, click here

Pattern recognition is not the same as pattern matching. 
Pattern recognition is a priceless skill that comes with practice, with the experience of noticing. Noticing what works, what you've seen before, what might not work.

Because pattern recognition is so valuable, some people have erroneously concluded that the way to succeed is to slavishly follow what's come before. Pattern matching is for amateurs. It rarely leads to the creation of much that can stand the test of time. 

The art is to see patterns, but to use them to do something new, something that rhymes.

Programs + Calendar of Events

Paper Quilt Project
The town of Cromwell, CT has multiple tile pick-up stations and workshop events allowing everyone to participate in creating a square. The completed squares will be displayed at three major venues and encourages town spirit.

I'll be speaking at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, Women's Business Alliance. Register soon.

4/27 to 5/2/2016
I will be attending Tangle U 2016 a gathering of CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) in Portland, Maine. I look forward to sharing information both about ideas and products.
Creativity Enhancing Products

Hats:  Yes YOU Are - CREATIVE
You and friends can personalize with autographs, drawings, attached badges, etc.
Learn more here.

4N1© stencil, 3 sizes in one package 
Historic mandalas easily made with this three-sized set. Laminated instructions included. Find this and more on Etsy.

Coming in April
A new stencil: 6N1©; look for it in our next newsletter. If you follow my
Facebook page, you will see many textile patterns.
Always good to be reminded that we are all creative... invite a friend to subscribe.
The TaTT (Taste and Talk Together) is a collaborative program in its second year. You can read more about the basics of this program on the Creative Collaborations page. The program improves through feedback and evaluations are requested each time a Resident Host attends. They are not only read, but also used as a basis of action for improvement. Mid-school year students are given the opportunity to express their opinions about the program. One side is for students who have been and the opposite side is for students who have not participated but who may have heard of the program.

Of the 24 students who have participated, 21 want to return with most saying they found both the conversation and food better than they anticipated. In the area of improvement, they requested being partnered with someone they knew and being given more advance warning for when they would be attending. 16 said they like the program just as it is being run.

Of the 51 students who have not experienced TaTT, 25 want to attend, two said, “maybe,” and 23 said not interested primarily due to words that equal shy, quiet, or uncomfortable conversing. Six students said they had not heard about the TaTT program; 23 said they heard it was a fun and a good experience. Nine students offered they did not want to miss classes or have to make up tests.

Our community considers this program a success and will continue!

If you want to consider a program like this in your community, please email me for a download covering the facts and training for successful outcome. 

70,273 Project
Want to learn more about this worthy collaboration? The  70,273 Project will be featured in a future newsletter. 
Explore artwork, patterns found in the environment, and other inspirations.
Stu Kestenbaum and Susan Webster
Angela Werner
Julie Anderson, Nature's Pattern
Ann Grasso, Truth: Drill Deep
If you are interested in contributing or have artwork you would like to share on the website, please click here.
The Ripple Affect, 2/17/2016
Doing what comes naturally can have far reaching affects both for ourselves and then for others…if, if we are willing create and to share with others. Read more.

Transience, 2/3/2016
Why do we create? Books, articles, academic classes, coffee house gatherings, and on-line chat rooms fervently discuss this topic. Read more.

The Freedom Belles, 12/19/2015
Guest Blogger Alison Chambers. Veterans are some of the most outstanding people I have ever met and soon the amazing members of WWII will live only in our memories. Read more.
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