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Newsletter n. 2  July 2016

A Letter from CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo

Legislative Assemblies, Regions and territories, citizenry and political representativeness: the ability to connect these fundamental elements of our public life to the European project will undoubtedly shape the society we will experience in the future. This is the reason why the time has come for a strong commitment to the definition of what role the Regional Parliaments and the Conference of the European Legislative Assemblies will play in the construction of an European Union closer and more sensitive to European Peoples. The Legislative Assemblies representing European Regions and territories are called by the citizenry to politically represent the pluralism inherent in our territories. Only then can we credibly foster the adherence to the guiding principle of a multi-level governance designed for multiple actors in the European policy making process implementation.

Nowadays, after the outcome of the United Kingdom Referendum, the need for more space to people and territories within the European Union decision-making process is stronger than ever. This represents the only way to overcome the feeling of an “Europe of few”, far from its citizens demands. One of the most prominent EU members chose to leave our Union: the results of the referendum, deciding on the membership in the European Union are basically a British people’s choice, who do not feel to belong to this idea of Europe anymore. United Kingdom made its call, although Scotland and Northern Ireland voted against it. Now the time has come to rethink to a new deal for the European Union: while UK chose isolation, thus rejecting the possibility for an European reform, the epochal challenges of immigration, the fight against terrorism, the European economic recovery, as well as climate change and environmental sustainability are matters which cannot be faced by a deeply divided Europe, unable to take charge of the common destiny of the people belonging to it.
We need to reform and to re-think our policies with one clear certainty: Europe is our home, we are part of a common history and walk towards a shared destiny. This crisis could represent a great opportunity for us to rebuild the foundations of our common existence, and territories have to play a relevant part in it. We need to start a new democratic and constitutive process which is shared among regions and cities, in order to regain a sense of belonging to the common European family and to overcome the particularism and divisions which are now dramatically prevailing. As CALRE President, I strongly believe in these values because CALRE aims at linking different territories and perspectives, thus helping the European Union to strengthen its original roots.
Raffaele Cattaneo
Second CALRE Standing Committee, Brussels - July 14 2016
CALRE Second Standing Committee was held on July, 14 2016 in Brussels. CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo updated about CALRE 2016 activities and presented the new CALRE Open Forum online platform. Working Groups coordinators updated about CALRE Working Groups activities and meetings. A debate took place on the decision of the United Kingdom to leave European Union after the referendum, and the applications received for the CALRE Award have been presented and evaluated
Ms. Anda Iulia Panaite, European Commission - DG Regio - Institutional Relations and Relations with the Cabinet and the Secretary General delivered a speech on "Multilevel Governance: the necessary synergies in the regional and territorial collaboration as key elements in the implementation of the Cohesion policies" at the CALRE Second Standing Committe. Moreover a debate took place on “Better Regulation, Policy Evaluation and Territorial Impact  Assessment: what role for European regional legislative authorities?” with a speech by Mr. Jonathon Stoodley, Head of Unit “Evaluation, Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme” in the Secretariat-General of the European Commission.     

Furthermore, the CALRE initiative on “European Regionalism” was presented and discussed: this event will gather representatives of European Associations on the occasion of CALRE Plenary Assembly  (November, 24-25-26) in order to intensify CALRE relations with the associations of the European regionalism by elaborating concrete actions that can fully implement commonly identified objectives of regional interest. The initiative was launched by CALRE First Standing Committee on April, 20 2016, with the aim to create a common path and become more effective at European level, by expressing convergence of positions on the major matters of concern of the Associations and of the Regional Authorities representing Local Territories and Communities.

The development of an Online Platform on CALRE website aims to encourage the creation of a shared 'archive' of best practices, on which experiences, ideas for debate, best practices, problems and questions of sub-State legislators can converge. The platform is organized around 3 macro-level thematic areas: SubsidiarityCircular economyMultilevel governance. Members’ contributions are therefore essential to build together a fruitful space for dialogue and knowledge sharing. Visit CALRE Open Forum!
CALRE President at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Conference of Presidents of the CoR presented CALRE Activity Programme  
CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo attended the  Extraordinary meeting of  the European Committee of  the Regions (CoR) Conference of Presidents  on 29 June 2016 to present CALRE Activity Programme.
The meeting was dedicated to a structured dialogue between European local and regional associations, the Presidents of  the CoR's political groups and Mr. Frans Timmermans, First Vice-  President of the European Commission (in the picture with CALRE President Cattaneo). "We need to further strengthen  the regional dimension in Europe, enhancing a multi-level approach in the European governance. Without the involvement of regions and territories, even the most peripheral ones, there is no future for Europe" CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo said.  More...


For the First edition of CALRE Award "Stars of Europe", launched by the First CALRE Standing Committee (April, 2016) 14 applications have been received! The applications, representing 9 Legislative Assemblies and 4 Countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal) have been presented and evaluated by the Second Standing Committee on July, 14 2016. The best practices will be awarded CALRE "Stars of Europe" prize during the next CALRE Plenary Assembly. Discover the 14 competing Regional Parliaments Best practices!
Working Group “Subsidiarity” – July, 8 2016
Working Group  “Cohesion Policy” – July, 21-22 2016 
Working Group “Interactive Democracy” – June, 21 2016
Working Group “Migration, Social policies and human rights” – July, 14 2016
Working Group “Gender equality” – September, 15-16 2016
Working Group "Better Regulation and Policy evaluation" - September 2016
CALRE 2016 Working Group on Subsidiarity  - 8 July 2016
CALRE 2016 Working Group on Subsidiarity met on July, 8 2016 in Brussels and adopted a Resolution on the planned amendment of the Transparency Register. En | De 
CALRE Working Group on Migration, Social Policies and Human rights
CALRE Working Group on Migration, Social Policies and Human rights met on July, 14 2016 in Brussels at the European Parliament for a seminar about unaccompanied foreign minors. The WG, chaired by Vincenzo Cotugno, has been working on the issue of unaccompanied children in recent months.
Summit of the Plenary of the Conference of Presidents of Regional Parliaments in Oviedo, 22-23 July 2016
The Junta General del Principado de Asturias (The Asturian Parliament) will host  next 22 and 23 July a meeting of the plenary of the Conference of Presidents of Regional Parliaments (Coprepa). The call was made by the President of the Parliament of Asturias, Pedro Sanjurjo, which this year holds the Presidency of Coprepa and also represents this organization at the Standing Committee of CALRE. More ...
Galician Parliament, 1 July 2016
The workshop entitled “The Parliament  facing the Challenge of citizens’ participation” took place at the Galician Parliament premises on 1 July on the parliamentary challenges raised from citizens’ participation. The event aimed to asses the new possibilities offered by the entry in force of the Act 7/2015 of 7th August 2015 on citizens’ legislative initiative and citizens’ participation which constitutes one of the most advanced legislation on this matter.
First Vice-President of the Galician Parliament, Marta Rodríguez Arias, met the EC Vice-President, Jyrki Katainen, to discuss on EFSI implementation
During the meeting, framed in the Structured Dialogue between the European Commission (EC), the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Associations of Local and Regional Authorities, the European Fund for Strategic Investments – EFSI - implementation was assessed at territorial level. Marta Rodriguez Arias took part in the debate to defend the key role of CALRE’s parliaments to remove gaps of development, increase opportunities for growth and citizens’ social inclusion as well as to boost territorial economic cohesion for achieving a successful implementation of the Juncker Plan. More... 
NCSL - National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative
Summit 2016
CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo will attend the NCSL - National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative Summit 2016 on August, 8-11 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 5.000 state legislators, legislative staff, government officials will attend the meeting. CALRE President will deliver a speech in the Panel discussion on "Fostering Genuine Citizen Engagement".  More... 
UNALE Conference held on June, 1-3 2016 in Brasil 
The National Conference of State Legislatures and Legislators, held annually by UNALE - National Union of State Legislatures and Legislators, reached its 20th edition with the theme "Revisiting Brazil". The Conference took place between 1 and 3 June, 2016 at the campus of the University Tiradentes (Unit), in Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil). Among the participants there were parliamentarians, legislative advisors, national and international bodies with representatives from several different countries.  More...
November 24, 25, 26 | 3rd Standing Committe and CALRE Plenary Assembly | Varese, Lombardy

August, 8-11 | NCSL Legislative Summit | Chicago, Illinois
December, 8 | Summit PCL (Philippine Councilors League) | Manila, Philippine
Held on June, 15-16 the Plenary Session of  the European Committee of the Regions
During the 118th  European Committee of the Regions Plenary Session members approved seven opinions, a Resolution on the Contribution of the European Committee of the Regions to the European Commission's Work Programme 2017 and a Resolution on the Draft Annual EU budget for 2017. The debate focused on the EU response to the demographic challenge, the EU Enlargement Strategy 2015-2016, the measures to combat radicalisation and violent extremism, the mid-term revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). Other major topics were the food Waste and the legislative proposal amending waste directives. More... 
9th COTER Meeting, Brussels - July, 4 2016

The 9th COTER meeting was held in Brussels on July, 4 2016. An Opinion on the Simplification of ESIF from the perspective of Local and Regional Authorities was adopted, along with an Opinion on Aviation Strategy and an Opinion on an EU Roadmap for Cycling. More...
"Invest and Connect" - 7th European Summit of Regions and Cities
Bratislava, 8-9 July 2016
Among the major topics of the 2016 European Summit of Regions and Cities, held on 8-9 July and organised by the European Committee of the Regions in Bratislava, there were the promotion of entrepreneurship and investments with special infrastructures, the discussion about better cross-border connections and the need of solutions improving investments starting from European Regions and Cities. Agenda | More on the Summit...
Brexit: European Parliament Exraordinary Plenary debate 
On June, 28 2016 the European Parliament adopted in an Extraordinary Plenary debate a Resolution on the United Kingdom decision to leave the European Union, resulting from the UK referendum. Full text of the Resolution
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