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Newsletter n. 3 November 2016 - special edition

CALRE Third Standing Committe - Nov, 24 (11-13.30)
CALRE Plenary Assembly:
First Session: Nov, 24 (14-18.45) | Second Session: Nov, 25 (14.30 -19)

Varese: “the garden city”, the “land of seven lakes”, “the Versailles of Milan” (G.Leopardi), Varese has been given many names throughout its history. The banks of Lake Maggiore, the chapels of Sacro Monte, Art Nouveau buildings, rock faces and medieval castles: so many places in the Province of Varese have inspired stories and masterpieces by writers and artists.
CALRE Plenary Assembly will take place at the beautiful location of Villa Andrea, Ville Ponti Congress Centre in Varese, Lombardy. 
Conference "Regions and the European future"
On the occasion of the Second Session of the Assembly (Nov, 25) an interactive debate will take place with members of the CoR and with the Associations of European Regionalism for an exchange of views about a strengthened role at European Level of Regional Authorities and Associations representing European Regions and Territories. A political document on "A Strengthened Role at European Level of Regional Authorities and Associations representing European Regions and Territories" will be implemented and signed on the occasion of the meeting. 


Developing the regions and improving convergence in Europe: these are the priorities of the Cohesion policy post 2020.
Regional authorities should be involved in all the stages of the future Cohesion policy implementation as they represent at the same time the original objective of Cohesion policy and its legitimization as such. More...


Local and regional authorities are much closer to the public's perception of what politics is, than the institutions in Brussels. The major challenge is to strengthen their role in this process.
Better Regulation impacts on all policy areas and aims at the achievement of foreseen objectives and benefits at minimum cost, complying with the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. More...


For the First edition of CALRE Award "Stars of Europe", launched by the First CALRE Standing Committee (April, 2016) 14 applications have been received, representing 9 Legislative Assemblies and 4 Countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal). The finalist have been evaluated and shortlisted by the Second Standing Committee on July, 14 2016 and the winning best practices will be awarded CALRE "Stars of Europe" prize during CALRE Plenary Assembly - Second Session on November, 25 2016.
AER Summit of the Regions 2016
For the prolongation of EU regional funding post 2020
The Summit of the Regions for the prolongation of EU regional funding post 2020 was held on September, 28 2016 in Brussels and was hosted by the Committee of the Regions. The President of CALRE delivered a speech at the conference on "The contribution of Europe's regions to managing our future". The EU-summit closed with a ceremony of handing-over the books of signatures to the Representatives of the EU institutions who attended the conference - Corina Cretu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Iskra Mihayloiva MEP, Chair of the REGI Committee and Markku Markkula, President of the Committee of the Regions, with reference to the common declaration "A strong renewed regional policy for all regions post 2020" - endorsed also by CALRE. More...
AEBR General Assembly and Annual Conference “A safe future without borders”
President Raffaele Cattaneo represented CALRE at the AEBR General Assembly and Annual Conference “A safe future without borders” which took place on 22-23 September 2016 in the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa. The debate focused on two round tables: "The Role and Importance of Cross-Border Cooperation in the future European Cohesion and Regional Policy" and the "Border Obstacles".
Conference in the Brussels Parliament about the impact of European budget rules on the public investments
The European budget rules have an obvious impact on local and regional finances. In this context, the Brussels Parliament organized on October 13 2016 a conference on the theme: "Public investments facing European constraints." This conference gathered personalities from the academic world and the political world: more information on the website of the Brussels Parliament.
Seminar of CALRE Working Group on Gender Equality
A seminar of the CALRE Working Group on Gender Equality, coordinated by Blanca Martin Delgado, President of the Extremadura Parliament, took placce in Merida, Spain on October, 6-7 2016.  More...
State of the Union address 2016
On September, 14  the President of the European Commission delivered his State of the Union speech before the European Parliament. The President of the Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula, remarked that "restoring trust in Europe must start in regions and cities".  
Giving it a greater democratic legitimacy and a way to overcome the Europeans’ perception of a democratic deficit and distance towards European Institutions, CALRE contributes to strengthening the European Union itself. This is the path through which leaders of the EU institutions and national governments will be able to regain the trust of citizens in European common project. 
Therefore it is essential not to lose sight of the original vision of the European Union as the Union of peoples and territories, which share a comprehensive synergy, need a balanced and integrated development, are united in their diversities on the basis of the principles of cooperation, solidarity, simplification, subsidiarity and better regulation
Commission Work Programme 2017
After the President of the European Commission delivered the State of the Union speech in September, outlining the priorities of the Commission for the year ahead, the European Commission adopted the 2017 Work Programme, that sets out the key initiatives for the months to come. The European Commission will implement 10 political priorities in 2017 and turn them into concrete action through 21 key initiatives. The 2017 key initiatives concern following topics: New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment | A Connected Digital Single Market | A Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy | A Deeper and Fairer Internal Market with a Strengthened Industrial Base | A Deeper and Fairer Economic and Monetary Union | Trade: A reasonable and Balanced Free Trade agreement with the U.S. | An Area of Justice and Fundamental Rights Based on Mutual Trust Towards a New Policy on Migration | A Stronger Global Actor | A Union of Democratic Change.
14th European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, 10-13 October 2016
Open Days has changed name to European Week of Regions and Cities to emphasize that this 14th edition of the event focused on the challenges that European Regional and Local Authorities are tackling, in particular, the sustained and sustainable economic growth, the inclusive economic growth and the issue of making ESI Funds simpler. More...
119th CoR Plenary Session |  Brussels 10-12 October 2016
The 119th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions took place on 10-12 October 2016. The Plenary Assembly debated on and adopted following resolutions: Resolution on the Mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework, Resolution on the 2016 European Semester and in view of the 2017 Annual Growth Survey, Resolution on the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018 and fourteen opinions: click here for the full list of the adopted opinions.
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CALRE Newsletter
Issue n. 3, November 2016
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